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Windows 7: Constant Computer Freezes - Windows 7

18 Jun 2012   #11

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium SP1

Memtest is a very good test and tells us that there are no serious and obvious RAM errors. But as good as it is it can't diagnose every RAM related problem. But for now I would call your RAM good and move on.

Seagate Seatools is the best tool to use (particularly if you have a Seagate Drive). You have your answer.

If you post the exact error message(s) here someone may be able to tell you what they mean.

Before you do anything else, back up your important data from that hard drive. Do not wait. Hard drives rarely just quit. They throw up weird behavior first. Then they just quit.

Next, after your important files are secure, you might take a disk image using Imaging software. This will make cloning everything to a new hard drive easier if it comes to that.

Then you can run Chkdsk on the drive from Windows to see if the problem is with the file system and if it can be repaired. (BACK UP DATA FIRST!)
  • Start > All Programs > Accessories >
  • Right click on Command Pronpt > choose: "Run As Administrator"
  • At the command prompt type: chkdsk /r
  • You will be informed that chkdsk can't run now, do you want it to run on restart. Answer yes.
  • Restart the computer. Do not interrupt it, let it run.
  • You will want to monitor the results of each of the 5 stages, because the computer will reboot automatically when the program has finished.
Seatools may also have repair tools in it. I would run those next.

Then run the Seatools test again and see if it gives you the same errors.

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18 Jun 2012   #12
Mr JamesD

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1


Just ran 2 tests via chkdsk /r, reflecting on the report via event viewer, the only things that stood out were the following on the first test:

Cleaning up 221 unused index entries from index $SII of file 0x9.
Cleaning up 221 unused index entries from index $SDH of file 0x9.

CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the
master file table (MFT) bitmap.
CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.
Windows has made corrections to the file system.

The second test cleaned up a few unused index entries, but that's all...

Not sure exactly what they mean, but I'm pretty sure that's nothing to be alarmed about??

I'll run Seatools again very shortly, I'll run both the short, and long tests, and see what happens.


Edit: Sorry, I meant Chkdsk /r, not /f however I did run /f to be sure.
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18 Jun 2012   #13
Mr JamesD

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

Just an update.

I've ran a few chkdsk tests under protocols /r /f /x and /b - the first test (As indicated above) noted the following:

Cleaning up 221 unused index entries from index $SII of file 0x9.
Cleaning up 221 unused index entries from index $SDH of file 0x9.

CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the
master file table (MFT) bitmap.
CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.
Windows has made corrections to the file system.

The other protocol tests only cleaned up a few unused index entries, and said there were no errors detected.

As for Seagate Seatools, I ran the short and long generic tests, however after about 20 minutes each, they appeared to be doing nothing but sitting there, and the hard drive didn't indicate high-load, or any abnormal use (Eg. when running tests)

I did also initiate the 'fix all - long' test via Seagate Seatools, and the error I had mentioned that I got before is:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue. the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click quit, the application will close immediately. Index was outside the bounds of the array

If I went 'continue' it would keep popping up the same message. I kept clicking 'continue' but same thing occurred. What was weird is normally initiating that test alone caused the computer to completely freeze, hence I had to forcibly shutdown, and reboot; however this time it didn't - maybe just a coincidence, I don't know...

I'll do another Seagate Seatools DOS boot test, as last time I did get an error (Something about the drive being locked) I'll provide an update soon.

My System SpecsSystem Spec

18 Jun 2012   #14
Sir George

Windows 7 Professional x64

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Mr JamesD View Post
Just thought I'd provide an update.

I ran Memtest86+ overnight, managed to get through 8 passes using the boot test, without any errors - Safe to assume it's not the ram, or modules??

I did also run the Seagate Seatools boot test, a couple of the tests said failed, saying something along the lines of the drive was locked?? Can't remember exactly.

As for the battery test, I'll try that out shortly.

tootal2, I did clean the fan out yesterday, to be honest, the functionality of the fan is worrying, as the computer heats up too fast, but as I've determined, the complete computer freezes occur at random intervals, even if the computer isn't hot at all!

Does anyone have and/or know any other good hard drive programs that would be able to diagnose my HDD, and inform me whether there's an error??

Thanks all.
In your first post you state there is a local shop that will do a diagnostic test for free; is there some reason you don't want to use their service? It is by far an easier process to have a hands-on test than randomly have people guessing at your problem(s).

