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Windows 7: How to disable Skydrive and photo album in WLM 2011

31 Jul 2011   #21

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

I have to agree with truth is ias, because when I went into my account and all of a sudden photos started clicking up which I'd emailed to people, (relatives, yes, but not photos I care to send to people I don't know, and other photos for insurance purposes) I wasn't happy.

Sure they weren't seen by anyone but me, but what in the world right do they have to take these photos and even see them themselves and be sending them back to me!! This is my private stuff, they don't have the right to get into things which are between me and my insurance company or me and my relatives and send them back to me!

KEEP OUT OF MY LIFE! If I wanted to send these to people, make them public I would, I never asked for this SkyDrive crap and I don't want it, I want it gone from my computer from my system totally and completely or at least a way to totally disable it.

Big Brother IS watching!

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31 Jul 2011   #22

Windows 8 Pro w/MC 32-bit

I'm still using WLM 2009. There are still two ways to send photos without "Photo Email"/"SkyDrive". Just select "insert image inline" or "insert file as attachment".
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31 Jul 2011   #23

Windows 10 Pro (x64)

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Silk75 View Post
...This is my private stuff....KEEP OUT OF MY LIFE! If I wanted to send these to people, make them public I would...
Stop using email then! If it is private DO NOT use email, email is NOT private. Seriously you are being foolish.
Using Skydrive to send pictures to people, frees up countless email servers, no longer clogging the pipes with spam.
Do you honestly want to be like spam? Clogging the email servers with crap?
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31 Aug 2011   #24

Aggg! Stupid SkyDrive (Blocked!)

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Silk75 View Post
...This is my private stuff....KEEP OUT OF MY LIFE! If I wanted to send these to people, make them public I would...

I am well annoyed they "tricked" my parents into using the service. Theres no choice, your just forced to use it (or use another software solution).

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by logicearth View Post
Stop using email then! If it is private DO NOT use email, email is NOT private. Seriously you are being foolish.
Hello Microsoft Employee / paid spokes person :P. Now "go stick your head in a pig" (to quote Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)!

1) Email IS private. Just because you can "uncover" or "by publicly available means otherwise discover/view its content" does not make it "public". It makes it insecure, sure. I wonder who the general public would consider the fool here?

Sky drive, reduce spam xD *LMAO*. okayyy.

My oppinion (and here I may enter into foolhardyness), SkyDrive is another Microsoft attempt to subvert some of the power gained by Facebook, Twitter, My Space, BeBo, Google and other such services. They know they would have a job convincing people to move their stuff over to their own, frankly, similiar or identical service so they are using their "lockin" Windows Live brand to try and implicity have people moved over without their really realising.

The sad thing is, such techniques work, because most people just don't understand how things work and a large number of those people don't care (until they get bitten in the ass by it).

That is why, I recommend to everyone.. don't buy/accept ANY Windows Live product! I have personally replace Windows Live Messenger (since they nobbled the GOOD Windows Messenger) with Pidgen (which is really great and doesn't try and install unwanted stuff or control how you use your system or encumber you with unnecessary licencing conditions).


Put simply, IMO, Windows Live is Microsofts latest attempt to be able to provide their services / supply their software in an entirely online format. If they EVER succeed in this endevour (thank God for open source) they will be charging us for airspace matters (we wouldn't own anything). It would be like not having a car and always having to pay for Taxis!

I personally feel Microsoft are betraying the customer base they built with their attempts to move away from traditional software supply. However, it does seem that everyone is wanting this holy grail.. complete control and being paid without having any shipping costs.
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01 Sep 2011   #25

Windows 8 Pro w/MC 32-bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by DoggyDude96a View Post
Yes, all the online companies, including Microsoft, are trying to monetize their services (or provide services that can be monetized), but boycotting is a bit extreme. Use their service if it's free or cheap enough and just ignore the ads and turn your privacy controls all the way up.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Sep 2011   #26


Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by roncerr View Post
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by DoggyDude96a View Post
Yes, all the online companies, including Microsoft, are trying to monetize their services (or provide services that can be monetized), but boycotting is a bit extreme. Use their service if it's free or cheap enough and just ignore the ads and turn your privacy controls all the way up.
I don't really mind companies making money from advertising or charging for a service in general terms. What I don't like is the kinds of sidling behaviour thats going on these days, starting out one way then people deciding, "this isn't making me enough" and then trying to change things subvertly or without a user opt-in/opt-out decision.

I also don't like when vendors treat my machine like a "spam" platform. Sure serve me some adverts but don't connect 13 or 14 simultanious connections to different servers and run system monitoring services and have a huge application footprint (yes, it sounds like I had a virus.. turned out it was just Windows Live Messenger...).

"Basicly, I'll come to terms with anything if I feel like I am asked and have chosen it." Me, Right now.

What ****s me off is when they do things without asking! Even if they believe its "in our favour". Even if they don't actually "ask" (which is prefered) they should at least "tell" and "warn" of change! Now, maybe they sent out some marketing info to users about Sky Drive and it got lost in the "pile" of trite. It should be making it clear when you first use the service (and not in a bunch of legal stuff, have that as a must read sure, but have a ****ing summary).

I will gladly spend money to companies which act with respect and treat a user with dignity (and Microsoft has done well historically. Prehaps when Bill was more in control [entirely conjecture there]). They've been great with their enterprise solutions and software systems in general :). They did a great job with Windows XP and (although somewhat overloaded and bloated... unnecessary service overkill [that is unneccessary for most users comming pre-installed and running]) with Vista and Windows 7 too (local RPC message spamming aside).

