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Windows 7: BSOD

10 Nov 2010   #1

64 Ultimate

I just upgraded my RAM with 4gb identical RAM for a total of 8gb RAM. Here it is:

Corsair XMS3 TW3X4G1333C9AG 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM - - PC10666, 1333MHz, 4096MB (2x 2048MB), 240 Pin, Dual-Channel at

I get a BSOD when playing video games now, specifically FFXIV and L4D2. I've gotten the BSOD once at shutdown as well. I'm hoping its just a timing issue or something and that I don't have to reinstall my OS.

Here is my most recent .dmp file

Thanks for any and all help.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Nov 2010   #2

win7 ultimate / virtual box

debugger states a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (3b) which can be vcore or voltage instability but in my experience it is often caused by an antivirus ?

I don't suspect your ram at this stage ?

I can see your AV AVG is fully up to date but for debugging purposes unninstall AVG and run MSE for a while ?

Also you have loads of drivers which haven't been updated since the last versions from July 2009 , that makes them 16 months old which in software terms is ancient

PAC7302.SYS		fffff880`02a61000	fffff880`02ae8000	0x00087000	0x49f664f8	28/04/2009 02:07:52						
spldr.sys		fffff880`015ee000	fffff880`015f6000	0x00008000	0x4a0858bb	11/05/2009 16:56:27						
GEARAspiWDM.sys		fffff880`04107000	fffff880`04114000	0x0000d000	0x4a1151c0	18/05/2009 12:17:04						
amdxata.sys		fffff880`00c00000	fffff880`00c0b000	0x0000b000	0x4a12f2eb	19/05/2009 17:56:59						
hwpolicy.sys		fffff880`015f6000	fffff880`015ff000	0x00009000	0x4a5bc0fa	13/07/2009 23:19:22						
intelppm.sys		fffff880`03e26000	fffff880`03e3c000	0x00016000	0x4a5bc0fd	13/07/2009 23:19:25						
msisadrv.sys		fffff880`00f9c000	fffff880`00fa6000	0x0000a000	0x4a5bc0fe	13/07/2009 23:19:26						
pcw.sys		fffff880`013bf000	fffff880`013d0000	0x00011000	0x4a5bc0ff	13/07/2009 23:19:27						
ACPI.sys		fffff880`00f3c000	fffff880`00f93000	0x00057000	0x4a5bc106	13/07/2009 23:19:34						
Null.SYS		fffff880`01968000	fffff880`01971000	0x00009000	0x4a5bc109	13/07/2009 23:19:37						
Fs_Rec.sys		fffff880`013d0000	fffff880`013da000	0x0000a000	0x4a5bc111	13/07/2009 23:19:45						
cdfs.sys		fffff880`043d9000	fffff880`043f6000	0x0001d000	0x4a5bc112	13/07/2009 23:19:46						
atapi.sys		fffff880`00dc8000	fffff880`00dd1000	0x00009000	0x4a5bc113	13/07/2009 23:19:47						
Msfs.SYS		fffff880`019d6000	fffff880`019e1000	0x0000b000	0x4a5bc113	13/07/2009 23:19:47						
dump_dumpata.sys		fffff880`02b22000	fffff880`02b2e000	0x0000c000	0x4a5bc113	13/07/2009 23:19:47						
dump_atapi.sys		fffff880`02b2e000	fffff880`02b37000	0x00009000	0x4a5bc113	13/07/2009 23:19:47						
PCIIDEX.SYS		fffff880`00e78000	fffff880`00e88000	0x00010000	0x4a5bc114	13/07/2009 23:19:48						
Npfs.SYS		fffff880`019e1000	fffff880`019f2000	0x00011000	0x4a5bc114	13/07/2009 23:19:48						
pciide.sys		fffff880`00e71000	fffff880`00e78000	0x00007000	0x4a5bc115	13/07/2009 23:19:49						
kbdclass.sys		fffff880`04171000	fffff880`04180000	0x0000f000	0x4a5bc116	13/07/2009 23:19:50						
mouclass.sys		fffff880`04090000	fffff880`0409f000	0x0000f000	0x4a5bc116	13/07/2009 23:19:50						
WMILIB.SYS		fffff880`00f93000	fffff880`00f9c000	0x00009000	0x4a5bc117	13/07/2009 23:19:51						
pci.sys		fffff880`00fa6000	fffff880`00fd9000	0x00033000	0x4a5bc117	13/07/2009 23:19:51						
ataport.SYS		fffff880`00dd1000	fffff880`00dfb000	0x0002a000	0x4a5bc118	13/07/2009 23:19:52						
