Windows Explorer crashing on right-click under x64 RTM

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    As soon as Chrome supports LastPass then Firefox is gone.

    Shame about the Windows Update, I was hoping it might have fixed things too.
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    Dazeon said:
    Well since I have also reported this issue to Microsoft, and they aren't having any either, I really don't know what to do.

    It is very odd that this never ever happened until I used the RTM build, which I have downloaded twice now from my Technet account.
    How hard to you have to work to repro the crash? In other words, if you were to deliberately try to trigger it, how long would it take? Once I have that info, I may be able to suggest a troubleshooting strategy which would grab the info we'd need to understand the crash.

    As an aside, Matti's response fails to address the key question of whether FF actually deposits code into the Explorer process. You don't have to be a kernel-mode component to do that; user-mode is sufficient, given the right privileges. However, from a quick look at the machine next to me, I can't see any obvious FF bits (currently) running under Explorer.exe.
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    Normally it happens once or twice a day, it's fairly random but there does seem to be several things which will trigger it.

    Sometimes it will happen when exiting Firefox, right-clicking on the desktop or Recycle Bin, browsing Control Panel, and generally browsing in Windows Explorer, usually whilst browsing my external USB drives where my music and video files are stored.

    I've noticed it happens more during the evening but I think that is simply when the computer is used most.

    Oddly it does not appear to affect the Guest account, however when I have tried creating a second account for myself, the problem persists.

    I am fairly disgusted at the response from Mozilla, I linked to this thread in my bug report and the guy had quite obviously not even taken the time to have a look.

    Here's several things I have done whilst trying to fix the issue:

    Two clean installs, both from seperate downloads of Windows 7 RTM.
    Removed MSE.
    Removed Spybot - Search & Destroy.
    Removed WinRAR.
    Removed my Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio card and drivers.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox.
    Created a new profile in Firefox.
    Created a new clean user account.
    Removed EVERY entry using ShellExView bar the Microsoft entries.
    Cleaned the Registry with CCleaner.
    Removed CCleaner.

    That's all I can think of for now but there's certainly a lot more things I have tried.

    Someone mentioned that the issue does not occur under Windows 7 Professional, however I use BitLocker so it isn't really an option.

    Microsoft say it's not Windows 7, and Mozilla claim (well that one guy does anyway) it's not Firefox.

    I really am ready to throw the towel in.
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    W7 RTM Ultimate x64

    If it comes down to it, try running an older version of FF, if it really IS FF 3.5, the problem should go away under an older version.
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    Dazeon said:
    I am fairly disgusted at the response from Mozilla, I linked to this thread in my bug report and the guy had quite obviously not even taken the time to have a look.

    Microsoft say it's not Windows 7, and Mozilla claim (well that one guy does anyway) it's not Firefox.

    I really am ready to throw the towel in.
    If you can go through this procedure...

    ... to generate a crash memory dump, someone here may be able to tell you why you're experiencing that crash. Obviously, in your case you may have to wait a while between attaching the debugger (steps 1-4) and seeing the crash (step 5). Should you have to log off or reboot before a crash happens, just reattach the debugger to the Explorer process (steps 1-4).

    As far as being disgusted with their response, they probably get 2.3E9 emails per day demanding satisfaction for everything from minor UI colour issues to metastatic mesothelioma due to use of their software - and the guy probably doesn't get paid for it either
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    Their software is crashing not ours.
    You can only crash IE as usermode application if you register multimedia codecs
    for the windows explorer (for the file preview) or if you add something to the
    context menu like winzip/7-Zip is doing. Firefox isn't doing anything of this,
    it only registers itself as default application for html files as http/https
    protocols if you choose that Firefox is the default application.
    (Did you try it with IE as default ?)
    No system files are replaced and Firefox doesn't put anything in the Windows
    dll search path.

    I don't know if a corrupt icon for a html file or the Firefox application would
    be able to crash the explorer but such a crash would be a consistent crash.

    Again, please report this to Microsoft, only they can find the reason why the
    explorer is crashing, we can not.
    I shall try using the debugger.

    I appreciate your point regarding the Mozilla response.
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    Windows 7 Professional x64

    Dazeon, have you tried a fresh install without FF3.5 installed?

    I also read a post somewhere that the culprit might be a combination of FF3 and Flash.

    This thing is s a bugger to track down. The only thing that I did differently was to switch to Windows 7 Pro and I haven't had an issue since. I realise you need Bitlocker but it might be worth trying a Pro install just to see if the issue persists.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

    I have the same issue. I'm on an install that is only about a week old and it has done it since day one. I have zero other issues, just explorer crashing and restarting just like the op. I am using firefox and flash too, the only other things I've installed at all are Adobe reader and flash, ccleaner, office 07, itunes, zune software and steam.

    Issue started on day one, which firefox and flash, adobe reader, and ccleaner were day one installs. Happened 4-5 times yesterday but not once today so far. Weird, but not killing me. No AV or security at all so it is not that. I also have an Nvidia card and not ATI like the OP.
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    I have been trying the debug procedure but everytime I follow the steps, I get as far as 'G' for go, the crash occurs, Windows Explorer restarts and WinDbg has frozen. I have tried leaving it for a good ten minutes just in case it was doing something funky, but mostly it is just completely locked up.

    I also have Adobe Reader, CCleaner, and Office (although I am now running 2010)

    I have just recently ditched iTunes and installed the Zune software.
    I'm 99% sure though it is not the Zune software as I have had this issue since RTM day 1 and only installed Zune around a day or two ago.

    My money is still on Firefox and possibly Flash.

    What, if any, codec pack are people using, that have confirmed this issue?
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    Finally, I managed to catch one...

    Can all you wonderful debugging experts take a look at this for me?

    Attachment 29901
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