And then it says: didn't send any data

HP Desktop with WIN7 Home edition and Chrome browser. The Internet connection was made and I can then click and open any program on the upper menu bar but when I click on the Home button, it churns for awhile and then the THIS PAGE ISN'T WORKING RIGHT NOW message appears. I then go to Tools and Clear Browsing Data and then click on the Home button and Chrome home page will finally appear. At that point eveything works OK. BUT the next time I start the PC, I must go through these same steps again. I went through the cmd, run as administrator, ipconfig /release, etc routine with no change. Ditto if I try to open with Microsoft Edge browser. I might add: I also have an HP WIN10 laptop and none of these problems occurr. I tried to communicate with Centurylink, but I do not speak or understand the Pakistan language.