WDFLDR.SYS		fffff880`00f2d000	fffff880`00f3c000	0x0000f000	0x4a5bc11a	13/07/2009 23:19:54						
mountmgr.sys		fffff880`00dae000	fffff880`00dc8000	0x0001a000	0x4a5bc11a	13/07/2009 23:19:54						
cdrom.sys		fffff880`0192f000	fffff880`01959000	0x0002a000	0x4a5bc11a	13/07/2009 23:19:54						
CLFS.SYS		fffff880`00c90000	fffff880`00cee000	0x0005e000	0x4a5bc11d	13/07/2009 23:19:57						
volmgr.sys		fffff880`00e00000	fffff880`00e15000	0x00015000	0x4a5bc11d	13/07/2009 23:19:57						
disk.sys		fffff880`0189f000	fffff880`018b5000	0x00016000	0x4a5bc11d	13/07/2009 23:19:57						
i8042prt.sys		fffff880`04153000	fffff880`04171000	0x0001e000	0x4a5bc11d	13/07/2009 23:19:57						
partmgr.sys		fffff880`00fe6000	fffff880`00ffb000	0x00015000	0x4a5bc11e	13/07/2009 23:19:58						
CLASSPNP.SYS		fffff880`018b5000	fffff880`018e5000	0x00030000	0x4a5bc11e	13/07/2009 23:19:58						
fltmgr.sys		fffff880`010d5000	fffff880`01121000	0x0004c000	0x4a5bc11f	13/07/2009 23:19:59						
volsnap.sys		fffff880`01073000	fffff880`010bf000	0x0004c000	0x4a5bc128	13/07/2009 23:20:08						
volmgrx.sys		fffff880`00e15000	fffff880`00e71000	0x0005c000	0x4a5bc141	13/07/2009 23:20:33						
Ntfs.sys		fffff880`01202000	fffff880`013a5000	0x001a3000	0x4a5bc14f	13/07/2009 23:20:47						
ksecdd.sys		fffff880`013a5000	fffff880`013bf000	0x0001a000	0x4a5bc156	13/07/2009 23:20:54						
nsiproxy.sys		fffff880`03ed8000	fffff880`03ee4000	0x0000c000	0x4a5bc15e	13/07/2009 23:21:02						
fwpkclnt.sys		fffff880`01594000	fffff880`015de000	0x0004a000	0x4a5bc164	13/07/2009 23:21:08						
tdx.sys		fffff880`01800000	fffff880`0181e000	0x0001e000	0x4a5bc16b	13/07/2009 23:21:15						
TDI.SYS		fffff880`0181e000	fffff880`0182b000	0x0000d000	0x4a5bc16e	13/07/2009 23:21:18						
netbt.sys		fffff880`02c95000	fffff880`02cda000	0x00045000	0x4a5bc178	13/07/2009 23:21:28						
msrpc.sys		fffff880`01135000	fffff880`01193000	0x0005e000	0x4a5bc17c	13/07/2009 23:21:32						
ndis.sys		fffff880`01417000	fffff880`01509000	0x000f2000	0x4a5bc184	13/07/2009 23:21:40						
afd.sys		fffff880`02cda000	fffff880`02d64000	0x0008a000	0x4a5bc184	13/07/2009 23:21:40						
NETIO.SYS		fffff880`01509000	fffff880`01569000	0x00060000	0x4a5bc18a	13/07/2009 23:21:46						
dump_dumpfve.sys		fffff880`02b37000	fffff880`02b4a000	0x00013000	0x4a5bc18f	13/07/2009 23:21:51						
Wdf01000.sys		fffff880`00e89000	fffff880`00f2d000	0x000a4000	0x4a5bc19f	13/07/2009 23:22:07						
HTTP.sys		fffff880`05efb000	fffff880`05fc3000	0x000c8000	0x4a5bc1a8	13/07/2009 23:22:16						
dfsc.sys		fffff880`03f81000	fffff880`03f9f000	0x0001e000	0x4a5bc200	13/07/2009 23:23:44						
mup.sys		fffff880`01400000	fffff880`01412000	0x00012000	0x4a5bc201	13/07/2009 23:23:45						
bowser.sys		fffff880`05fc3000	fffff880`05fe1000	0x0001e000	0x4a5bc206	13/07/2009 23:23:50						
rdbss.sys		fffff880`03e87000	fffff880`03ed8000	0x00051000	0x4a5bc219	13/07/2009 23:24:09						
csc.sys		fffff880`03efe000	fffff880`03f81000	0x00083000	0x4a5bc22a	13/07/2009 23:24:26						
luafv.sys		fffff880`02b4a000	fffff880`02b6d000	0x00023000	0x4a5bc295	13/07/2009 23:26:13						
mssmbios.sys		fffff880`03ee4000	fffff880`03eef000	0x0000b000	0x4a5bc3be	13/07/2009 23:31:10						
fileinfo.sys		fffff880`01121000	fffff880`01135000	0x00014000	0x4a5bc481	13/07/2009 23:34:25						
rdyboost.sys		fffff880`01193000	fffff880`011cd000	0x0003a000	0x4a5bc48a	13/07/2009 23:34:34						
blbdrive.sys		fffff880`03f9f000	fffff880`03fb0000	0x00011000	0x4a5bc4df	13/07/2009 23:35:59						
