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Windows 7: BSOD Randomly, not sure of reason :/

12 Mar 2012   #51

64 bit ultimate

im gonna wait a few days andsee if i get it without daemon installed, then if i do ima reinstall windows.

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12 Mar 2012   #52

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Slider6996 View Post
Heres the results posted.

Attachment 202183

Attachment 202184

2 screenshots only?

You probably didn't run the GPU-Memtest, that test is the most important one.

Please run again the nvidia-video-card-test this time run the GPU-Memtest and dont stop the test\stress in 1 minune give it more time.

Then zip the result folder and upload it here.

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12 Mar 2012   #53

64 bit ultimate

i ran the GPU test for an hr then the mem test was done pretty quickly and i thought that was weird but ill run again in few and post em.
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12 Mar 2012   #54

64 bit ultimate

ok so i try to run the GPU mem test longer but no matter what number of passes i put it on, it dont last long at all, like 1-2 mins so, i know the gpu only 1 i ran for hr but the mem test dont go that long it seems but no errors were found regardless so just letting ya know.
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12 Mar 2012   #55

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1

Zip the occt result folder and upload it here.
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12 Mar 2012   #56

64 bit ultimate

here they are

i ran the mem test like 4 times but it always ended in like 3-4 mins
Attachment 202436
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13 Mar 2012   #57

64 bit ultimate

So far no BSOD but firefox is acting weird, like it will freeze/lock up real bad for few secs and seem to be laggy for few secs too. Also i was playing crysis 2 and didnt get a BSOD but the game just closed out and windows gave me that 1 error where it says it closed unexpectingly and to search for a problem online.

I did finally manage to figure out how to turn off the cpu auto OC feature in bios so my question is this, if that cpu auto OC feature is causing issues and system instability, does that mean the CPU is bad or the MB could possibly be bad? Cuz on the reviews on newegg of this MB the Asus P8P67 Deluxe REV 3.0, i did see alot of ppl complain about blue screen and some issues with it, im tempted to send back and RMA it if thats what it could be but i never seen anyone complain about the I7 intel 2600k yet so dont think it be CPU really.

Just curious of ur thoughts on this but ya so far no BSOD since yesterday, just weird errors with games and hangs now.
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13 Mar 2012   #58

64 bit ultimate

Ok so ran prime 95 and it was testing my CPU and this came up during test
It also said hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file but idk where thats at either.

FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4. This was on thread 7 it shows by the way so what could that mean exactly? My friend who told me to run this is zzz at the moment so curious what that means exactly if anyone knows.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
13 Mar 2012   #59

64 bit ultimate

OK so i havent had no BSODs in awhile but now i seem to have a new problem which i had while i had the BSOD but not nearly as bad. Now every single game i have installed will not run no longer than 5 mins if that...Ill be playing and it will freeze/crash out and windows will pop up saying Check online for solutions ect ect. The games in question are

Need for speed the run
Deus EX Human Revolution
Dirt 3
Driver sanfransico

Idk why but its getting pretty annoyed, combined with the fact i try to google the issues and firefox decides to wanna go on a crashing spree too, i got some patience but man, i almost kung fued whole pc off desk when firefox crashed while i was googling.

All games are up to date and i got latest drivers for GPU, OC is completly turned off cuz auto OC was on but i thought maybe it was that. Ive done every kinda stress test mem test there is and all come back clean so i just dont get what the problem is. Im almost to the point of taking pc completly apart and just sending it back in for refund and buying something pre built cuz i spent income tax ( 1700 and my first gaming rig ) to finally play some good pc games and i cant even enjoy that. My old alien ware laptop with a Geforce 7600 was more stable than this...sigh idk, i just dont know what to do anymore really and at a lost and down in the dumps cuz i cant do nada.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
13 Mar 2012   #60

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Slider6996 View Post
Ok so ran prime 95 and it was testing my CPU and this came up during test
It also said hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file but idk where thats at either.

FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4. This was on thread 7 it shows by the way so what could that mean exactly? My friend who told me to run this is zzz at the moment so curious what that means exactly if anyone knows.
stress.txt (Overclockers Australia Forums - View Single Post - Prime95 stress.txt file ???)


Today's computers are not perfect. Even brand new systems from major
manufacturers can have hidden flaws. If any of several key components such
as CPU, memory, cooling, etc. are not up to spec, it can lead to incorrect
calculations and/or unexplained system crashes.

Overclocking is the practice of increasing the speed of the CPU and/or
memory to make a machine faster at little cost. Typically, overclocking
involves pushing a machine past its limits and then backing off just a
little bit.

For these reasons, both non-overclockers and overclockers need programs
that test the stability of their computers. This is done by running
programs that put a heavy load on the computer. Though not originally
designed for this purpose, this program is one of a few programs that
are excellent at stress testing a computer.