Just my .02 cents worth.
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18 Jun 2012   #15
Mr JamesD

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

Yes, I can take it there, it's just I can't until the weekend, so in the meantime, I want to see whether I can fix the problem via the help on this forum, if so, it'll obviously save me the trouble of taking it there.

They weren't open Sunday, hence I figured I might as well open this thread to see whether I can receive the help...

I'm pretty sure they will do the test for free, according to their site, they provide diagnostics/inspections for $0, and quote based on the findings.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
18 Jun 2012   #16
Microsoft MVP


Do you have a Seagate HD? Determine the make of your HD by looking on it physically or what it registers in Seatools, or google the model listed in BIOS setup. Then use the actual maker's HD Diagnostic to diagnose and repair it, followed by another Disk Check.

Just cleaning the fan may not be sufficient as you may need to at least check how congested it is inside. Google your make/model + Clean out dust. Generic videos of it is here:
Cleaning Your Laptop Cooling System
How to clean your laptop & stop it from overheating (Dell Inspiron)

Once the RAM and HD are cleared, stress test your processor: CPU - Stress Test with Prime95 - Windows 7 Forums. In some cases the processor heat sink needs repasting which is a detailed project but worth trying rather than junking the laptop. Often it's not worth the cost to have a shop do it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
18 Jun 2012   #17

Home Premium 7 64bit

From your descriptions it is likely a hardware issue. In a case like that I normally take apart a system to reseat cards, blow out dust and inspect & replace heatsink compound. In the case of a laptop, this is made more difficult and usually you have to consult Youtube videos just to see how the disassembly is done for a given unit.

On laptops I've noticed that SODIMM modules can appear to be fully inserted but yet not be. Even if the insertion is off a fraction of a millimeter, it can cause faults like what you are describing.

My suspicion is the SODIMM as mentioned and/or a CPU not making proper contact with the heatsink.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
18 Jun 2012   #18

win 7 home pre 64 bit

I would suspect the CPU fan myself, if the memory passed the test. I have seen it on dell, Hp and the like. If the fan fails to spin or spins slowly, it would cause intermittent issues with overheating/shutdown. One person in particular, a smoker had a laptop that needed to be serviced due to crashes... pulled his system apart, and it looked like someone had stuffed felt between the fan output and heat sink fins. cleaned his computer up, ran the HDD diag tool, (seagate, maxtor, hgst.. all have software on their websites), ran memtest.. and did other cleanups, laptop ran and still runs fine.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Jun 2012   #19
Mr JamesD

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

I ran Prime95 for 2 hours as indicated in that thread, the results are as follows:

At the conclusion of the test, the readings were:
HD: 34C
CORE 0: 82C
CORE 1: 84C

Ran until "Self-test 32k passed" in the 2 hour frame.

As for the Seagate Seatools test, don't see the point in running that again as I've ran that a few times (As indicated previously)

I did a little research, and found a recommended program called "HD Tune Pro", decided to give it a try, and the program reported back to me regarding the hard drive as 'warning' - Thought that was interesting, so I looked more in-depth, and the program reported the following:

(0A) Spin Retry Count - Number of spin up attempts after a spin up failure: 1 - The drive was unable to spin up the drive
(C7) Ultra DMA CRC Error Count - Number of interface communication errors: 6 - There were communication errors, this may be caused by a damaged cable

The program does feature other tests including various error scans, so I'm going to give that a try, and see what turns up.

What do you all think about the above??

Marsby, I made sure the ram chips are correct inserted into the modules. As for opening, and resting cards and giving the interior of the laptop a proper clean, I may take it to a shop, as the process JUST to get to the fan is unbelievable, it's not as simple as removing a panel - Same goes for replacing the heatsink compounds etc

Certiorari78, the fans are a worrying matter, the one main fan doesn't seem to be working as efficient as it should, mind you I haven't owned this laptop for long, but I know for a fact interior fans are meant to operate more efficient, and faster.

Thanks all :)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Jun 2012   #20

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium SP1

Sorry to say, but all indications point to a bad hard drive.

Before you go out and buy a new one you might try one more last ditch effort to correct the current drive and perform a "Clean All" command from Diskpart run from your W7 installation DVD.

This will write all zeros to the drive making it truly clean. Needless to say, everything will be gone from the hard drive. You will have to do a clean install of W7, reinstall all of your programs, and restore your backed up data. A lot of work.

This may correct any sector errors, and that may restore the drive. But the spin-up warning is troublesome. That could indicated a mechanical failure.

If you need help with the Clean All command just ask.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Constant Computer Freezes - Windows 7

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