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Windows 7: Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem

20 Mar 2015   #1
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem

Full Title of thread: Browsers crashing & Word Pads content (not files) vanishing due to out of memory problem

Short description

Hi Everyone!

For those who know me--this is the short short description (I purposely left lots of information out).

I have used in past year or so EVERY browser known to mankind.

IE 11--downgraded to 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

Each time I start off, they function, "recalling" where I left off.

As I use it more and more often--they "forget" or "gray out" the choice of "reopen last browsing session"
Only way sometimes (most 100%) of times to "stop" jammed browsers is to press Power button off.
ONLY as I do that (no other time) Do I ever (is it clear??) Do I ever see a warning as the computer "crashes shut" saying "out of memory". Too fast to ever photograph it!

I do get "close programs to prevent memory loss" sign from Windows 7, but by the time I see that notice---its too late---the damage is done. Browser will forget all open tabs and windows & any open Word Pads will LOSE their content (the printed words)---not the file itself.

Thanks for reading me!

For more details, please read the description below:


My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Mar 2015   #2
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
More detailed descriptions of the problem necessary to know to reply

Hi Everyone!

This is my usual more detailed description of the problem.

I will repeat some of what I wrote before with lots more descriptions if anyone wants to read more details before replying.

It does not need to be said---as its assumed---of course I have no Virus or malware on the system any where and keep using tools/programs to make sure its that way.

Memory is fully utilizing the two slots of laptop filled 4 GB each= 8 GB maximum total for SONY VAIO Laptop VPC111FM running Windows 7 Professional x64.

1. I have gone through in past year or so EVERY browser known to mankind.
I upgraded and installed all the downloads for IE 11.

On your "competition" site, the Microsoft community----I spent weeks working with them why I had a problem --look it up there--- called it "graying out of the "reopen last browsing session" typeface under the pull down menu for "tools".

After weeks of writing postings, one member said they had problems like mine.

They recommended downgrading the browser to IE 10.

I did so using someone "one the phone" to help do it so I did it right, I know it was done right, they remote controlled the whole process.

Yet---after all that work---I still had grayed out "reopen last browsing session" buttons just like I had in IE 11, ever since first day starting to re-use IE 10. So strange since I clearly remember it was my "first" button I ever pressed upon re-establishing a browser session for the day after turning on computer.

2. I tried Firefox on Windows 7. Worked for a while---then same problem----refused to re open or "remember" the last browsing session.

ONLY way I can know what I did--resume my Internet work, was slowly (I MEAN very very slowly) re-opening each file using the history button, whereupon I lose the guide page of "history" and have to click and click and click and mouse down to find where I left off again and open the session again. Lots of work and many many duplicate windows/errors along the way trying to recall where I was when I closed computer for the day.

Further information about Firefox---Its been so long since I had it on Windows 7 (I had to remove it and all of its components)--- but some reason it interfered with one of my "video" intensive programs "Wondershare" or something like that--- Known issue does not like to share with Firefox so had to remove it if I was using it as my "only " browser since IE 11 and IE 10 were failing me.

3. So I moved on to Chrome..

Very rapidly filled it up.

Was nice in that it opened all old tabs.

Did not give (at least in older version I used) good history interface, so when the same problem began to hit the task of re-opening old tabs to see where I was "just a minute ago" took hours. Frustrating my work on the Internet. Very slow and disappointing. (I read about things like Google uses it to get "ads" to display that are relevant to the computer user, so in communicating that information, I think I remember it crashes much sooner as that is a very very drive intensive operation always in the background---anyone else hear of this?)

So I stopped using the Chrome Browser.

(It works on my iPad, so its not the bandwidth or something else going on here... I use it still there---it recalls everything just fine, so does Safari on the iPad as well using the same Internet speed/connection as the Laptop.