discache.sys		fffff880`03eef000	fffff880`03efe000	0x0000f000	0x4a5bc52e	13/07/2009 23:37:18						
watchdog.sys		fffff880`019ab000	fffff880`019bb000	0x00010000	0x4a5bc53f	13/07/2009 23:37:35						
Dxapi.sys		fffff880`04200000	fffff880`0420c000	0x0000c000	0x4a5bc574	13/07/2009 23:38:28						
dxgmms1.sys		fffff880`10b8d000	fffff880`10bd3000	0x00046000	0x4a5bc578	13/07/2009 23:38:32						
vga.sys		fffff880`01978000	fffff880`01986000	0x0000e000	0x4a5bc587	13/07/2009 23:38:47						
VIDEOPRT.SYS		fffff880`01986000	fffff880`019ab000	0x00025000	0x4a5bc58b	13/07/2009 23:38:51						
monitor.sys		fffff880`0420c000	fffff880`0421a000	0x0000e000	0x4a5bc58c	13/07/2009 23:38:52						
vmstorfl.sys		fffff880`015de000	fffff880`015ee000	0x00010000	0x4a5bc67e	13/07/2009 23:42:54						
cng.sys		fffff880`01000000	fffff880`01073000	0x00073000	0x4a5bc814	13/07/2009 23:49:40						
Beep.SYS		fffff880`01971000	fffff880`01978000	0x00007000	0x4a5bca8d	14/07/2009 00:00:13						
swenum.sys		fffff880`041e2000	fffff880`041e3480	0x00001480	0x4a5bca92	14/07/2009 00:00:18						
ksthunk.sys		fffff880`043d3000	fffff880`043d8200	0x00005200	0x4a5bca93	14/07/2009 00:00:19						
mouhid.sys		fffff880`059f1000	fffff880`059fe000	0x0000d000	0x4a5bca94	14/07/2009 00:00:20						
serenum.sys		fffff880`04180000	fffff880`0418c000	0x0000c000	0x4a5bcaa1	14/07/2009 00:00:33						
CompositeBus.sys		fffff880`0418c000	fffff880`0419c000	0x00010000	0x4a5bcaa1	14/07/2009 00:00:33						
serial.sys		fffff880`02da2000	fffff880`02dbf000	0x0001d000	0x4a5bcaa8	14/07/2009 00:00:40						
crashdmp.sys		fffff880`02b14000	fffff880`02b22000	0x0000e000	0x4a5bcabd	14/07/2009 00:01:01						
vdrvroot.sys		fffff880`00fd9000	fffff880`00fe6000	0x0000d000	0x4a5bcadb	14/07/2009 00:01:31						
WudfPf.sys		fffff880`02b6d000	fffff880`02b8e000	0x00021000	0x4a5bcbd1	14/07/2009 00:05:37						
WUDFRd.sys		fffff880`069a7000	fffff880`069d8000	0x00031000	0x4a5bcbee	14/07/2009 00:06:06						
HDAudBus.sys		fffff880`10bd3000	fffff880`10bf7000	0x00024000	0x4a5bcbf5	14/07/2009 00:06:13						
HIDPARSE.SYS		fffff880`059e6000	fffff880`059ee080	0x00008080	0x4a5bcbf9	14/07/2009 00:06:17						
STREAM.SYS		fffff880`02ae8000	fffff880`02af8d00	0x00010d00	0x4a5bcbfa	14/07/2009 00:06:18						
HIDCLASS.SYS		fffff880`059cd000	fffff880`059e6000	0x00019000	0x4a5bcbfd	14/07/2009 00:06:21						
hidusb.sys		fffff880`059bf000	fffff880`059cd000	0x0000e000	0x4a5bcbfe	14/07/2009 00:06:22						
USBD.SYS		fffff880`059ef000	fffff880`059f0f00	0x00001f00	0x4a5bcbff	14/07/2009 00:06:23						
usbuhci.sys		fffff880`03e3c000	fffff880`03e49000	0x0000d000	0x4a5bcc03	14/07/2009 00:06:27						
portcls.sys		fffff880`04374000	fffff880`043b1000	0x0003d000	0x4a5bcc03	14/07/2009 00:06:27						
usbehci.sys		fffff880`040f6000	fffff880`04107000	0x00011000	0x4a5bcc06	14/07/2009 00:06:30						
USBPORT.SYS		fffff880`040a0000	fffff880`040f6000	0x00056000	0x4a5bcc07	14/07/2009 00:06:31						
usbaudio.sys		fffff880`02af9000	fffff880`02b13c00	0x0001ac00	0x4a5bcc07	14/07/2009 00:06:31						
USBSTOR.SYS		fffff880`05800000	fffff880`0581b000	0x0001b000	0x4a5bcc0a	14/07/2009 00:06:34						
usbccgp.sys		fffff880`0422d000	fffff880`0424a000	0x0001d000	0x4a5bcc15	14/07/2009 00:06:45						
umbus.sys		fffff880`042d0000	fffff880`042e2000	0x00012000	0x4a5bcc20	14/07/2009 00:06:56						
usbhub.sys		fffff880`042e2000	fffff880`0433c000	0x0005a000	0x4a5bcc2d	14/07/2009 00:07:09						
mpsdrv.sys		fffff880`05fe1000	fffff880`05ff9000	0x00018000	0x4a5bcc79	14/07/2009 00:08:25						
lltdio.sys		fffff880`02bb1000	fffff880`02bc6000	0x00015000	0x4a5bcc92	14/07/2009 00:08:50						
