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Windows 7: Print Spooler Constantly Crashing

10 Aug 2010   #1

Windows 7 Enterprise
Print Spooler Constantly Crashing

We have several machines on our campus that are experiencing issues with the print spooler crashing constantly. As soon as we would start the spooler service, it would crash about 20 seconds later. I have removed all printers and drivers and then re-installed them. Our printers are installed via iPrint to our computers. We are using the Universal Print Driver 5.1 from HP. The computers are Dell laptops, Lenovo Laptops, and Dell Desktops. All of the models are current within 3 years. The OS is Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise. Any help would be greatly appreciated it. Below is a link to a location where you can download the dump files created by debugging tools and adplus for Windows 7. The dump files were like 98MB so I could not attach them to this post. Please look them over and see if someone can tell me what might be causing the spooler to crash. If you need more information, please let me know. Thanks. download free -

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10 Aug 2010   #2

64-bit Windows 10 Pro

Hello Flipside, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if clearing and resetting the print spooler may be able to help.

Hope this helps,
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10 Aug 2010   #3

Windows 7 Enterprise

I did try that and there is nothing to delete in the Printers folder.
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10 Aug 2010   #4

Windows 10 Pro x64

Can you get a dump of the spoolsv.exe process crashing? It might help pinpoint what's going on.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Aug 2010   #5

Windows 7 Enterprise

In my original post there is a link to download the dump files from the spooler service crashing. They were too large to attach to the forum. There are 4 individual folders that are included for 4 separate crashes. download free -
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10 Aug 2010   #6
Capt.Jack Sparrow

Windows 7 Ultimate - 64-bit | Windows 8 Pro - 64-bit


Check this article Generating a memory dump for a crashing process

- Captain
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Aug 2010   #7

Windows 7 Enterprise

Here is the latest dump file.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Aug 2010   #8
Capt.Jack Sparrow

Windows 7 Ultimate - 64-bit | Windows 8 Pro - 64-bit


Seems like Novell NetWare has a printing system known as iPrint is causing it crash. Check to make sure it have the latest Firmware and is compatible with Windows 7.

- Captain
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Aug 2010   #9

Windows 10 Pro x64

What's happening is you're actually running out of stack space, and a new stack guard page cannot be created, causing a stack overflow - it's actually being caused by the Novell iPrint Print Provider:

0:018> k
Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
00000000`039b4000 00000000`77607ed8 ntdll!RtlFindCharInUnicodeString+0x1d9
00000000`039b40c0 00000000`77607a5b ntdll!RtlDosApplyFileIsolationRedirection_Ustr+0x458
00000000`039b4360 00000000`775e4be8 ntdll!LdrpApplyFileNameRedirection+0x97
00000000`039b43e0 00000000`775e4abe ntdll!LdrpLoadDll+0xd8
00000000`039b45f0 000007fe`fd5ca4cc ntdll!LdrLoadDll+0x9a
00000000`039b4660 00000000`5c00bea0 KERNELBASE!LoadLibraryExW+0x19c
00000000`039b46f0 00000000`5b0165eb nipplib!IppLoadLibraryW+0x2c
00000000`039b5960 00000000`5b017037 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x1308f
00000000`039b61f0 00000000`5b0097d3 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x13adb
00000000`039b7290 00000000`ffef0e23 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x6277
00000000`039bdca0 000007fe`f8863898 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039bdd30 000007fe`ed4336a5 spoolss!GetPrinterW+0x24
00000000`039bdd70 000007fe`ed4338d1 localspl!GetPrinterInfoFromRouter+0x51
00000000`039bddc0 000007fe`ed410165 localspl!RetrieveMasqPrinterInfo+0x3d
00000000`039bde10 00000000`ffef0e23 localspl!SplGetPrinter+0x1b7
00000000`039bdea0 00000000`ffef0fbb spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039bdf30 000007fe`f8b1c5ed spoolsv!YGetPrinter+0x144
00000000`039bdf90 00000000`5b0089a7 winspool!GetPrinterW+0x201
00000000`039be030 00000000`5b0099f6 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x544b
00000000`039bf5d0 00000000`ffef0e23 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x649a
00000000`039c5fe0 000007fe`f8863898 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039c6070 000007fe`ed4336a5 spoolss!GetPrinterW+0x24
00000000`039c60b0 000007fe`ed4338d1 localspl!GetPrinterInfoFromRouter+0x51
00000000`039c6100 000007fe`ed410165 localspl!RetrieveMasqPrinterInfo+0x3d
00000000`039c6150 00000000`ffef0e23 localspl!SplGetPrinter+0x1b7
00000000`039c61e0 00000000`ffef0fbb spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039c6270 000007fe`f8b1c5ed spoolsv!YGetPrinter+0x144
00000000`039c62d0 00000000`5b0089a7 winspool!GetPrinterW+0x201
00000000`039c6370 00000000`5b0099f6 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x544b
00000000`039c7910 00000000`ffef0e23 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x649a
00000000`039ce320 000007fe`f8863898 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039ce3b0 000007fe`ed4336a5 spoolss!GetPrinterW+0x24
00000000`039ce3f0 000007fe`ed4338d1 localspl!GetPrinterInfoFromRouter+0x51
00000000`039ce440 000007fe`ed410165 localspl!RetrieveMasqPrinterInfo+0x3d
00000000`039ce490 00000000`ffef0e23 localspl!SplGetPrinter+0x1b7
00000000`039ce520 00000000`ffef0fbb spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039ce5b0 000007fe`f8b1c5ed spoolsv!YGetPrinter+0x144
00000000`039ce610 00000000`5b0089a7 winspool!GetPrinterW+0x201
00000000`039ce6b0 00000000`5b0099f6 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x544b
00000000`039cfc50 00000000`ffef0e23 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x649a
00000000`039d6660 000007fe`f8863898 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039d66f0 000007fe`ed4336a5 spoolss!GetPrinterW+0x24
00000000`039d6730 000007fe`ed4338d1 localspl!GetPrinterInfoFromRouter+0x51
00000000`039d6780 000007fe`ed410165 localspl!RetrieveMasqPrinterInfo+0x3d
00000000`039d67d0 00000000`ffef0e23 localspl!SplGetPrinter+0x1b7
00000000`039d6860 00000000`ffef0fbb spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039d68f0 000007fe`f8b1c5ed spoolsv!YGetPrinter+0x144
00000000`039d6950 00000000`5b0089a7 winspool!GetPrinterW+0x201
00000000`039d69f0 00000000`5b0099f6 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x544b
00000000`039d7f90 00000000`ffef0e23 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x649a
00000000`039de9a0 000007fe`f8863898 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039dea30 000007fe`ed4336a5 spoolss!GetPrinterW+0x24
00000000`039dea70 000007fe`ed4338d1 localspl!GetPrinterInfoFromRouter+0x51
00000000`039deac0 000007fe`ed410165 localspl!RetrieveMasqPrinterInfo+0x3d
00000000`039deb10 00000000`ffef0e23 localspl!SplGetPrinter+0x1b7
00000000`039deba0 00000000`ffef0fbb spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039dec30 000007fe`f8b1c5ed spoolsv!YGetPrinter+0x144
