How can I log in to my e-mail while connected to a VPN or Proxy

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    How can I log in to my e-mail while connected to a VPN or Proxy

    I just downloaded the Firefox add-on Zenmate. I couldn't log in to my g-mail without answering verification questions. Zenmate has changed my location to UK. My real location is Canada.

    I couldn't log in to Gmail even though I answered the verification question correctly. I Did not make a second attempt for fear of getting locked out of the account. This happened to me once with hotmail and I lost the account for good.

    I am far more privacy conscious than a normal computer user. For example, I have an outlook account and the recovery e-mail I have given for that, is one that I opened for that purpose only and never use, so that they don't get any personal data by tracking that account, which they can do, if I give them my other real email accounts. In addition, I never give them my phone numbers. I am giving these few details about me, to make it easier for you to find a solution for me.

    Almost always I use a VPN or some other device to conceal my identity when connected to the Internet. I have to always remember to disconnect that device before logging in to my email, to avoid the risk of getting blocked out of the account.

    I know that the email providers track users Internet IP every time they log on (not to mention the contents of their emails), on the pretext of protecting their accounts. Is there anyway to circumvent their machinery and hide my real IP and still be able to log in to my email accounts?

    Thank you
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    I don't see any advantage in hiding your IP address from your email provider. It is not possible to obtain personal information from an IP address other than your ISP and general geographic area (city). Your personal information is known only to your ISP and they are prohibited by law from revealing this to anyone but a member of a law enforcement or related organization with proper legal authorization.

    If they wished to do so it is not difficult for an email provider to tell when someone is using a VPN or similar service. This often means you have something to hide and become of interest. Isn't this what you are trying to avoid?
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    When I am connected to the Internet using a Virtual Private Network, an anonymous proxy, the Tor Browser, Zenmate or any other method that change my real Internet IP to a fictitious one, email providers like gmail and outlook do not allow me to log in without answering verification questions. How can I log in to my email account while connected to a VPN, without going through the procedure of answering verification questions?

    I believe this would involve some means by which I can circumvent their methods of detecting that I am connected to a VPN.
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    They do it as a layer of security to protect you but it's unlikely they would change that procedure for one account. However; Some accounts like banking give you a choice on extended security by simply checking a box. You might check on that option. The provider wants to make sure it's you and not someone that obtained your sign-in credentials. And that becomes suspect if the account was setup under one IP address and access is attempted from an entirely different address.

    Not to rattle you but there's other ways to identify you without an IP address. Most modern tracking methods don't use an IP address.

    Hotmail gave me the option for extended security. I took the option.
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    By all means use whatever options the email provider may provide. But any attempt to circumvent their checks is likely to be considered as malicious and you risk locking of your account. Not that I know of any such method.
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    Thank you both for your replies. I do have a solution to the problem; just wanted to check whether there is some way of doing this. From your answers it doesn't seem to be possible and my solution is to give back Gmail to Google and go for one of the dozens of other email providers (not yahoo and outlook either).

    I have been using one, where they are not concerned about how you connect to them. You come through a VPN and you log in without any hassle and further, I haven't missed any features. In fact all these other providers have some features that Google shies away from, for some mysterious reason! 1. The ability to view the full message source of suspicious emails, without having to first open them. 2. To block an unwanted sender outright, without opening their mail.

    The reason why google doesn't allow these is left to our own imagination but I don't suppose it would be tht difficult to workout. That is, considering the shady things that google has been doing with our privacy while using phrases like "for your own protection", designed to put us off the scent.

    Just to name only two of the other advantages with those e-mail clients, there are no advertisemets and no cookies. I think more people should patronize them!

    I have exported my contact list and terminated my gmail. Did the same thing with outlook some months back.

    Kind regards
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