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Windows 7: BSOD Stop 0x44 and 0x116 Errors

20 Sep 2011   #1

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
BSOD Stop 0x44 and 0x116 Errors

Hello all,

I'm hoping that someone with better trained eyes can take a look at these issues and help me get these errors fixed.

The Stop 0x44 error happens randomly. Once it happened when I was in the middle of playing Limbo, another time it happened when using Windows Media Center, and it's happened even when the computer isn't being used at all (possibly while even in sleep mode). My PC is a brand new build, not even 2 weeks old yet, so a couple days ago I decided to reformat and reinstall Windows to see if that alleviated the problem. It didn't, which leads me to believe that it's a hardware issue but I can't figure out which component of the hardware is at fault, if any. I ran BlueScreenView which says the problem is caused by USBPORT.SYS+286d6 but I don't know exactly what that means, although it does lead me to believe that the issue is, sadly, hardware related.

A separate error, Stop 0x116, happened only once when the PC was updating the Windows Experience Index score. I haven't run WEI again for fear of getting the same error. Could it be related to the 0x44 error above?

My system specs:
Intel Core i7 2600
Intel DH67GDB3 Micro ATX LGA 1155
Patriot Gamer 2 Series 2x4GB DDR3-1333
OCZ Solid 3 60GB SSD [boot drive]
Western Digital Caviar Green 500GB 5400RPM HDD
Verbatim 2TB USB 2.0 External HDD
Galaxy GeForce 560 Ti 1GB
Corsair Builder Series CX600 V2 600W ATX12V
LG BH10LS30 Blu-ray Writer
Silverstone GD05B MicroATX HTPC
AZiO BTD-V201 Micro Bluetooth Adapter USB 2.0
Koutech IO-RC523 All-in-one USB 2.0 Card Reader
KWorld UB435-Q USB TV Tuner x2
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Thank you very much for any advice given.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Sep 2011   #2

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hi Dean,

The latest dump shows that its related to your video driver from nvidia first I would update that by removing the old driver first with driver sweeper:
After install of driver sweeper boot in to safe mode and run the program from there and check the box for nvidia and then analyze and then clean and then reboot back into windows into normal mode. From there go ahead and install the latest drivers from nvidia for your graphics card: NVIDIA DRIVERS 280.26 WHQL

Your first minidump is from your chipset drivers to your motherboard that need to be updated so go to intel and select the correct chipset drivers for your board and download them and install them:

I would go ahead and update all your driver on your computer. I don't believe you have faulty hardware just outdated drivers if you still have problems after updating the drivers then we can dig a little deeper but hopefully that won't be necessary.

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [D:\Downloads\deanhatescoffee\Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2\091911-6271-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*F:\SymCache*
Executable search path is: 
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (8 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7601.17640.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02e4a000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`0308f670
Debug session time: Mon Sep 19 17:50:23.975 2011 (UTC - 6:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 1:17:02.738
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 116, {fffffa800684b390, fffff8800fad5fa4, ffffffffc000009a, 4}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+7fefa4 )

Followup: MachineOwner

7: kd> !analyze -v
*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa800684b390, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff8800fad5fa4, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: ffffffffc000009a, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000004, Optional internal context dependent data.

Debugging Details:

fffff880`0fad5fa4 4883ec28        sub     rsp,28h






fffff880`047e3a48 fffff880`03f23000 : 00000000`00000116 fffffa80`0684b390 fffff880`0fad5fa4 ffffffff`c000009a : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`047e3a50 fffff880`03ef6867 : fffff880`0fad5fa4 fffffa80`096ca000 00000000`00000000 ffffffff`c000009a : dxgkrnl!TdrBugcheckOnTimeout+0xec
fffff880`047e3a90 fffff880`03f22e0f : fffffa80`ffffd84d ffffffff`fffe7960 fffffa80`0684b390 00000000`00000000 : dxgkrnl!DXGADAPTER::Reset+0x2a3
fffff880`047e3b40 fffff880`03ff1ec1 : fffffa80`09c11010 00000000`00000080 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`0966c410 : dxgkrnl!TdrResetFromTimeout+0x23
fffff880`047e3bc0 fffff800`03161fee : 00000000`011e759f fffffa80`092aea10 fffffa80`0656b040 fffffa80`092aea10 : dxgmms1!VidSchiWorkerThread+0x101
fffff880`047e3c00 fffff800`02eb85e6 : fffff800`0303ce80 fffffa80`092aea10 fffff800`0304acc0 fffff880`01254384 : nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x5a
fffff880`047e3c40 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KxStartSystemThread+0x16

