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Windows 7: BSOD playing Starcraft 2, BCCode: 101

13 Apr 2012   #31
Vir Gnarus

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 64-bit

Nope, that is all. If you wish, you can turn Driver Verifier on but don't select Force Pending I/O Requests as one of the checks. Restart after setting things up and let DV run in the background until you crash again.

Though honestly, I (and yowanvista) really, really do think we're dealing with a CPU failure here. That or the other two that often show this: Motherboard and Power Supply. Either of those three can show up problems like this, though I'd blame the CPU first.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
13 Apr 2012   #32

windows 7 pro x64

now test are running 5hours - no errors (torture test)
And i leaving it for night (in poland is 22:50 so i check about 7:00 <- it will be 13,5 hours of testing)

After that i must go away to one day, so i can leave one more test, and my fiancee turn off it at evening.
So what test i should do next? DV without Force Pending IO?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
13 Apr 2012   #33

windows 7 pro x64

13h 16m ; 304 tests - 0 errors 0 warnings
My System SpecsSystem Spec

14 Apr 2012   #34

windows 7 pro x64

I ran DV witout force pending IO option and with Low Resource Simulation (i dont know i did it right)

and i gain blescreen:

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.2.8229.0 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\Minidump\041412-19312-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is: 
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7601.17640.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`03209000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`0344e670
Debug session time: Sat Apr 14 08:12:29.241 2012 (UTC + 2:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:26.114
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : D:\programyWindows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\triage\oca.ini, error 2
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : D:\programyWindows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\winxp\triage.ini, error 2
*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 50, {fffff901c066328c, 0, fffff9600009bfa7, 5}

Could not read faulting driver name
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : D:\programyWindows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\triage\modclass.ini, error 2
Probably caused by : win32k.sys ( win32k!bLoadFontFile+1f3 )

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> !analyze -v
*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Invalid system memory was referenced.  This cannot be protected by try-except,
it must be protected by a Probe.  Typically the address is just plain bad or it
is pointing at freed memory.
Arg1: fffff901c066328c, memory referenced.
Arg2: 0000000000000000, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation.
Arg3: fffff9600009bfa7, If non-zero, the instruction address which referenced the bad memory
Arg4: 0000000000000005, (reserved)

Debugging Details:

Could not read faulting driver name
TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : D:\programyWindows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\triage\modclass.ini, error 2

READ_ADDRESS: GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800034b8100
GetUlongFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800034b81c0

fffff960`0009bfa7 448b82a4000000  mov     r8d,dword ptr [rdx+0A4h]





PROCESS_NAME:  csrss.exe


TRAP_FRAME:  fffff880025ee180 -- (.trap 0xfffff880025ee180)
NOTE: The trap frame does not contain all registers.
Some register values may be zeroed or incorrect.
rax=fffff900bece38f4 rbx=0000000000000000 rcx=0000000000000000
rdx=fffff901c06631e8 rsi=0000000000000000 rdi=0000000000000000
rip=fffff9600009bfa7 rsp=fffff880025ee310 rbp=fffff900c0de0ef0
 r8=0000000000000001  r9=000000000000000c r10=fffff900c0de07c8
r11=fffff900c0de07cc r12=0000000000000000 r13=0000000000000000
r14=0000000000000000 r15=0000000000000000
iopl=0         nv up ei ng nz na po nc
fffff960`0009bfa7 448b82a4000000  mov     r8d,dword ptr [rdx+0A4h] ds:fffff901`c066328c=????????
Resetting default scope

