"Manage Add Ons" window keeps opening randomly

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    And you think that the "Manage Add-Ons" window popping up is somehow connected to optimizing Win 7?

    Please elaborate.
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    Hi thanks for the screen shots great job

    One that sticks out in add-ons is Zonealarm helper object 0.49 - 0.56 to activate,
    That's pretty slow,
    None of the Zonealarm add-ons have a publisher either which is also a little odd,
    I'm going to assume that the Save forms and Fill forms add-ons are from Zonealarm as well ?
    After proper reset all of these would be disabled if done properly,
    Only adobe flash would not be disabled not sure why it's excluded,

    Not sure why add-ons windows would popup unless your referring to this popup message ?
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    Thanks for your help - the Save forms and Fill forms add-ons are from RoboForm. The pop up you indicated is not the one troubling me. It is the whole window like the print screen shot I sent to you. I have determined that the only time it is popping up is whenever I go online and open the browser the first time; it doesn't do it when I open a new tab. I guess I can live with it.

    Have a good life.
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    If those pop up are in your startup (check marked) they will start every time you boot whether you want them to or not.
    If you want them to start every boot just leave them checked.
    If you don't uncheck them.
    No more complicated than that.

    Will un-checking them solve all problems? I don't know.
    I'm sure you don't need all them checked and that is why I suggested the tutorial and directed you to that section.

    Any suggestion I or anybody else gives are just that suggestion.
    Tutorials are a suggestion and method on how to do things.
    It's your choice to follow them or not; it's your computer.
    Un-checking them won't hurt any things. If you want them to start you just go back and check them again.

    Some laptop/notebooks/netbooks will have some options checked that one does not need on a PC.

    I posted a picture of one of my system to indicate that all those things are not needed to be checked.

    If I may mention. The auto form fill in (RoboForm) is very dangerous.
    If you system ever gets infected all that auto form fill in information can be gather up by the infection and called home to who ever infected you system.
    Once again it's your computer so it's your call.
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    Still interesting,
    Unless somehow this manage add-ons page is listed as one of your home pages,
    Possibly verify what is your home page Alt+TO when ie is open,

    You can also remove/ delete what ever shortcut you use to open ie and replace it and see if it does any good ?
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    There is no home page issue and all the shortcuts work fine with the same results. I did think of something since you mentioned the possibility of the little window that appears at the bottom of the page; I don't remember seeing that for some time and maybe what we have is some setting somewhere that is opening the large window where it used to open the little window. that would make sense since apparently that could be happening. Give that some thought and let me know what your opinion is.
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    Could possibly be,
    That particular popup message would actually take you to another dialog showing you the problematic add-ons which I already pointed out,
    But to get to the dialog where they will be listed is available from the command bar Tools listing,
    Use Alt+VTC to see the command bar in your page view when ie is open,
    Or Menu bar/ View/ Toolbars/ Command bar,
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    Well, I disabled the addons and nothing changed so I enabled some of the add ons again. The next time I went online I got the little window again, then the big window. So, since this only happens when I go online I'll just live with it and close it when it opens. Thanks for all your help and insights.
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    How many listings were on the disable add-ons window ?
    And what were they,
    You can always test on a new administrator user account to see if the same thing happens,
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