4. Safari Browser, I always had on here as I am a dual-product user (both Windows and Macs)... SO I really don't use it all the time on the laptop, It works, but I keep it just for the "Mac" items I need that use "Safari" natively and are loaded programs on here in "VM" (remember my nickname here VM USER?) that's where they are. One Safari is on main screen, I have it filled up of course----Just stopped using it for fear I'd ruin it like all the other Browsers have been---

Note, if that were to happen due to my using it/over using it? Then I'm in the land of "limbo" as unfortunately I've been through the telephone party lines, bounced back and forth---where Windows telephone help rejects me because its "a Mac Product, Safari" and Apple Care telephone help refuses to help me because its "installed on a non-Mac platform i.e.=windows" SO it sits here unused, unless I really need it for a Mac program..... so that is details for the Safari in case someone mentions above (reading the short version only) (or if it appears by accident in some of my Screenshots on the task bar/program files and someone I'm sure might ask me, why don't you just use Safari and leave rest of the Browsers alone?
Besides that answer still does not solve the missing Word Pad contents issues! (See Part II below).

5. Opera was my last hope.

It was new. It worked perfectly! Whenever I turned off the computer "normal shut down button use on screen Start> shut down and re started computer it would perfectly re open my last browsing session windows accurately, without missing any without scattering them all over the place or forgetting every one! (This proves (at least to me!) that its not something physically wrong with the computer, as a "new" browser worked perfectly from the start!)

Then I got the Opera 27 upgrade (and Upgrades to 28 and 28.5 or whatever its called a week ago) I thought these would help me use Opera even better. But now ever since I got them----- Opera has been "forgetting" the tabs just like the other Browsers do that I had open in the last session....

(My thoughts are that something "new" in the Opera programming (since Version 27) now makes it more similar to the other browsers so that it now "forgets" where it is, messes up where it was---none of the other browsers I used did that--they just "forgot" that there EVER was a prior browsing session ever!).

The program tries to remember, but only opens one window (of several) part way (for example if I had a window with 10 tabs open when I shut down). The next time I start Opera again, I get just one tab or two per window. I get several windows!! with duplicated items. I do not get all my tabs and windows recalled the way I left them.

Here is a Screenshot of the duplicated windows when they just open before the images can form---so I did not have to cut out as much information to show it.

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-opera-1-ps18551.jpg

---I was delaying sending this problem out due to not being able to show you this other than "out of memory" warnings.

I did get some images below.

While I was setting up the images on "Paint" program to display to you today.... I had

Just One Tab !

Open on Windows Explorer IE 10.................

.........and I got the following two messages (while only 1 Word Pad was open, composing my message to post for the Windows Seven Forum. Only a few background programs like Norton Internet Security are running. Computer has been on for 3-4 hours while I did this.)

I opened Windows IE 10 to get you a picture of the grayed out areas and got the following two error messages within 20 minutes or less of use.. With just one tab open!

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-ie-greyed-out-ps18573.jpg


Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-ie-paint-1-ps18574.jpg


Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-ie-paint-open-2-ps18575.jpg

I immediately saved the Word Pad again under a slightly different file name---sometimes that works sometimes not. I also printed it out so I could retype it all over again from scratch again if I lose it due to "out of memory" problems.

(separate note here: for all browsers---- some of them are nice under "history" that if you reopen a file/tab/window again they will remove it from the "old" part of history and re place it at the top of the history. If you have 30 -40 windows all seem similar to me! open at once that is very valuable time saver as all I have to do is open them one by one until the windows /tabs which were opened yesterday now all appear open "today").

6. About closing down computer when I get the "close programs to prevent information loss warning"

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-main-error-window-ps18495.jpg


Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-opera-27-notice-post-too-ps17890.jpg

Only way sometimes (most 100%) of times to "stop" jammed browsers when that warning appears, is to press Power button off.

ONLY as I do that (no other time) Do I ever (is it clear??) Do I ever see a warning saying "out of memory".
I do get "close programs to prevent memory loss" sign from Windows 7, but by the time I see that notice---its too late---damage is done. Browser will forget all open tabs and windows & any open Word Pads will LOSE their content---not the file.

7. As part of "testing" to get error windows for showing everyone at Windows Seven Forums... I tested with opening up computer this particular day with JUST IE 10, four tabs (count them in the image below in Screenshot) One NotePad open to "hide" my Desktop file names while I screenshot this for you, and VOILĄ!

Equals One Crashed IE 10!