STACK_COMMAND:  .bugcheck ; kb

fffff880`0fad5fa4 4883ec28        sub     rsp,28h

SYMBOL_NAME:  nvlddmkm+7fefa4

FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner

MODULE_NAME: nvlddmkm

IMAGE_NAME:  nvlddmkm.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x116_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys

BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x116_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys

Followup: MachineOwner

7: kd> lmtsmn
start             end                 module name
fffff880`0ff93000 fffff880`0ffd1000   1394ohci 1394ohci.sys Sat Nov 20 03:44:56 2010 (4CE7A6A8)
fffff880`00f5b000 fffff880`00fb2000   ACPI     ACPI.sys     Sat Nov 20 02:19:16 2010 (4CE79294)
fffff880`01400000 fffff880`01489000   afd      afd.sys      Sun Apr 24 20:33:58 2011 (4DB4DD96)
fffff880`0f200000 fffff880`0f216000   AgileVpn AgileVpn.sys Mon Jul 13 18:10:24 2009 (4A5BCCF0)
fffff880`0104e000 fffff880`01059000   amdxata  amdxata.sys  Fri Mar 19 10:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA)
fffff880`01000000 fffff880`01009000   atapi    atapi.sys    Mon Jul 13 17:19:47 2009 (4A5BC113)
fffff880`01009000 fffff880`01033000   ataport  ataport.SYS  Sat Nov 20 02:19:15 2010 (4CE79293)
fffff880`045e6000 fffff880`045ed000   Beep     Beep.SYS     Mon Jul 13 18:00:13 2009 (4A5BCA8D)
fffff880`02f0c000 fffff880`02f1d000   blbdrive blbdrive.sys Mon Jul 13 17:35:59 2009 (4A5BC4DF)
fffff880`0507b000 fffff880`05099000   bowser   bowser.sys   Tue Feb 22 21:55:04 2011 (4D649328)
fffff880`05fcb000 fffff880`05fdb000   BthEnum  BthEnum.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:06:52 2009 (4A5BCC1C)
fffff880`05fdb000 fffff880`05ffb000   bthpan   bthpan.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:07:00 2009 (4A5BCC24)
fffff880`05842000 fffff880`058ce000   bthport  bthport.sys  Wed Apr 27 21:55:07 2011 (4DB8E51B)
fffff880`050b1000 fffff880`050c9000   BTHUSB   BTHUSB.sys   Wed Apr 27 21:54:56 2011 (4DB8E510)
fffff960`007a0000 fffff960`007c7000   cdd      cdd.dll      unavailable (00000000)
fffff880`04582000 fffff880`045ac000   cdrom    cdrom.sys    Sat Nov 20 02:19:20 2010 (4CE79298)
fffff880`00c00000 fffff880`00cc0000   CI       CI.dll       Sat Nov 20 06:12:36 2010 (4CE7C944)
fffff880`02fa4000 fffff880`02fb6000   circlass circlass.sys Mon Jul 13 18:06:34 2009 (4A5BCC0A)
fffff880`01816000 fffff880`01846000   CLASSPNP CLASSPNP.SYS Sat Nov 20 02:19:23 2010 (4CE7929B)
fffff880`00d53000 fffff880`00db1000   CLFS     CLFS.SYS     Mon Jul 13 17:19:57 2009 (4A5BC11D)
fffff880`01556000 fffff880`015c8000   cng      cng.sys      Sat Nov 20 03:08:45 2010 (4CE79E2D)
fffff880`0ffee000 fffff880`0fffe000   CompositeBus CompositeBus.sys Sat Nov 20 03:33:17 2010 (4CE7A3ED)
fffff880`05f97000 fffff880`05f9f000   cpuiox64 cpuiox64.sys Tue Aug 10 13:38:37 2010 (4C61AABD)
fffff880`05350000 fffff880`0535e000   crashdmp crashdmp.sys Mon Jul 13 18:01:01 2009 (4A5BCABD)
fffff880`02eee000 fffff880`02f0c000   dfsc     dfsc.sys     Sat Nov 20 02:26:31 2010 (4CE79447)
fffff880`02edf000 fffff880`02eee000   discache discache.sys Mon Jul 13 17:37:18 2009 (4A5BC52E)
fffff880`01800000 fffff880`01816000   disk     disk.sys     Mon Jul 13 17:19:57 2009 (4A5BC11D)
