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    Which Second Browser

    I only have Chrome at the moment and would like a second browser that is good with privacy and not being tracked etc, I've downloaded Fire fox this morning and just unstalled it as I find it slow (even slower than Chrome) and slows my computer down. Any suggestions for a quick browser that is good with privacy etc?
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    If you want privacy ditch chrome (now) and go with a move privacy oriented derivative. Chromium is one of them. Chromium (web browser) - Wikipedia
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    Thanks for that, I'll take a look at it, I've also been looking into LlibreWolf.
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    LibreWolf is one and so is Ungoogled Chromium. Just don't install any add-ons... (for Ad/malware domain blocking consider Pi-hole for use with these browsers in a vLAN. I wouldn't go full on broad sword with that approach since it's hard to fine tune on the fly if you have to allow this or that domain, etc).

    Do note that when you increase the security and privacy of your browser fingerprint, some websites won't play nice. I'd use LibreWolf as the everyday driver and Ungoogled Chromium for the bank, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, etc.

    Also, the browser is just the beginning. But you just asked about the browser.


    Chromium (stupid name) is just a code base developed by Google back in circa 2008. It is what Chrome is built upon. As well as a whole crap ton of other browsers and interfaces. I'm almost certain my Spotify player in Windows 7 uses Chromium and I think Github does as well. There's also Google web component BS and if websites foolishly chose to use Google code then niece browser like Pale Moon et al may fail loading the page properly. Not only that, these sorry ass websites UA sniff and discriminate based on your UA (User Agent). "We support a free and open web." Well Fing do it! Google is taking over the Internet one bit of code at a time and Microsoft is dictating what you can do with your computer via the TPM and UEFI BS and whoring it out with telemetry.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It basically means all packets are sent through a crafty proxy where they are stripped, manipulated and forged as necessary. Any websocket crap in the packet? Striped or falsified for website satisfaction. The UA? Set specific for each or all websites. WebGL? Randomized. Same with WebRTC and canvas data. All this is at the packet network layer and can be controlled. All 7 layers of the OSI model need to be scrutinized.

    A project kinda like that is Privoxy.
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    I suspect that the OSI model is way beyond the OP and he certainly didn't ask about it.
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    When I use certain terms on this and other forums I know very well most of the people I'm talking to don't understand jack of what I'm talking about because it may be way over their head. Knowing that I sometimes try to link each acronym and what have you as well as cite some sources hoping the user will use the unbelievable amount knowledge at their fingertips to look it up. They could always get an idea from Wikipedia and view its linked sources. I also don't type just for the user but anyone in the world that may come across the thread or my post. I mean, how many times have you "Googled it" and came across a forum like this and read through the responses?

    So having said that, I'm not going to dumb down for the sake of "clarity" and would hope that the user takes the time and does his/her research in EVERYTHING I submit. And besides, I do go out of my way with more than one paragraph trying to explain and help the poster. I don't expect for anyone to know anything I say. If they ask then I'll try to explain it, but so far very few have asked for clarification.
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