IE10 "Open in new tab" gives blank page

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    The ultimate solution

    Every attempt to correct the problem failed, so I decided to hit it softly with a sledge hammer: Do an "upgrade" to a new Windows 7 image without interfering with user files data as described in sevenforums' Tutorials.

    Since my original Windows 7 load disc had been superseded by Service Pack 1, I downloaded a new W7 SP1 ISO file, wrote it to DVD and then loaded it. My first check was the IE problem: joy-oh-joy the problem had gone:). Opening a page in a new tab was fixed. However, it wasn't long before things started going wrong. Half of my applications caused a BSOD when launched. Always related to a nVidia sys file paging problem. Upgrades, downgrades and any other grades failed to make an impression.

    In the end I bit the bullet and did a full backup of all user data and then did a clean reload of Windows 7 SP1. All my problems have now gone away, apart from the fact that I've lost many, many hours of my life over the past 3 weeks trying to fix what appeared to be a relatively small feature problem.

    What would I do if the problem occurs again? I'll install Firefox or Chrome after disabling IE. And never waste my time doing an W7 upgrade, thinking that could solve a W7 problem.
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    When IE goes wrong - it can go really wrong.

    My first post to these forums was about an IE problem. It was never solved.

    I have a few other IE problems on other systems that were never solved either.
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    If MS would give the option to actually reinstall IE it would go a long way. I know they can't give the option to remove it, as it is integral to the system, but their idea of a repair is to reset it. Running an installer that would overwrite old files, and register the new files, with "out of the box" settings (heck, bring up the welcome to internet explorer window from 1st time use), would be a last gasp, but as it is a full, clean install is that gasp now. A Guy
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    Post the results from using AutoRuns,
    Any issue with links is either a user account or Security suite.
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    The output file from Autorans. If it's not obvious, remove the pdf extension to restore the filename. The file is from the run I did a week ago, prior to replacing Windows 7.
    IE10 "Open in new tab" gives blank page Attached Files
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    A possible cause.

    Sadly the saga continues.

    Rebuilding a desktop can take some time. I needed to scan a document and realised that I had not loaded the scanner drivers. The scanner is a recently aquired Canon D1250U2, a few years old but in good working condition and gives a crisp image.

    So, I dug out the original Canon CD/DVD and loaded Scangear 3.1 (I think that is what it was called). Once installed, Scangear would not run, complaining that I needed to also load a Twain driver. I jumped into my :)shiny new IE10 and searched for the Twain driver. Immediate problems: Opening a webpage in a new tab gave a blank page.

    Looking back a few weeks, it must have been about the time that I first installed the D1250U2 when IE10 started misbehaving. So, there it is: in my mind Scangear 3.1 (?) has a very strong link with the IE10 problem in my computer. Luckily, I have a Windows 8/64 laptop, so I downloaded the Twain driver and got the scanner working again on the W7 machine and I scanned my documents.

    I have unloaded Scangear and the Twain drivers but it has not undone the damage.

    I have now disabled Internet Explorer and installed Mozilla Firefox 25.0. It works reliably in W7/32 alongside the scanner. I don't plan to reload Windows 7 until I replace the computer, probably in the next couple of years. To me, the computer is a tool, not a hobby.
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    Scangear should not be a problem. I've used it several times when helping various offices. It searches the IP space looking for the printer. What I would not do is use a CD that came with a device... not even if the device is new. I get online and find the latest drivers/software from the vendor's website.

    Enjoy Firefox
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    Hi Inglewoodpete,

    I have exactly the same problem and have tried all that you list, and then some.
    I see your last post was in Oct 13. May I ask if you've since hit on a solution?

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    I've been updating my computing equipment over the last few months. My inkjet printer (over 7 years old) was getting blocked nozzles that I couldn't clear, so I replaced it with a all-in-one wireless scanner/printer. This removed the need for the offending Canoscan drivers etc, which was the cause of my problem.

    However, since I hate rebuilding windows when there are simpler solutions around, I continued to use Mozilla Firefox.

    Over the last couple of months, the motherboard of the offending (9-year old) computer started having random BSODs. Due to the age of the MB and the sorry (swollen) state of several electrolytic capacitors on it, I decided to upgrade to a new MB, RAM, CPU, SSD and power supply. After a chat to Mr Microsoft, I was able to transfer my Windows 7 licence to the new setup and upgrade it to 64-bit working.

    So the problem has gone away, but this solution is probably not a lot of help to you. I'm sure that if I had gone to the trouble of reloading W7 again and not loaded the offending Canon drivers, it would have been fine. But circumstances combined to produce a different result.

    BTW Firefox does a good job but I'm more familiar with the features of IE, so I have not loaded FF onto the new configuration.

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    Kudos for having a 9 year old machine continue to work at all.

    Swollen caps always means that whatever they are in is bad. The older electrolytic style fail more often that the newer solid type.
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