Internet connected. Browsers don't work

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    Windows 7 home premium sp 1

    Internet connected. Browsers don't work

    Hello. I've tried everything I can think of, plus many recommendations online. For some reason, my desktop broadcasts, chrome Firefox and ie, will not open any webpages.

    What is the first step i should take?
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    Welcome to the forum. What happens when you try to load does it give any messages? open a cmd prompt type ipconfig /all
    then post results
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    Check on the modem is there is any indication that the connect to your ISP is good.

    Look for the internet icon on the bottom taskbar and then click to "Open Network and Sharing Center".
    If the connection from modem to ISP is good, meaning is that if cross is red, it is not connected.
    If connection good, you may need to do run a antivirus.

    There is also a probably a malware have prevent you for to surf.
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    InternetOk, internet is connected via wifi. My laptop works continuously.

    Ran my avast scan, no bugs.

    Ran malware bytes no bugs.

    Ran spy bot no bugs.

    Chrome and Firefox will not work. IE works occasionally but chrome is my main browser. I uninstalled all 3 before running scans and then reinstalled all three.

    Same problem
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    win 8 32 bit

    Can you answer post 2
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    Windows 7 home premium sp 1
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    When I click on chrome:

    It takes several seconds longer to open. It opens, but screen is white. nothing happens for about a minute, then a second small window appears in the desktop bar alongside the chrome tab. the heading of that window says Page Unresponsive. I am unable to open this window. I can open the chrome window, but it remains white. Nothing will happen, even after left sitting for an hour.

    inihen I click Firefox:

    Nothing at all happens!

    When I click IE:

    nothing at all happens, although every now it will pop up several minutes after I initiated it.

    My laptop chrome, etc. work just fine. this is very strange, i've never encountered such an issue.

    DNS Suffix Search list:

    Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
    Description: DW1501 Wireless N WLAN Half-mini Card
    Physical Address: 64-27-37-02-81-60
    DCHP Enabled: Yes
    Autoconfiguration Enabled: yes
    IPv6 address: 2602:306:83e4:e500:91ec:6abb:2ace:afb2
    Temporary IPv6 Address 2602:306:83e4:e500:b9d6:5299:8b31:6295
    Link-local IPv6 address: fe80::91ec:6abb:2ace:afb2x17
    IPv4 address: 192,168.1.71
    Subnet mask:
    Gateway: fe80::62c3:97ff:fea9:56d1x17 DHCP server
    NetBIOS over Tcpip...enabled
    Ethernet adapter local area connection:
    Media state: media disconnected
    Connection specific DNS suffix:
    Descriptopn: Broadcon Netlink
    Physcial address: d4-be-d9-8d-55-58
    DHCP enabled: yes
    autoconfig enabled: yes

    Tunnel adapter
    media state- disconnected
    connection specific DNS suffix:
    description: microsoft ISATAP adapter #2
    Physical address: 00-00-00-00-00-00-e0
    DHCP enabled- No
    Autoconfig enabled- yes

    tunnel adapter local area connection:
    media state- disconnected
    Connection specific DNS suffix:
    Description: teredo tunneling psuedo-interface
    Physical address: 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-e0
    DHCP enabled: no
    Autoconfig enabled- Yes
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    Windows 7 x64

    Maybe try this.

    Disconnect the internet on both LAN and wireless.


    Check the internet is still no connection.

    Open each browser at a time.

    This is to ensure that the browser is working or not.

    The best is setting to open blank.

    If browser is working, then the internet setting may not be correct.
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    win 8 32 bit

    Disable ipv6 set DNS to & do that on wireless and cable from a CMD prompt type ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew
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    Windows 7 home premium sp 1
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    Disconnected internet, opened chrome and Firefox. Browsers opened immediately. Looks like they aren't the problem.
    I also went to CMD and typed /release and renew, but don't know how to change DNS.
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