IE10 "Open in new tab" gives blank page

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    I have been doing some experimenting with the tabs of the browser (now IE9).

    There appears to be a non-reporting error occurring when an attempt to open a new webpage in another tab is made. The tab is created, with its (blank) page. The (new) address is not placed in the address field but the address field remains transparent.

    I discovered this while clicking back and forth between tabs. Whenever I click on an empty tab that I have created, the address bar does not change from what was there for the previously displayed tab.

    So I now suspect that something in the system is causing an error to occur during the opening of a new tab. This is not unique to IE10 but, for me, also occurs in IE9. Reading posts in some forums from other people suggests that the same problem also occurs in IE8.

    But does this get me any closer to a solution?
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    I subscribed to your thread when you first posted. I've not chimed in yet because I've not found anything for you to try.

    My googling of the topic found... impacts IE8, 9 and 10, so switching versions did not seem to cure this ill.
    (which is pretty much what you just posted)
    ...the "cure" varies from computer to computer
    (more than one setting can cause this barf)
    ...the "cure" for some involved a registry edit to add TabProcGrowth
    (electronically search for TabProcGrowth in this thread)
    There are too many things that I don't understand about the TabProcGrowth Value to recommend adding or changing it. For instance, the post says to set the Data that Value to 0 or 1 or higher. In my registry, TabProcGrowth under the Key named Main is set to Medium. There is no number.

    Even more puzzling:
    I have a W7 Virtual Machine (VM) that does not have the latest updates applied. I checked to see what value the TabProcGrowth had in that VM and the Value is not there at all! Applying the latest round of updates did not change that fact. I do not know when/how that Value gets added/set.

    The image below is from a W7 pro 32bit VM with IE8
    (IE9 and IE10 were about the same)
    (W7 pro 32bit and W7 pro 64bit were about the same):

    IE10 "Open in new tab" gives blank page-1-ie8-32bit.png

    There is a Key and a Value named TabProcGrowth a bit farther down from where that post suggested adding the info.

    IE10 "Open in new tab" gives blank page-2-ie8-32bit.png

    So..... all I can do is ask you if you have that Value under the Key named Main.

    Don't change anything - just look and let me know. If you cannot resist making changes, create a system restore point first or image your entire system drive.

    Edit: a bit more info here:
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    See what this comes up with and post the results,
    What to Not uncheck,
    Because No Add-ons mode works,
    "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff
    I'd also see what Clean boot produces,
    Clean boot,
    I'd also give this a try,
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    Now my two cents worth as well as what the others have said and this option is entirely up to you.
    You could do a system restore I suppose back to before the update for 10 was done and see what it has then go to updates scroll down and "hide" the 10 update.
    To do that right click it in available updates and hide.

    Now the other option is in the registry. What I have done in the past is to go into regedit and use to change stuff admin hit the HKEY for the USER and LOCAL MACHINE listings open up Software > Microsoft > internet explorer > right click the whole entry > delete.

    Now before you go to that extreme you need to back up the whole registry > File > export > find a spot to put it (I use either documents s or the desktop > let it run takes less than a minute > then go back and do the above.

    Now this will delete the entire internet explorer from the machine's registry and you must make sure you have the IE9 downloaded into Downloads before you even think about this option and I also for insurance save that download to a stick.

    Then just reinstall the IE9.

    Now you do this at your own risk but as I said I have done this on a few occasions for IE10 and other stuff that even Revo will not cope with like some of those irritating add on bars you accidentally download and cannot get rid of.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IE10 "Open in new tab" gives blank page-reg1.png   IE10 "Open in new tab" gives blank page-reg2.png  
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    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Some of my assumptions (conclusions?) seem to be confirmed among the replies. The issue appears to have a range of causes and remedies. I just haven't found the right combination yet!

    With two days of stuffing around, I've gotten behind in what I'm supposed to be doing. The computer is a tool and, with a deadline of tonight, I've had to focus on getting some work done. All the time, cursing Internet Explorer. My son has suggested switching to FireFox, which I may have to do yet.

    Wise words about backing up the system drive. It's happening right now.