This program is a good stress test for the CPU, memory, L1 and L2 caches,
CPU cooling, and case cooling. The torture test runs continuously, comparing
your computer's results to results that are known to be correct. Any
mismatch and you've got a problem! Note that the torture test sometimes
reads from and writes to disk but cannot be considered a stress test for
hard drives.

You'll need other programs to stress video cards, PCI bus, disk access,
networking and other important components. In addition, this is only one
of several good programs that are freely available. Some people report
finding problems only when running two or more stress test programs
concurrently. You may need to raise prime95's priority when running two
stress test programs so that each gets about 50% of the CPU time.

Forums are a great place to learn about available stability test programs
and to get advice on what to do when a problem is found.

The currently popular stability test programs are (sorry, I don't have
web addresses for these):
Prime95 (this program's torture test)
CPU Stability test
Sisoft sandra
Quake and other games

Several useful websites for help (look for overclocking community or forum):
Overclockers: The Performance Computing Community for Overclocking Hardware and How to Overclock Information
Ars Technica
HARDOCP - HardOCP Computer Hardware Reviews and News
Tom's Hardware: Hardware News, Tests and Reviews
PC Overclocking, Modding and Building | Sharky Extreme
Also try the alt.comp.hardware.overclocking Usenet newsgroup.

Utility programs you may find useful (I'm sure there are others - look around):
Motherboard monitor from - dowload music Resources and Information.
Memtest86 from - Memory Diagnostic
Cpuburn by redelm:
TaskInfo2002 from Iarsn - High Quality System Software


The exact cause of a hardware problem can be very hard to find.

If you are not overclocking, the most likely cause is an overheating CPU
or memory DIMMs that are not quite up to spec. Another possibility is
you might need a better power supply. Try running MotherBoard monitor
and browse the forums above to see if your CPU is running too hot.
If so, make sure the heat sink is properly attached, fans are operational,
and air flow inside the case is good. For isolating memory problems, try
swapping memory DIMMs with a co-worker's or friend's machine. If the errors
go away, then you can be fairly confidant that memory was the cause of
the trouble. A power supply problem can often be identified by a significant
drop in the voltages when prime95 starts running. Once again the overclocker
forums are a good resource for what voltages are acceptable.

If you are overclocking then try increasing the core voltage, reduce the
CPU speed, reduce the front side bus speed, or change the memory timings
(CAS latency). Also try asking for help in one of the forums above - they
may have other ideas to try.


Ignoring the problem is a matter of personal preference. There are
two schools of thought on this subject.

Most programs you run will not stress your computer enough to cause a
wrong result or system crash. If you ignore the problem, then video games
may stress your machine resulting in a system crash. Also, stay away from
distributed computing projects where an incorrect calculation might cause
you to return wrong results. Bad data will not help these projects!
In conclusion, if you are comfortable with a small risk of an occasional
system crash then feel free to live a little dangerously! Keep in mind
that the faster prime95 finds a hardware error the more likely it is that
other programs will experience problems.

The second school of thought is, "Why run a stress test if you are going
to ignore the results?" These people want a guaranteed 100% rock solid
machine. Passing these stability tests gives them the ability to run
CPU intensive programs with confidence.


Q) My machine is not overclocked. If I'm getting an error, then there must
be a bug in the program, right?

A) The torture test is comparing your machines results against
KNOWN CORRECT RESULTS. If your machine cannot generate correct
results, you have a hardware problem. HOWEVER, if you are failing
the torture test in the SAME SPOT with the SAME ERROR MESSAGE
every time, then ask for help at - it is
possible that a recent change to the torture test code may have
introduced a software bug.

Q) How long should I run the torture test?

A) I recommend running it for somewhere between 6 and 24 hours.
The program has been known to fail only after several hours and in
some cases several weeks of operation. In most cases though, it will
fail within a few minutes on a flaky machine.

Q) Prime95 reports errors during the torture test, but other stability
tests don't. Do I have a problem?

A) Yes, you've reached the point where your machine has been
pushed just beyond its limits. Follow the recommendations above
to make your machine 100% stable or decide to live with a
machine that could have problems in rare circumstances.

Q) A forum member said "Don't bother with prime95, it always pukes on me,
and my system is stable!. What do you make of that?"


"We had a server at work that ran for 2 MONTHS straight, without a reboot
I installed Prime95 on it and ran it - a couple minutes later I get an error.
You are going to tell me that the server wasn't stable?"

A) These users obviously do not subscribe to the 100% rock solid
But since they are not presently running any programs that reveal
the hardware problem, the machines are quite stable. As long as
these machines never run a program that uncovers the hardware problem,
then the machines will continue to be stable.
Hopefully that is helpful. It looks like you have a hardware problem, anyway. Need to narrow down which hardware.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 BSOD Randomly, not sure of reason :/

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