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from fffff800032303bf to fffff80003285c40

fffff880`025ee018 fffff800`032303bf : 00000000`00000050 fffff901`c066328c 00000000`00000000 fffff880`025ee180 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`025ee020 fffff800`03283d6e : 00000000`00000000 fffff901`c066328c fffff960`002fb700 00000000`00000000 : nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x44791
fffff880`025ee180 fffff960`0009bfa7 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000001 fffff900`c0de0ef0 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiPageFault+0x16e
fffff880`025ee310 fffff960`0009bd6b : fffff900`c0de0ef8 00000000`00000001 00000000`0002323c fffff900`c01c0415 : win32k!bLoadFontFile+0x1f3
fffff880`025ee400 fffff960`0009a9be : 00000000`00000000 fffff960`0009bd00 fffff900`c01c13a0 fffff900`c0de0ef0 : win32k!ttfdSemLoadFontFile+0x6b
fffff880`025ee460 fffff960`0009a8ac : 00000000`00000001 fffff900`c01c13a8 fffff900`c0de0ef0 fffff900`c0089010 : win32k!PDEVOBJ::LoadFontFile+0x7e
fffff880`025ee4f0 fffff960`0009af86 : fffff880`025ee800 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000001 : win32k!vLoadFontFileView+0x4bc
fffff880`025ee580 fffff960`0009dcb8 : 00000000`00000000 fffff880`025ee800 fffff880`00000029 00000000`00000000 : win32k!PUBLIC_PFTOBJ::bLoadFonts+0x586
fffff880`025ee6b0 fffff960`0009db5d : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000001 fffff880`025ee9e0 00000000`00000000 : win32k!GreAddFontResourceWInternal+0x114
fffff880`025ee740 fffff800`03284ed3 : ffffffff`ffffffff 00000000`00000000 00000000`010fe9f0 00000000`00000024 : win32k!NtGdiAddFontResourceW+0x1cd
fffff880`025ee8f0 000007fe`fd9fa87a : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x13
00000000`010ff808 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : 0x7fe`fd9fa87a


fffff960`0009bfa7 448b82a4000000  mov     r8d,dword ptr [rdx+0A4h]


SYMBOL_NAME:  win32k!bLoadFontFile+1f3

FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner


IMAGE_NAME:  win32k.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x50_VRF_win32k!bLoadFontFile+1f3

BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x50_VRF_win32k!bLoadFontFile+1f3

Followup: MachineOwner
ill try uncheck low resource and leave it till evening
My System SpecsSystem Spec
14 Apr 2012   #35

windows 7 pro x64

11hours DV and nothink!

PLESE TELL ME what i can do more
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Apr 2012   #36
Vir Gnarus

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 64-bit

The three checks in DV that should be off are Low Resource Simulation, Force Pending I/O Requests, and IRP Logging. The rest should be left on.

While I don't think the last crashdump will help us any because you had Low Resource Simulation on, it did show loading of a font file in the crashed stack. This may not mean anything, but I do know that viruses and other malware (especially rootkits) often load themselves into computers using font files. Have you done a virus scan lately?

Honestly though, I believe me and Yowanvista agree we have a hardware problem here and that we are just dodging the issue. I call it the Trio of Trouble: Motherboard, CPU, or PSU. Most likely it's the CPU that's the problem here, but the other two have been known to cause these too.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Apr 2012   #37

windows 7 pro x64

my machine is clear.. i did 3 scans and searched for rootkits...

Is there way to diagnose what directly is wrong? I bouht my computer in parts and buildet by myself. I have warrenty but i dont know what i should return.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Apr 2012   #38
Vir Gnarus

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 64-bit

It can be either the CPU, Motherboard or Power Supply. It's very difficult to tell because there are no hardware tests for motherboards and power supplies other than using a multimeter and a specialized motherboard tester, and Prime95 showed up negative for any failures. The CPU can still be the problem, though.

I recommend starting with the CPU itself first, then the motherboard, then lastly the power supply. If you own a cheap power supply, I recommend replacing that first, especially with a higher quality PSU, since the cheaper the PSU, the higher the chance of failure.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Apr 2012   #39

windows 7 pro x64

ok ill be trying...

when i achive somethink i write it here

My psu is not hi end, but is not cheap one either
whole mashine (whithout dvd) cost me about 450$
PSU about 60$
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Apr 2012   #40
Vir Gnarus

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 64-bit

What brand was the PSU? Brand name makes a big difference.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 BSOD playing Starcraft 2, BCCode: 101

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