I'd happily still be using messenger, but they forced us to upgrade to Windows Live [after a while] (or, in fairness install your own messenger server). I wasn't looking for a "live my life in a Microsoft online world" I just wanted to chat privately with a select group of friends (and my family certainly didn't realise alot of what was being done "for them"). MSN messenger had ad's but they where only a minor annoyance and occasionally interesting. Basicly, Microsoft have lost one audience member for their advertising!

If you want to get more uses M$, make a version of messenger which doesn't spawn lots of processes (single process application calling standard system components) and that doesn't spam IP traffic (or at least gives the user choice of where it connects and why) and doesn't "require" buying into the entire Windows Live "experience".
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12 Sep 2011   #27

windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Uninstall Sky Drive

From what I found out, I have to uninstall Photo Gallery and Movie Maker to get rid of sky drive. Save your pictures first. Any suggestions on what to use for managing pictures, simple editing and emailing? I used to use Picasa but got too complicated for me. Damn Microsift!!!

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by roncerr View Post
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by susaw View Post
... I certainly don't need another place to put things. One really ought to have the option to either opt out or disable Sky Drive.
Note that just because you have Skydrive doesn't mean you have to "put things" in it. You can still "insert" and "attach" photos as you did before and Skydrive won't be involved. The new problem with 2011 is the default action for the right click option is to use Skydrive. Skydrive is used whenever you choose "Photo Email" instead of "attach" or "insert".

I understand that if you have Windows Live Photo Gallery installed as well, you can use it's right-click option instead:

"(A.) Live Photo Gallery (one or more pictures)
1. Open Photo Gallery
2. Select picture(s)
- use the Control key to choose another folder in WLPG to view and select another folder's pictures
3. Click drop down arrow on the Photo Email option and choose the item 'Send photos as attachments'

(B.) Explorer (one picture)
1. Select a single picture
2. Rt Click and Choose Preview (opens WLPG viewer)
3. Click Photo Email down arrow and choose the option to 'Send photos as attachments'."

( // ; the post is called "Subject: WLM 2011 - Photo Email vs Attachments and then some...")
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09 Oct 2011   #28

Windows 7 professional
Forwarding image as an attachment and not as a photo album

Forwarding a fax as e-mail from Windows Fax and Scan (with the appropriate button in the toolbar of the console fax), start Windows Live Mail 2011 and automatically create a new email message within the fax image in tif format . The image is inserted as the PHOTO and the screen automatically starts to connect online with LiveID.
Inserting tif image as photo albums and not as an attachment creates problems if you cancel sending the request for online connection and sends the mail does not arrive or is shipped empty.
It 'can also set registry of windows because forwarding faxes, but also from other programs, to take place live mail as an attachment and not as a photo album?

PS. The setting must be done on live mail since 2011 that there was no problem with the 2009 version.
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29 Dec 2011   #29

win 7, 64 home premium
Windows falling into a black hole

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Maxximus View Post
All i want is my ability to send pictures via windows explorer with the right click feature, then to resize them and then send them. Now when it gets ready to send it says some stuff about Skydrive, about some photo album and wants me to log in somewhere. I don't want any of that. I want the old tried and true method I had under plain jane Windows Mail before. How do I make WLM 2011 behave like the old WM? I just want to select, resize and send the way it used to work under WM!!!!!

I think Microsoft is going down hill (its a conspiracy). Each time MS comes out with a "newer and greater" version of anything it is always worse that what they had. UAC is junk, SkyDrive is total junk. MS is always pushing the user's control of anything further and further away into the abyss. Windows Live Mail- ?? So many menu items you can't find anything. Sometimes the spell check works in Mail and sometimes it don't- just whatever it feels like doing that day.

New updated software shuts you out. I know what I want to do but the software thinks we humans are incompetent. Outlook Express- that was great. Movie Maker 2.6 that's good- the new Movie Maker is sucks. I am strongly thinking of going back to XP when things actualy worked and you had control. Besides a lot of the great software like the AOLpress html editor will not work with Win 7 64 bit (at least not without a lot of crashes).

It seems to me MS is taking more and more control away from the user. Ever gone through all that permissions crap and ownership garbage?

The two things I hate about each windows "upgrade" is losing more and more control and being force to allow progams to operate no matter if you want them to or not- like that piece of junk SkyDrive. It would nice to just be able to attach a photo like you use to- "improvement"- you think? And what about the "select all" to delete all your junk emails at once.

Bill, do you know or care your company is losing it "loyal" customer base? We hate being told what we can and can not do. Bring back Outlook Express- !!!!!!!!!!! and dump all the other junk while you're at it- like windows estentials - wow now there's a winner.

signed esentialsNOT
My System SpecsSystem Spec
29 Dec 2011   #30

Windows 8 Pro w/MC 32-bit

Well said, essentialsNOT! However, you don't have to go back to XP. As far as Windows 7 goes, it's pretty good. It's easy to turn off UAC and auto updates. Anything else that bothers you can probably be fixed by Google searches. (I've filled a few folders with registry fixes which I placed under the heading "Take Control".) I use WLM 2009 since it more closely resembles Vista's Windows Mail. I rarely use "Photo Email" (ok I did once when I had a bunch of crappy pictures to send). The "Insert file as attachment" and "Insert image inline" work great. Signing in so you can use the cloud is advisable, mainly so you can preserve you contacts with their arrangement into "categories" and at least be able to use Photo Email when you want to. I also forward my email to one main account so I only need to set up one POP3 account, making it behave like it had only one Inbox, etc.
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 How to disable Skydrive and photo album in WLM 2011

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