    I found some discussion last night to do with TabProcGrowth. The parameter is absent from my HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main I'll have to get a better handle of what it does before inserting/changing it.

    The only occurence I found was TabProcGrowth=Medium as REG_SZ under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\UnattendBackup\TabProcessGrowth

    The probem seems to be independent of the IE version: I've already reverted back to IE9 and the problem persists. Blowing IE9 away altogether in the registry is an option which I won't discount but I'll put it near the bottom of my list! At some point I may get desperate enough to do this. After all, I used to have to reload XP every 18 or 24 months.

    Thanks for the links. When I click on each one, it is a little reminder of the problem: I get a new, empty tab and then have to copy and paste to URL into the new address field . I'll digest these and report back in the next few days.
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    No probs mate the only other option is you know what and that is a PITA eh? But if you do go that route do like I said and have updates notify you they are ready to download an hide that IE10.
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    I manually added the TabProcGrowth Value to the Main Key inside a Virtual Machine and, while it did no harm, I cannot be sure what it might do in combination with the other settings on your computer.
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    ThrashZone said:
    See what this comes up with and post the results,
    What to Not uncheck,
    Because No Add-ons mode works,
    "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff
    I'd also see what Clean boot produces,
    Clean boot,
    I'd also give this a try,
    Well, I'm back on the case.
    • First, the assumption that "...Because No Add-ons mode works..." is not correct: to date nothing makes "Open in New Tab" work.
    • I tried a clean boot. Result: no change
    • I tried the "Restorator" (Love that word!). Result: It didn't. (Tried Reregister 32-bit IE on 32-bit Win7 and also Reset IE options).
    • Finally, I Ran AutoRuns and saved (what I assume is) the output to a file called Autorans.arn. But now I have a problem. The html "Reply to Thread" editor can't upload the file to the forum. When I click on the Attachments (paperclip) icon, it opens a new (blank) tab , reminding me once again of the problem my computer has. Right clicking on the icon does not provide a "Copy shortcut" option, so I'm can't post the file for others to cast an opinion. The file appears to be a binary format.
    After a week of thought, I don't think TabProcGrowth is going to help, unless some hidden feature is corrupted. I'm only trying to open the second tab of the browser, after all!

    Blowing away the registry entries for IE and reloading IE is looking more attractive but I'll delay that until Sunday (local time).

    A final(?) question: IE9 or IE10 after the proposed data deletion?
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    You'd have to zip the file. There are a limited number of file types supported by the uploader. Anyone needing to open the .arn file will also have to have Autoruns on their system.

    I don't mean to get into the way of the others working your problem, but I don't see any reply that you tried the System File Checker scan suggested early on?

    SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

    You might also consider a Repair Install ultimately

    Repair Install

    Manually editing registry entries can be problematic. As to IE9 or IE10. I recently changed to IE10, and personally have encountered no issues. You might consider going IE9, then updating to IE10. That would leave you the option of just rolling back to IE9 if you encounter any issues in your personal use of IE10.

    A Guy
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    Thanks for the additional suggestions A Guy. By the time I read your post (on a separate machine), I was already in the process of blowing IE9 away and reloading a squeaky clean copy.

    Oh brother! I'm having so much fun - NOT.

    I downloaded Microsoft's IE10 installer, backed up the registry and then deleted references to Internet Explorer under USERS and LOCAL MACHINE. Some entries were a bit pedantic about ownership but I eventually removed them all.

    At this point I installed IE10 using the previously downloaded file. Perhaps I should have rebooted first?

    Thinking it through after the event, perhaps I should have installed IE9 at this point because I'd backed up the registry when IE9 was loaded.

    Regardless, the exercise has proven to be UNsuccessful . The original problem remained present: directing IE to open a webpage in a new tab results in a blank page! Not what I expected.

    @A Guy - Looking back at earlier posts, System File Checker had been suggested before and I seem to have overlooked it when suggestions were coming in left, right and centre.

    I'll go back through the entire thread and check / follow all outstanding suggestions.

    BTW. You're correct. If I had been able to, the reply tool would not have allowed me to upload a .arn file. However, I did not get presented with an uploader, since it opened in a new (blank) tab.
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