rspndr.sys		fffff880`02bc6000	fffff880`02bde000	0x00018000	0x4a5bcc92	14/07/2009 00:08:50						
irda.sys		fffff880`02b8e000	fffff880`02bb1000	0x00023000	0x4a5bcc9d	14/07/2009 00:09:01						
wfplwf.sys		fffff880`02d64000	fffff880`02d6d000	0x00009000	0x4a5bccb6	14/07/2009 00:09:26						
netbios.sys		fffff880`02d93000	fffff880`02da2000	0x0000f000	0x4a5bccb6	14/07/2009 00:09:26						
tunnel.sys		fffff880`03e00000	fffff880`03e26000	0x00026000	0x4a5bccc1	14/07/2009 00:09:37						
pacer.sys		fffff880`02d6d000	fffff880`02d93000	0x00026000	0x4a5bccc5	14/07/2009 00:09:41						
tcpipreg.sys		fffff880`065b4000	fffff880`065c6000	0x00012000	0x4a5bcccd	14/07/2009 00:09:49						
ndistapi.sys		fffff880`041d6000	fffff880`041e2000	0x0000c000	0x4a5bccd8	14/07/2009 00:10:00						
NDProxy.SYS		fffff880`0433c000	fffff880`04351000	0x00015000	0x4a5bccdd	14/07/2009 00:10:05						
rasl2tp.sys		fffff880`041b2000	fffff880`041d6000	0x00024000	0x4a5bcce3	14/07/2009 00:10:11						
ndiswan.sys		fffff880`04000000	fffff880`0402f000	0x0002f000	0x4a5bcce3	14/07/2009 00:10:11						
raspppoe.sys		fffff880`0402f000	fffff880`0404a000	0x0001b000	0x4a5bcce9	14/07/2009 00:10:17						
raspptp.sys		fffff880`0404a000	fffff880`0406b000	0x00021000	0x4a5bccea	14/07/2009 00:10:18						
wanarp.sys		fffff880`02dbf000	fffff880`02dda000	0x0001b000	0x4a5bcced	14/07/2009 00:10:21						
AgileVpn.sys		fffff880`0419c000	fffff880`041b2000	0x00016000	0x4a5bccf0	14/07/2009 00:10:24						
rassstp.sys		fffff880`0406b000	fffff880`04085000	0x0001a000	0x4a5bccf1	14/07/2009 00:10:25						
RDPCDD.sys		fffff880`019bb000	fffff880`019c4000	0x00009000	0x4a5bce62	14/07/2009 00:16:34						
rdpencdd.sys		fffff880`019c4000	fffff880`019cd000	0x00009000	0x4a5bce62	14/07/2009 00:16:34						
rdprefmp.sys		fffff880`019cd000	fffff880`019d6000	0x00009000	0x4a5bce63	14/07/2009 00:16:35						
termdd.sys		fffff880`02dda000	fffff880`02dee000	0x00014000	0x4a5bce64	14/07/2009 00:16:36						
rdpbus.sys		fffff880`04085000	fffff880`04090000	0x0000b000	0x4a5bceaa	14/07/2009 00:17:46						
peauth.sys		fffff880`06465000	fffff880`0650b000	0x000a6000	0x4a5bd8df	14/07/2009 01:01:19						
drmk.sys		fffff880`043b1000	fffff880`043d3000	0x00022000	0x4a5bd8e5	14/07/2009 01:01:25						
hal.dll		fffff800`0321c000	fffff800`03265000	0x00049000	0x4a5bdf08	14/07/2009 01:27:36						
mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll		fffff880`00c38000	fffff880`00c7c000	0x00044000	0x4a5bdf66	14/07/2009 01:29:10						
kdcom.dll		fffff800`00ba9000	fffff800`00bb3000	0x0000a000	0x4a5bdfdb	14/07/2009 01:31:07						
CI.dll		fffff880`00cee000	fffff880`00dae000	0x000c0000	0x4a5be01d	14/07/2009 01:32:13						
PSHED.dll		fffff880`00c7c000	fffff880`00c90000	0x00014000	0x4a5be027	14/07/2009 01:32:23						
xusb21.sys		fffff880`0421a000	fffff880`0422c100	0x00012100	0x4a848f49	13/08/2009 22:10:17						
Rt64win7.sys		fffff880`04114000	fffff880`04153000	0x0003f000	0x4a8d7432	20/08/2009 16:05:06						
viahduaa.sys		fffff880`05820000	fffff880`059bf000	0x0019f000	0x4ab217af	17/09/2009 11:04:15						
fvevol.sys		fffff880`01865000	fffff880`0189f000	0x0003a000	0x4abd7db2	26/09/2009 02:34:26						
dxgkrnl.sys		fffff880`10a99000	fffff880`10b8d000	0x000f4000	0x4ac5509e	02/10/2009 01:00:14						
ksecpkg.sys		fffff880`01569000	fffff880`01594000	0x0002b000	0x4b21e0b4	11/12/2009 06:03:32
I suggest go to your motherboard manufacturers website and get the latest drivers and google any other third party devices you are using ?