fffff880`04cd7000 fffff880`04cf9000   drmk     drmk.sys     Mon Jul 13 19:01:25 2009 (4A5BD8E5)
fffff880`0535e000 fffff880`05371000   dump_dumpfve dump_dumpfve.sys Mon Jul 13 17:21:51 2009 (4A5BC18F)
fffff880`04419000 fffff880`0456d000   dump_iaStor dump_iaStor.sys Mon Sep 13 19:23:32 2010 (4C8ECE94)
fffff880`05344000 fffff880`05350000   Dxapi    Dxapi.sys    Mon Jul 13 17:38:28 2009 (4A5BC574)
fffff880`03ec6000 fffff880`03fba000   dxgkrnl  dxgkrnl.sys  Sat Nov 20 02:50:50 2010 (4CE799FA)
fffff880`03fba000 fffff880`04000000   dxgmms1  dxgmms1.sys  Sat Nov 20 02:49:53 2010 (4CE799C1)
fffff880`03e35000 fffff880`03e84000   e1c62x64 e1c62x64.sys Tue Sep 21 15:34:15 2010 (4C9924D7)
fffff880`01059000 fffff880`0106d000   fileinfo fileinfo.sys Mon Jul 13 17:34:25 2009 (4A5BC481)
fffff880`00db1000 fffff880`00dfd000   fltmgr   fltmgr.sys   Sat Nov 20 02:19:24 2010 (4CE7929C)
fffff880`015d9000 fffff880`015e3000   Fs_Rec   Fs_Rec.sys   Mon Jul 13 17:19:45 2009 (4A5BC111)
fffff880`01bbf000 fffff880`01bf9000   fvevol   fvevol.sys   Sat Nov 20 02:24:06 2010 (4CE793B6)
fffff880`01ab9000 fffff880`01b03000   fwpkclnt fwpkclnt.sys Sat Nov 20 02:21:37 2010 (4CE79321)
fffff800`02e01000 fffff800`02e4a000   hal      hal.dll      Sat Nov 20 06:00:25 2010 (4CE7C669)
fffff880`03e00000 fffff880`03e24000   HDAudBus HDAudBus.sys Sat Nov 20 03:43:42 2010 (4CE7A65E)
fffff880`03e24000 fffff880`03e35000   HECIx64  HECIx64.sys  Tue Oct 19 17:33:43 2010 (4CBE2AD7)
fffff880`05011000 fffff880`0502a000   HIDCLASS HIDCLASS.SYS Sat Nov 20 03:43:49 2010 (4CE7A665)
fffff880`05000000 fffff880`05011000   hidir    hidir.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:06:23 2009 (4A5BCBFF)
fffff880`0502a000 fffff880`05032080   HIDPARSE HIDPARSE.SYS Mon Jul 13 18:06:17 2009 (4A5BCBF9)
fffff880`059a3000 fffff880`059b1000   hidusb   hidusb.sys   Sat Nov 20 03:43:49 2010 (4CE7A665)
fffff880`04cff000 fffff880`04dc8000   HTTP     HTTP.sys     Sat Nov 20 02:24:30 2010 (4CE793CE)
fffff880`01bb6000 fffff880`01bbf000   hwpolicy hwpolicy.sys Sat Nov 20 02:18:54 2010 (4CE7927E)
fffff880`010a4000 fffff880`011f8000   iaStor   iaStor.sys   Mon Sep 13 19:23:32 2010 (4C8ECE94)
fffff880`0ffd8000 fffff880`0ffee000   intelppm intelppm.sys Mon Jul 13 17:19:25 2009 (4A5BC0FD)
fffff880`0ffd1000 fffff880`0ffd7f80   intelsmb intelsmb.sys Tue Jun 08 21:00:12 2010 (4C0F03BC)
fffff880`02f43000 fffff880`02f52000   kbdclass kbdclass.sys Mon Jul 13 17:19:50 2009 (4A5BC116)
fffff880`05033000 fffff880`05041000   kbdhid   kbdhid.sys   Sat Nov 20 03:33:25 2010 (4CE7A3F5)
fffff800`00b9d000 fffff800`00ba7000   kdcom    kdcom.dll    Sat Feb 05 09:52:49 2011 (4D4D8061)
fffff880`02f61000 fffff880`02fa4000   ks       ks.sys       Sat Nov 20 03:33:23 2010 (4CE7A3F3)
fffff880`0153b000 fffff880`01556000   ksecdd   ksecdd.sys   Sat Nov 20 02:21:15 2010 (4CE7930B)
fffff880`01780000 fffff880`017ab000   ksecpkg  ksecpkg.sys  Sat Nov 20 03:10:34 2010 (4CE79E9A)
fffff880`04cf9000 fffff880`04cfe200   ksthunk  ksthunk.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:00:19 2009 (4A5BCA93)
fffff880`0504e000 fffff880`05063000   lltdio   lltdio.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:08:50 2009 (4A5BCC92)