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-proof-ie-no-good-ever-crashes-not-much-open-1-ps18583.jpg


Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-proof-ie-no-good-ever-crashes-not-much-open-2-ps18585.jpg


Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-proof-ie-no-good-ever-crashes-not-much-open-3-ps18587.jpg

Proving that unless I want to NEVER use IE 10, my chances of ever using this computer on line without it crashing as "out of memory" error and other unknown errors is fantastically slim.

P.S. here... of course this is where I must CRASH the computer to close it down again and start over as the "contacting Microsoft about the problem" ..............

...........JAMMS up the whole system and I can't close IE 10 can't open other things can't do anything
Its just a jammed up broken computer at this point if I use IE at all

So I'm forced to go about using other Browsers, less capable ones, like Opera (which Norton Internet Security does NOT provide me the "web safe" notifications. Which in a way is good.. as maybe Norton doing that with IE 10 and other browsers is why the computer gets overloaded? Just one of my 100's of guesses here as to why and what is going on here to create these problems!

Part II:

1. Yes this is a two part question as there is more than just messed up memory for the tab histories.
Also I lose the "content" of the Word Pad files.

(I asked this question of the Microsoft Community on September 5, 2014 and so far no reasonable answer, so now it is asked here along with browser problems that may be all related to memory).

I save a file under "Today File 1" for example. And I get the "warning" so I quickly "save" it again under "Today File 1 A"

I shut down computer either by shut down button or if I"m too late for that, I have to use the "Crash" button of holding in the power button for 2-3 seconds until it shuts down.

As soon as its cooled off (I have a temperature sensor somewhere---it never goes off but hey! I don't know what's going on so I let everything cool down 10 -20 30 minutes take a break, before turning on again).
I turn on the computer---and first go to see my Word pad file and open it up from the "last used" list...

A BLANK SCREEN (!) (I'd do a screen shot, but it was stupid... blank screen is totally white with a cursor at top.)

The file name is correct!

the Content is gone!

Well that's ok.... I made another copy under a slightly different name... and when I go to open that file..

Its blank too!

SO I've lost the "content" of both files even though I saved them over and over!!

My guess over a year of doing this---is that whatever is "erasing" the content goes by FILE NAME so anything remotely close/similar to the file that is being destroyed in terms of content... is also similarly destroyed (Its not a Virus I keep searching web asking and checking computer for anything that does this!)
I get an idea! I then go to my "lost file" programs like Recuva, etc..

They all (of course!!!) can't find the deleted file as it was never deleted! The file still exists!

The content only i.e. all my hard typing work with words, is gone

Now this does not happen with Windows 7's NotePad----they remain OK. But of course saving to Note Pad you lose all formatting, tabs, indents, bold face, etc etc things I use to compose not just for Windows Seven, but for letters and documents, so telling me to "save" to .

I don't know what happens with Word 2007, as I lost the license for that long ago.

I have Open Office (see other thread here: ) and now I have LibreOffice thanks to everyone here but not used it enough to be comfortable writing and saving so for this important long typing I did not use it, nor for other longer items yet.

Here are a few Screenshots I didn't know where to insert to show these problems:

Shows Out of Memory effecting other programs:

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-effects-other-programs-too-quick-time-ps18261.jpg


Out of Memory Opera Crashes

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-opera-crashes-ps18277.jpg


Out of Memory Crashes alternative notice for Opera

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-opera-alternative-crash-notice-ps18041.jpg


NOTE, if I move the window around with message---lack of memory = no GUI? Leaves a WHITE trail on the screen for a long long time (maybe forever) until I reboot....

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-opera-note-white-above-when-i-moved-window-ps18494.jpg


Opera first drops "shockwave flash" as early sign memory is about to be "out"

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-opera-shockwave-flash-repettiive-when-recovering-crash-ps18287.jpg


Generic "out of memory" notice not giving reason or what is overloaded, etc. circa Feb 18, 2015

Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem-w7-out-memory-windows-notice-feb-18-2015-ps17783.jpg


Also? see related question I began one day here....

Crashed computer DSKCHK deleted all Opera history Crashed computer DSKCHK deleted all Opera history

Thanks for reading a long question!


My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Browsers crashing & WordPads content vanishing=out of memory problem

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