The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference
Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads

let us know how you get on
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10 Nov 2010   #3

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Cerveaux View Post
I just upgraded my RAM with 4gb identical RAM for a total of 8gb RAM. Here it is:

Corsair XMS3 TW3X4G1333C9AG 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM - - PC10666, 1333MHz, 4096MB (2x 2048MB), 240 Pin, Dual-Channel at

I get a BSOD when playing video games now, specifically FFXIV and L4D2. I've gotten the BSOD once at shutdown as well. I'm hoping its just a timing issue or something and that I don't have to reinstall my OS.

Here is my most recent .dmp file

Thanks for any and all help.
These were caused by your video driver. I would re-install it using these directions.

When upgrading your graphic driver you MUST remove all traces of the current driver. In order to do that we recommend using Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

When it is removed then download and install the fresh copy.

Just to be sure I would run memtest to test the new and old memory together

Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program. Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.

Just remember, any time Memtest reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad motherboard slot. Test the sticks individually, and if you find a good one, test it in all slots.


edit: BTW there is one slightly old driver that should be updated.
PAC7302.SYS        fffff880`02ae8000    0x00087000    4/27/2009 21:07:52            0x49f664f8    fffff880`02a61000

With some further review leftfordead2 caused a memory exception causing the video driver to fail see snapshot.

My System SpecsSystem Spec

10 Nov 2010   #4

64 Ultimate

I had another BSOD, this time with FFXIV.

Thanks so far. I updated Windows with some 'important updates' and this time L4D2 ran fine. I fired up FFXIV and it crashed. Its weird because FFXIV ran fine in windowed mode, but once in fullscreen it goofed up. Let me know if you want that .dmp file.

I'm going to try the video card and memtest suggestions tomorrow. And then the slot-switching after. Kind of a bummer dog.

If everything fails, RMA. I'll keep you posted.
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10 Nov 2010   #5

64 Ultimate

My memory, even though its the same brand, it was purchased at 4gb increments about two months apart from each other.

So two sticks say ver3.1 and two sticks say ver5.2.

Should that matter?
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10 Nov 2010   #6

win7 ultimate / virtual box

have you tried unninstalling AVG ?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Nov 2010   #7

64 Ultimate

Nah, I did everything else. I ran memtest finally and no errors for 20 minutes (not that its a full test but I'm impatient).

At this point I'm fairly confident it may have been a video card issue. My driver was old and apparently the new one had a lot of fixes. My PC has only been on long enough to write this post but, so far so good.

I'll keep everyone posted.
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11 Nov 2010   #8

64 Ultimate

Its fixed. It was a driver issue.

How do I return the favor? Is there a place to donate?
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