fffff880`0537f000 fffff880`053a2000   luafv    luafv.sys    Mon Jul 13 17:26:13 2009 (4A5BC295)
fffff880`00cf0000 fffff880`00d3f000   mcupdate_GenuineIntel mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll Sat Nov 20 06:03:51 2010 (4CE7C737)
fffff880`05371000 fffff880`0537f000   monitor  monitor.sys  Mon Jul 13 17:38:52 2009 (4A5BC58C)
fffff880`02f52000 fffff880`02f61000   mouclass mouclass.sys Mon Jul 13 17:19:50 2009 (4A5BC116)
fffff880`05041000 fffff880`0504e000   mouhid   mouhid.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:00:20 2009 (4A5BCA94)
fffff880`00cc0000 fffff880`00cda000   mountmgr mountmgr.sys Sat Nov 20 02:19:21 2010 (4CE79299)
fffff880`045ac000 fffff880`045dd000   MpFilter MpFilter.sys Wed Apr 06 14:07:29 2011 (4D9CC801)
fffff880`059b1000 fffff880`059c1000   MpNWMon  MpNWMon.sys  Wed Apr 06 14:07:23 2011 (4D9CC7FB)
fffff880`05099000 fffff880`050b1000   mpsdrv   mpsdrv.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:08:25 2009 (4A5BCC79)
fffff880`04dc8000 fffff880`04df5000   mrxsmb   mrxsmb.sys   Tue Apr 26 20:40:38 2011 (4DB78226)
fffff880`04c00000 fffff880`04c4e000   mrxsmb10 mrxsmb10.sys Fri Jul 08 20:46:28 2011 (4E17C104)
fffff880`04c4e000 fffff880`04c72000   mrxsmb20 mrxsmb20.sys Tue Apr 26 20:39:37 2011 (4DB781E9)
fffff880`01033000 fffff880`0103e000   msahci   msahci.sys   Sat Nov 20 03:33:58 2010 (4CE7A416)
fffff880`0188b000 fffff880`01896000   Msfs     Msfs.SYS     Mon Jul 13 17:19:47 2009 (4A5BC113)
fffff880`00fbb000 fffff880`00fc5000   msisadrv msisadrv.sys Mon Jul 13 17:19:26 2009 (4A5BC0FE)
fffff880`014dd000 fffff880`0153b000   msrpc    msrpc.sys    Sat Nov 20 02:21:56 2010 (4CE79334)
fffff880`02ed4000 fffff880`02edf000   mssmbios mssmbios.sys Mon Jul 13 17:31:10 2009 (4A5BC3BE)
fffff880`01ba4000 fffff880`01bb6000   mup      mup.sys      Mon Jul 13 17:23:45 2009 (4A5BC201)
fffff880`0162d000 fffff880`01720000   ndis     ndis.sys     Sat Nov 20 02:23:30 2010 (4CE79392)
fffff880`0f23a000 fffff880`0f246000   ndistapi ndistapi.sys Mon Jul 13 18:10:00 2009 (4A5BCCD8)
fffff880`0f246000 fffff880`0f275000   ndiswan  ndiswan.sys  Sat Nov 20 03:52:32 2010 (4CE7A870)
fffff880`02fc8000 fffff880`02fdd000   NDProxy  NDProxy.SYS  Sat Nov 20 03:52:20 2010 (4CE7A864)
fffff880`01600000 fffff880`0160f000   netbios  netbios.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:09:26 2009 (4A5BCCB6)
fffff880`01489000 fffff880`014ce000   netbt    netbt.sys    Sat Nov 20 02:23:18 2010 (4CE79386)
fffff880`01720000 fffff880`01780000   NETIO    NETIO.SYS    Sat Nov 20 02:23:13 2010 (4CE79381)
fffff880`05f7f000 fffff880`05f97000   NisDrvWFP NisDrvWFP.sys Wed Apr 06 14:08:53 2011 (4D9CC855)
fffff880`01896000 fffff880`018a7000   Npfs     Npfs.SYS     Mon Jul 13 17:19:48 2009 (4A5BC114)
fffff880`02ec8000 fffff880`02ed4000   nsiproxy nsiproxy.sys Mon Jul 13 17:21:02 2009 (4A5BC15E)
fffff800`02e4a000 fffff800`03433000   nt       ntkrnlmp.exe Wed Jun 22 20:53:23 2011 (4E02AAA3)
fffff880`01241000 fffff880`013e4000   Ntfs     Ntfs.sys     Thu Mar 10 20:39:39 2011 (4D79997B)
fffff880`045dd000 fffff880`045e6000   Null     Null.SYS     Mon Jul 13 17:19:37 2009 (4A5BC109)
fffff880`02e5a000 fffff880`02e72000   nusb3hub nusb3hub.sys Thu Apr 22 19:34:35 2010 (4BD0F92B)
