Where can I download the latest versions of programs compatible with Windows 7, Microsoft Edge and WebView2 Runtime 109.0.1518.140 and WebView2 SDK 1.0.1518.46 from?There are only descriptions of these versions on Google and download links only to the latest versions that are incompatible with Windows 7.The latest Foxit Reader PDF viewer recommends installing WebView2 Runtime, but I would also like to download the WebView2 SDK version just in case, even if I have never used the SDK version.I know that it is not recommended to use Windows 7 for the Internet, but I built an old computer to play old games and run old and new programs, and these programs require Microsoft Edge WebView2.Just a moment...Windows 7 and 8 support . Issue #3404 . MicrosoftEdge/WebView2Feedback . GitHubI tried to install from here Microsoft Update Catalog Microsoft Edge-WebView2 Runtime x64 (build 109.0.1518.140) and the following message appeared
Latest version of Microsoft Edge and WebView2 for Windows 7-sshot-11.png
Unknown installer error