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    UsernameIssues said:
    jonnyhillow said:
    I heard patches will be available on the 19th and to not use Adobe till then , is it safe to use now?

    Flash most likely has security flaws that only the black hats know about. There is no point in asking, "is it safe to use now?" I'm not sure how anyone here could know that answer for sure.

    There are forums where Flash exploits are sold. Perhaps those forum members could tell you how many Flash exploits are being held in reserve. The same goes for operating system exploits, Java exploits and exploits for the major browsers.

    Actually my question is one that i'm sure many people who heard about the latest vulnerabilities are wondering because some sites show a patch will only be available on the 19th and some sites show it was patched yesterday .

    Lots of people who are more attuned to the computing world and might of heard the truth should know the right answer.

    Actually, my sincere apologies to everybody for using the word "safe to use" instead of saying " was it patched yet" .

    Don't know what i was thinking , just awful .
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    It seems that Flash is getting patched multiple times a week lately. I doubt it will ever be "SAFE". I am puzzled as to why they haven't re-written/re-designed the thing by now. I certainly would have cost less in the long run than the constant coding effort to "patch" the existing bag of trash.
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    The thing about them rewriting is twofold. Can they "write it safe" (doubtful), and by the time the rewrite it, what will have taken it's place. I believe they know that it will eventually be replaced by something, so why the effort to completely rewrite it when they can continually patch it, and it is already on most machines. They don't seem to be trying to write the replacement, or if they are they sure keep it secret. I don't think a replacement is on the horizon, as the expected replacement has gone nowhere yet.

    A Guy
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    Those security issues can be covered by antivirus ? If the answer is Not, they should work with them for the good of its users (us).
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    The antivirus companies do not know where all of the flaws are.

    The Adobe does not know where all of the flaws are.

    The bad guys know where some of the flaws are. It seems pretty obvious that the bad guys are selling exploits that they have known about for a while now. Every time one exploit is patched, that means those using exploits must buy another exploit from the bad guy's stock pile. There have been several articles written about this exploit business model.
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    These "bad guys" have to go , i will not put up with this crap anymore , that being the case i feel it's the best time to officially announce i will now engage in a brawl to the death with any of these bad guys or all at once .

    Yes, i probably will perish but we all have to go sometime and i'm willing to take one for the team .

    Farewell everybody
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    I wonder how many bad guys also work for an antivirus company.

    A foot in each world - so to speak. Money coming in from all sides.
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    Thread Starter

    New Adobe Flash Player BETA is available. See first post for more details. :)
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    512 MB of VRAM for Flash?... Wooooo
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    I just got fed up with it. Too many updates, too many more security flaws. Patch one, find another 5.
    I removed flash completely from my pc. And Java another one I no longer needed.
    The flash that's included in Chrome I have set to "On Demand". It hasn't really made much difference to my day to day browsing.
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