fffff880`03e95000 fffff880`03ec5000   nusb3xhc nusb3xhc.sys Thu Apr 22 19:34:36 2010 (4BD0F92C)
fffff880`01200000 fffff880`0122d000   nvhda64v nvhda64v.sys Tue May 10 03:41:18 2011 (4DC9083E)
fffff880`0f2d7000 fffff880`0ff3b000   nvlddmkm nvlddmkm.sys Wed Aug 03 03:08:32 2011 (4E391010)
fffff880`058ce000 fffff880`058d5000   osaio    osaio.sys    Wed Feb 14 02:20:09 2007 (45D2D449)
fffff880`017d6000 fffff880`017fc000   pacer    pacer.sys    Sat Nov 20 03:52:18 2010 (4CE7A862)
fffff880`00e0d000 fffff880`00e22000   partmgr  partmgr.sys  Sat Nov 20 02:20:00 2010 (4CE792C0)
fffff880`00fc5000 fffff880`00ff8000   pci      pci.sys      Sat Nov 20 02:19:11 2010 (4CE7928F)
fffff880`0103e000 fffff880`0104e000   PCIIDEX  PCIIDEX.SYS  Mon Jul 13 17:19:48 2009 (4A5BC114)
fffff880`015c8000 fffff880`015d9000   pcw      pcw.sys      Mon Jul 13 17:19:27 2009 (4A5BC0FF)
fffff880`058d5000 fffff880`0597b000   peauth   peauth.sys   Mon Jul 13 19:01:19 2009 (4A5BD8DF)
fffff880`04c9a000 fffff880`04cd7000   portcls  portcls.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:06:27 2009 (4A5BCC03)
fffff880`00d3f000 fffff880`00d53000   PSHED    PSHED.dll    Mon Jul 13 19:32:23 2009 (4A5BE027)
fffff880`0f216000 fffff880`0f23a000   rasl2tp  rasl2tp.sys  Sat Nov 20 03:52:34 2010 (4CE7A872)
fffff880`0f275000 fffff880`0f290000   raspppoe raspppoe.sys Mon Jul 13 18:10:17 2009 (4A5BCCE9)
fffff880`0f290000 fffff880`0f2b1000   raspptp  raspptp.sys  Sat Nov 20 03:52:31 2010 (4CE7A86F)
fffff880`0f2b1000 fffff880`0f2cb000   rassstp  rassstp.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:10:25 2009 (4A5BCCF1)
fffff880`02e77000 fffff880`02ec8000   rdbss    rdbss.sys    Sat Nov 20 02:27:51 2010 (4CE79497)
fffff880`04410000 fffff880`04419000   RDPCDD   RDPCDD.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:16:34 2009 (4A5BCE62)
fffff880`01879000 fffff880`01882000   rdpencdd rdpencdd.sys Mon Jul 13 18:16:34 2009 (4A5BCE62)
fffff880`01882000 fffff880`0188b000   rdprefmp rdprefmp.sys Mon Jul 13 18:16:35 2009 (4A5BCE63)
fffff880`01b6a000 fffff880`01ba4000   rdyboost rdyboost.sys Sat Nov 20 02:43:10 2010 (4CE7982E)
fffff880`05f9f000 fffff880`05fcb000   rfcomm   rfcomm.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:06:56 2009 (4A5BCC20)
fffff880`05063000 fffff880`0507b000   rspndr   rspndr.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:08:50 2009 (4A5BCC92)
fffff880`050cd000 fffff880`05330800   RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Tue Oct 05 03:58:40 2010 (4CAAF6D0)
fffff880`0597b000 fffff880`05986000   secdrv   secdrv.SYS   Wed Sep 13 07:18:38 2006 (4508052E)
fffff880`01b57000 fffff880`01b6a000   Soluto   Soluto.sys   Mon Feb 14 05:25:50 2011 (4D591F4E)
fffff880`01b4f000 fffff880`01b57000   spldr    spldr.sys    Mon May 11 10:56:27 2009 (4A0858BB)
fffff880`088df000 fffff880`08950000   spsys    spsys.sys    Mon May 11 11:20:58 2009 (4A085E7A)
fffff880`05edf000 fffff880`05f77000   srv      srv.sys      Thu Apr 28 21:06:06 2011 (4DBA2B1E)
fffff880`05e76000 fffff880`05edf000   srv2     srv2.sys     Thu Apr 28 21:05:46 2011 (4DBA2B0A)
fffff880`059c1000 fffff880`059f2000   srvnet   srvnet.sys   Thu Apr 28 21:05:35 2011 (4DBA2AFF)
