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Windows 7: Kernel-Power Event 41

05 Feb 2013   #1

Windows 7 ultimate x64
Kernel-Power Event 41

Hello all,

Been having unexpected crashes lately on my Pc. I am running windows 7 ultimate x64. And I have been getting the Kernel-power 41. The events before the crash are random. I have read a couple of posts on this forum but I cant seem to find the ones I used yesterday to link to.

So I ran a cpu stress test for 8 hours and it was fine. And a memtest for 8 hours no errors. And I just finished a 8 hour gpu stress test and that went fine.

This is the log form the crash:

 <Event xmlns="">
- <System>
  <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" /> 
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-02-05T00:35:39.838023400Z" /> 
  <Correlation /> 
  <Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="8" /> 
  <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" /> 
- <EventData>
  <Data Name="BugcheckCode">0</Data> 
  <Data Name="BugcheckParameter1">0x0</Data> 
  <Data Name="BugcheckParameter2">0x0</Data> 
  <Data Name="BugcheckParameter3">0x0</Data> 
  <Data Name="BugcheckParameter4">0x0</Data> 
  <Data Name="SleepInProgress">false</Data> 
  <Data Name="PowerButtonTimestamp">0</Data> 
Events before crash:

  Log Name: System
  Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-General
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:26.687
  Event ID: 12
  Task: N/A
  Level: Information
  Opcode: Info
  Keyword: N/A
  User: S-1-5-18
  Computer: Ali-PC
The operating system started at system time ?2013?-?02?-?05T00:35:25.111597600Z.

  Log Name: System
  Source: Microsoft-Windows-FilterManager
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:36.281
  Event ID: 6
  Task: N/A
  Level: Information
  Opcode: Info
  Keyword: N/A
  User: S-1-5-18
  Computer: Ali-PC
File System Filter 'FileInfo' (6.1, ?2009?-?07?-?13T17:34:25.000000000Z) has successfully loaded and registered with Filter Manager.

  Log Name: System
  Source: Microsoft-Windows-FilterManager
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:36.296
  Event ID: 6
  Task: N/A
  Level: Information
  Opcode: Info
  Keyword: N/A
  User: S-1-5-18
  Computer: Ali-PC
File System Filter 'Avgmfx64' (6.1, ?2012?-?11?-?15T16:03:50.000000000Z) has successfully loaded and registered with Filter Manager.

  Log Name: System
  Source: EventLog
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:49.000
  Event ID: 6008
  Task: N/A
  Level: Error
  Opcode: N/A
  Keyword: Classic
  User: N/A
  User Name: N/A
  Computer: Ali-PC
The previous system shutdown at 6:28:43 PM on ?2/?4/?2013 was unexpected.

  Log Name: System
  Source: EventLog
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:49.000
  Event ID: 6009
  Task: N/A
  Level: Information
  Opcode: N/A
  Keyword: Classic
  User: N/A
  User Name: N/A
  Computer: Ali-PC
Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 6.01. 7601 Service Pack 1 Multiprocessor Free.

  Log Name: System
  Source: EventLog
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:49.000
  Event ID: 6005
  Task: N/A
  Level: Information
  Opcode: N/A
  Keyword: Classic
  User: N/A
  User Name: N/A
  Computer: Ali-PC
The Event log service was started.

  Log Name: System
  Source: EventLog
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:49.000
  Event ID: 6013
  Task: N/A
  Level: Information
  Opcode: N/A
  Keyword: Classic
  User: N/A
  User Name: N/A
  Computer: Ali-PC
The system uptime is 24 seconds.

  Log Name: System
  Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
  Date: 2013-02-04T18:35:39.838
  Event ID: 41
  Task: N/A
  Level: Critical
  Opcode: Info
  Keyword: N/A
  User: S-1-5-18
  Computer: Ali-PC
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
05 Feb 2013   #2