00000000`039dec90 00000000`5b0089a7 winspool!GetPrinterW+0x201
00000000`039ded30 00000000`5b0099f6 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x544b
00000000`039e02d0 00000000`ffef0e23 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x649a
00000000`039e6ce0 000007fe`f8863898 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039e6d70 000007fe`ed4336a5 spoolss!GetPrinterW+0x24
00000000`039e6db0 000007fe`ed4338d1 localspl!GetPrinterInfoFromRouter+0x51
00000000`039e6e00 000007fe`ed410165 localspl!RetrieveMasqPrinterInfo+0x3d
00000000`039e6e50 00000000`ffef0e23 localspl!SplGetPrinter+0x1b7
00000000`039e6ee0 00000000`ffef0fbb spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039e6f70 000007fe`f8b1c5ed spoolsv!YGetPrinter+0x144
00000000`039e6fd0 00000000`5b0089a7 winspool!GetPrinterW+0x201
00000000`039e7070 00000000`5b0099f6 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x544b
00000000`039e8610 00000000`ffef0e23 nippnt!InitializePrintProvidor+0x649a
00000000`039ef020 000007fe`f8863898 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039ef0b0 000007fe`ed4336a5 spoolss!GetPrinterW+0x24
00000000`039ef0f0 000007fe`ed4338d1 localspl!GetPrinterInfoFromRouter+0x51
00000000`039ef140 000007fe`ed410165 localspl!RetrieveMasqPrinterInfo+0x3d
00000000`039ef190 00000000`ffef0e23 localspl!SplGetPrinter+0x1b7
00000000`039ef220 00000000`fff20ba8 spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x458
00000000`039ef2b0 00000000`ffef7600 spoolsv!bGetDevModePerUserEvenForShares+0x58
00000000`039ef310 00000000`ffef0fbb spoolsv!GetPrinterW+0x1b7
00000000`039ef3a0 00000000`ffef0c2e spoolsv!YGetPrinter+0x144
00000000`039ef400 00000000`ffef10e0 spoolsv!TFunction6<void * __ptr64,unsigned long,unsigned char * __ptr64,unsigned long,unsigned long * __ptr64,enum Call_Route>::Run+0x6a
00000000`039ef440 00000000`ffef105b spoolsv!TRemoteWinspool::RpcAsyncGetPrinter+0x70
00000000`039ef4b0 000007fe`fdd8c7f5 spoolsv!RpcGetPrinter+0x1b
00000000`039ef4f0 000007fe`fde3a77b rpcrt4!Invoke+0x65
00000000`039ef560 000007fe`fdd89c24 rpcrt4!Ndr64AsyncServerWorker+0x425
00000000`039ef660 000007fe`fdd89d86 rpcrt4!DispatchToStubInCNoAvrf+0x14
00000000`039ef690 000007fe`fdd8a479 rpcrt4!RPC_INTERFACE::DispatchToStubWorker+0x146
00000000`039ef7b0 000007fe`fdd8a11d rpcrt4!LRPC_SCALL::DispatchRequest+0x149
00000000`039ef890 000007fe`fdd97ddf rpcrt4!LRPC_SCALL::HandleRequest+0x20d
00000000`039ef9c0 000007fe`fdd97995 rpcrt4!LRPC_ADDRESS::ProcessIO+0x3bf
00000000`039efb00 00000000`775cb43b rpcrt4!LrpcIoComplete+0xa5
00000000`039efb90 00000000`775c923f ntdll!TppAlpcpExecuteCallback+0x26b
00000000`039efc20 00000000`773af56d ntdll!TppWorkerThread+0x3f8
00000000`039eff20 00000000`775e3281 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0xd
00000000`039eff50 00000000`00000000 ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x1d
0:018> lmvm nippnt
start             end                 module name
00000000`5b000000 00000000`5b02f000   nippnt     (export symbols)       nippnt.dll
    Loaded symbol image file: nippnt.dll
    Image path: C:\Windows\System32\nippnt.dll
    Image name: nippnt.dll
    Timestamp:        Thu Apr 08 01:31:18 2010 (4BBD6A26)
    CheckSum:         0003841F
    ImageSize:        0002F000
    File version:
    Product version:
    File flags:       0 (Mask 3F)
    File OS:          10004 DOS Win32
    File type:        1.0 App
    File date:        00000000.00000000
    Translations:     0409.04b0
    CompanyName:      Novell, Inc.
    ProductName:      Novell iPrint
    ProductVersion:   5,4,0,0
    FileVersion:      5,4,0,0
    FileDescription:  Novell iPrint Print Provider
    LegalCopyright:   Copyright 1995-2010 Novell, Inc. All rights Reserved.  (Patent 7,330,913)
It's trying over and over again to access a printer with a handle of 0x0, and the pointer to the Printer buffer is also 0x0 (both NULL), but it keeps trying over and over - whatever spoolsv!GetPrinterW is returning to nippnt, it sure doesn't like it. I bet if you clean the print queue and remove all drivers (scripts in \Windows\System32\<language>\Printing_Admin_Scripts\ if you want to do this in an automated fashion) and remove the Novell iPrint software, the problem goes away.
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 Print Spooler Constantly Crashing

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