fffff880`0f2cb000 fffff880`0f2cc480   swenum   swenum.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:00:18 2009 (4A5BCA92)
fffff880`018b5000 fffff880`01ab9000   tcpip    tcpip.sys    Mon Jun 20 21:33:55 2011 (4E001123)
fffff880`05800000 fffff880`05812000   tcpipreg tcpipreg.sys Sat Nov 20 03:51:48 2010 (4CE7A844)
fffff880`018a7000 fffff880`018b4000   TDI      TDI.SYS      Sat Nov 20 02:22:06 2010 (4CE7933E)
fffff880`017ab000 fffff880`017cd000   tdx      tdx.sys      Sat Nov 20 02:21:54 2010 (4CE79332)
fffff880`015e3000 fffff880`015f7000   termdd   termdd.sys   Sat Nov 20 04:03:40 2010 (4CE7AB0C)
fffff960`00430000 fffff960`0043a000   TSDDD    TSDDD.dll    unavailable (00000000)
fffff880`02f1d000 fffff880`02f43000   tunnel   tunnel.sys   Sat Nov 20 03:51:50 2010 (4CE7A846)
fffff880`02fb6000 fffff880`02fc8000   umbus    umbus.sys    Sat Nov 20 03:44:37 2010 (4CE7A695)
fffff880`05986000 fffff880`059a3000   usbccgp  usbccgp.sys  Thu Mar 24 21:29:14 2011 (4D8C0C0A)
fffff880`053de000 fffff880`053fd000   usbcir   usbcir.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:06:36 2009 (4A5BCC0C)
fffff880`0ff91000 fffff880`0ff92f00   USBD     USBD.SYS     Thu Mar 24 21:28:59 2011 (4D8C0BFB)
fffff880`03e84000 fffff880`03e95000   usbehci  usbehci.sys  Thu Mar 24 21:29:04 2011 (4D8C0C00)
fffff880`02e00000 fffff880`02e5a000   usbhub   usbhub.sys   Thu Mar 24 21:29:25 2011 (4D8C0C15)
fffff880`0ff3b000 fffff880`0ff91000   USBPORT  USBPORT.SYS  Thu Mar 24 21:29:12 2011 (4D8C0C08)
fffff880`053a2000 fffff880`053bd000   USBSTOR  USBSTOR.SYS  Thu Mar 10 21:37:16 2011 (4D79A6FC)
fffff880`00e00000 fffff880`00e0d000   vdrvroot vdrvroot.sys Mon Jul 13 18:01:31 2009 (4A5BCADB)
fffff880`045ed000 fffff880`045fb000   vga      vga.sys      Mon Jul 13 17:38:47 2009 (4A5BC587)
fffff880`01854000 fffff880`01879000   VIDEOPRT VIDEOPRT.SYS Mon Jul 13 17:38:51 2009 (4A5BC58B)
fffff880`00e22000 fffff880`00e37000   volmgr   volmgr.sys   Sat Nov 20 02:19:28 2010 (4CE792A0)
fffff880`00e37000 fffff880`00e93000   volmgrx  volmgrx.sys  Sat Nov 20 02:20:43 2010 (4CE792EB)
fffff880`01b03000 fffff880`01b4f000   volsnap  volsnap.sys  Sat Nov 20 02:20:08 2010 (4CE792C8)
fffff880`0160f000 fffff880`0162a000   wanarp   wanarp.sys   Sat Nov 20 03:52:36 2010 (4CE7A874)
fffff880`04400000 fffff880`04410000   watchdog watchdog.sys Mon Jul 13 17:37:35 2009 (4A5BC53F)
fffff880`00ea8000 fffff880`00f4c000   Wdf01000 Wdf01000.sys Mon Jul 13 17:22:07 2009 (4A5BC19F)
fffff880`00f4c000 fffff880`00f5b000   WDFLDR   WDFLDR.SYS   Mon Jul 13 17:19:54 2009 (4A5BC11A)
fffff880`017cd000 fffff880`017d6000   wfplwf   wfplwf.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:09:26 2009 (4A5BCCB6)
fffff960`00020000 fffff960`00333000   win32k   win32k.sys   unavailable (00000000)
fffff880`00fb2000 fffff880`00fbb000   WMILIB   WMILIB.SYS   Mon Jul 13 17:19:51 2009 (4A5BC117)
fffff880`053bd000 fffff880`053de000   WudfPf   WudfPf.sys   Sat Nov 20 03:42:44 2010 (4CE7A624)
fffff880`05e00000 fffff880`05e31000   WUDFRd   WUDFRd.sys   Sat Nov 20 03:43:32 2010 (4CE7A654)
fffff880`05331000 fffff880`05343100   xusb21   xusb21.sys   Thu Aug 13 16:10:17 2009 (4A848F49)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Sep 2011   #3

