"..image file [install.wim] does not exist."

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    it can be the burn speed but i burned 2 dvd s 2nd at 4 and gives the same error. i think the error occurs because of the windows. it is a beta and there are some mistakes. i have not tried the same dvd to other pc yet but i think it would function. and obviously opposite way: dvd that run in some pcs and doesn't in other pc.
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    Windows 7

    easy fix for install.wim error

    Hi there,

    I had the same error about install.wim aswell, even after several reboots. What I did to fix it:

    1. Copy the drivers for your motherboard's SATA-controller to a diskette or USB stick (I used the Vista 64-bit version of mine).
    2. Boot from your Windows 7 DVD and at the screen that says "Install now" select "repair....".
    3. Press Load Drivers and browse to your SATA-controller driver. Select and press "Add drivers" (no need to select anything in the list).
    4. After drivers are loaded, just close the repair window, and press the "Install now" button.
    5. Installation should work now!

    The above names and buttons can be different from the installation disc, can't remember them all exactly. This worked for me and didn't need to reburn or put the installation files on an external harddisk :) Seems Windows loads the appropiate drivers for your SATA controller, after which it can read the install.wim file correctly.

    Used Windows 7 x64 version burned to Verbatim DVD+R.
    Hardware in use:
    - Asrock 4Core1333-FullHD motherboard with ATI™ SB600 southbridge
    - Intel E2200
    - 6 gb of RAM
    - Samsung DVD-/+/RAM SH-S203D

    I haven't found this solution anywhere on the internet yet. Hope this can help some of you!
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    thanks i will try
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    windows xp

    KCINIMOD's answer is the ‘official’ fix. I tried downloading in IE 7, and reburning disks at slower rates but none of that worked.

    I read kcinimod’s post and went to my motherboards website to download the drivers onto a usb disk and loaded them during the windows 7 install. I had a LOT of drivers to select, but I think the important driver was my IDE driver. I have a newer motherboard but my dvd-rom drive is an old IDE drive. So, I noticed that there was an IDE driver which I loaded (as well as a bunch of SATA and RAID drivers). I think the important driver was the IDE driver since my cd-rom drive is IDE.

    I really hate posting on forums, but I felt that KCINIMOD’s post was such an important find that I had to post.

    If you run into this issue while doing a windows 7 install, copy your IDE and SATA drivers onto a USB disk which you can get from your motherboards website, go to – install now -> repair -> add drivers -> Add all your drivers ( I added a lot) -> Hit the X button on the repair window -> Click Install -> You should be good to go.

    (btw, I was using an abit ab9pro drivers are located here: http://www.abit.com.tw/page/en/download/download_driver_detail.php?pFILE_TYPE=Driver&pMAIN_TYPE=Motherboard&pTITLE_ON_SCREEN=AB9+Pro&pSOCKET _TYPE=LGA775 but I had to select Europe since it seems the US driver links are dead. I downloaded all the SATA driver selections and loaded all of them and it worked)

    Thanks again KCINIMOD!!!
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    Vista Home Premium and Windows 7 Beta changing to RC


    I had the same problem, did though add a text file with a license key to the DVD. But then I burned a new DVD from the ISO file on a slow burning speed and that did the trick!

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    Solution to install.wim problem

    I believe Windows 7 is as picky about hardware as Vista. It does not like my fully functional laptop DVD drive. The drive works, the download worked, the burn worked, and the drive can read the disk. It is Windows 7 that is faulty in its inability to adapt. Windows Vista produced exactly the same error on this machine, and I kick myself for wasting DVD-R disks trying to correct a problem that lay in the Windows itself. I would not repeat that mistake with Windows 7.

    The solution: when you get the install.wim cannot be found error, close the error message and choose the repair disk option. Open a command prompt. It defaults to the install directory on the DVD. Run install.exe and the installation will proceed as normal ...

    Until it just stops installing. Problem not solved. I really had hopes for this, but apparently Windows 7 just doesn't like some DVD drives. That's a failing of the developers. Of course, books have been written about the failings of the Windows development team, so I won't go into it here.

    Just for particulars, this is on a Toshiba Satellite M45-S165 with Celeron M 1.5GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, Panasonic UJ-846-C DVD-DL drive, and Radeon x200 graphics, which I figured would be at least the minimal platform that could run Windows Vista/7.
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    Windows Vista to Windows 7

    Hi!!! I have a Hp Pavilion dv9700... What is the drivers needed for installing Windows 7 on it?? I couln't fin it!!!! thanks.
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    Windows Vista to Windows 7

    this forum is alone?? anything see this topic??
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    I tried from the iso and got the same install.wim not found. Does that mean the file may not be correct on that.

    I'd like to do the update option from vista so I just get install and check compatibility.
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    Any idea if its just adding files to the disk screws up windows 7 finding the install.wim ? I put a folder that was soposed to help me install files if I did a clean install. The programs I'd need after install is done.
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