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Thanks Seth. I'll try this out as soon as I get home from work tonight.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

21 Sep 2011   #4

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Alrighty, I did exactly as described. I downloaded Driver Sweeper; rebooted into Safe Mode; uninstalled the Nvidia drivers via Driver Sweeper; rebooted into normal Windows; installed the newest Nvidia drivers; downloaded updated drivers from; installed the updated drivers (which consisted of LAN, Realtek audio, and USB 3.0 updates); and I went into Device Manager and checked for updates on every single item listed.

Seth, thanks again for your help. I guess we'll see within the next few days whether or not these steps resolved the issues. I was able to run WEI and it didn't crash, so that's a good start. :)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
21 Sep 2011   #5

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

That sounds good Dean, if any more troubles arise we will be more than happy to help.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Sep 2011   #6

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Everything was going great for a few days, until just now. I installed Rusty Hearts via Steam and let it sit on the title screen for a few minutes (the keyboard was too far away to register for an account and I'm lazy, and I was enjoying the rose petals [or blood?] flying by on the screen). Anyway, the computer locked up and rebooted, so my guess is that the video card is bad. I had turned all of the graphics all the way up to max settings but this is a GTX 560 Ti; Rusty Hearts can run on max settings on a 9800 GT.

Attached is the latest minidump which is, curiously, almost twice the size of the previous minidumps. Please take a look and let me know what you find! Thanks!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Sep 2011   #7

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I was thinking about this post and I realized that I should've explained more of why I think it's the video card. When I started up Rusty Hearts, I saw the GPU monitor jump up to 90 degrees Celsius right before it shut down. I tried this a few different times, all with the same results. I then tested NyxQuest and I was able to play that a bit longer, but the GPU still jumped up to 90C+ and then shut off.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Sep 2011   #8

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

It was the graphics card. I took it out and used the onboard graphics, and had no problems. Thanks for your help Seth.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Sep 2011   #9

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

NP Dean thanks for posting back..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 BSOD Stop 0x44 and 0x116 Errors

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