Windows 7 ultimate x64

In some posts people said it might be driver issue so this is a driver list:
Module Name  Display Name           Driver Type   Link Date             
============ ====================== ============= ======================
1394ohci     1394 OHCI Compliant Ho Kernel        11/20/2010 4:44:56 AM 
ACPI         Microsoft ACPI Driver  Kernel        11/20/2010 3:19:16 AM 
AcpiPmi      ACPI Power Meter Drive Kernel        11/20/2010 3:30:42 AM 
adp94xx      adp94xx                Kernel        12/5/2008 5:54:42 PM  
adpahci      adpahci                Kernel        5/1/2007 12:30:09 PM  
adpu320      adpu320                Kernel        2/27/2007 6:04:15 PM  
AFD          Ancillary Function Dri Kernel        12/27/2011 9:59:20 PM 
agp440       Intel AGP Bus Filter   Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:43 PM  
aliide       aliide                 Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:47 PM  
amdide       amdide                 Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:49 PM  
AmdK8        AMD K8 Processor Drive Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:25 PM  
AmdPPM       AMD Processor Driver   Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:25 PM  
amdsata      amdsata                Kernel        3/18/2010 7:45:17 PM  
amdsbs       amdsbs                 Kernel        3/20/2009 1:36:03 PM  
amdxata      amdxata                Kernel        3/19/2010 11:18:18 AM 
AppID        AppID Driver           Kernel        11/20/2010 4:14:37 AM 
arc          arc                    Kernel        5/24/2007 4:27:55 PM  
arcsas       arcsas                 Kernel        1/14/2009 1:27:37 PM  
asahci64     asahci64               Kernel        9/21/2011 4:42:57 AM  
asmthub3     ASMedia USB3 Hub Servi Kernel        11/2/2011 10:00:32 PM 
asmtxhci     ASMEDIA XHCI Service   Kernel        11/2/2011 10:00:22 PM 
AsyncMac     RAS Asynchronous Media Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:13 PM  
atapi        IDE Channel            Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:47 PM  
Avgfwfd      AVG network filter ser Kernel        9/4/2012 3:31:15 AM   
AVGIDSDriver AVGIDSDriver           Kernel        10/22/2012 5:47:11 AM 
AVGIDSHA     AVGIDSHA               Kernel        10/14/2012 8:22:54 PM 
Avgldx64     AVG AVI Loader Driver  Kernel        10/1/2012 8:05:50 PM  
Avgloga      AVG Logging Driver     Kernel        9/20/2012 8:23:51 PM  
Avgmfx64     AVG Mini-Filter Reside File System   11/15/2012 4:03:50 PM 
Avgrkx64     AVG Anti-Rootkit Drive File System   9/13/2012 7:41:40 PM  
Avgtdia      AVG TDI Driver         Kernel        9/20/2012 8:25:33 PM  
b06bdrv      Broadcom NetXtreme II  Kernel        2/13/2009 4:18:07 PM  
b57nd60a     Broadcom NetXtreme Gig Kernel        4/26/2009 6:14:55 AM  
Beep         Beep                   Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:13 PM  
blbdrive     blbdrive               Kernel        7/13/2009 6:35:59 PM  
bowser       Browser Support Driver File System   2/22/2011 10:55:04 PM 
BrFiltLo     Brother USB Mass-Stora Kernel        8/6/2006 8:51:06 PM   
BrFiltUp     Brother USB Mass-Stora Kernel        8/6/2006 8:51:02 PM   
Brserid      Brother MFC Serial Por Kernel        8/6/2006 8:51:11 PM   
BrSerWdm     Brother WDM Serial dri Kernel        8/6/2006 8:51:05 PM   
BrUsbMdm     Brother MFC USB Fax On Kernel        8/6/2006 8:51:00 PM   
BrUsbSer     Brother MFC USB Serial Kernel        8/9/2006 7:11:02 AM   
BTHMODEM     Bluetooth Serial Commu Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:52 PM  
ccSet_NST    Norton Safe Web Lite S Kernel        8/8/2011 4:47:34 PM   
cdfs         CD/DVD File System Rea File System   7/13/2009 6:19:46 PM  
cdrom        CD-ROM Driver          Kernel        11/20/2010 3:19:20 AM 
circlass     Consumer IR Devices    Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:34 PM  
CLFS         Common Log (CLFS)      Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:57 PM  
CmBatt       Microsoft ACPI Control Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:03 PM  
cmdide       cmdide                 Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:48 PM  
CNG          CNG                    Kernel        6/1/2012 10:25:51 PM  
Compbatt     Compbatt               Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:02 PM  
CompositeBus Composite Bus Enumerat Kernel        11/20/2010 4:33:17 AM 
crcdisk      Crcdisk Filter Driver  Kernel        7/13/2009 7:01:14 PM  
CSC          Offline Files Driver   Kernel        11/20/2010 3:27:12 AM 
DfsC         DFS Namespace Client D File System   11/20/2010 3:26:31 AM 
discache     System Attribute Cache Kernel        7/13/2009 6:37:18 PM  
Disk         Disk Driver            Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:57 PM  
dmvsc        dmvsc                  Kernel        11/20/2010 3:57:43 AM 
drmkaud      Microsoft Trusted Audi Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:16 PM  
DXGKrnl      LDDM Graphics Subsyste Kernel        11/20/2010 3:50:50 AM 
e1cexpress   Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCI  Kernel        7/20/2011 11:37:53 AM 
ebdrv        Broadcom NetXtreme II  Kernel        12/31/2008 10:29:28 AM
elxstor      elxstor                Kernel        2/3/2009 4:52:11 PM   
ErrDev       Microsoft Hardware Err Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:04 PM  
exfat        exFAT File System Driv File System   7/13/2009 6:23:29 PM  
fastfat      FAT12/16/32 File Syste File System   7/13/2009 6:23:28 PM  
fdc          Floppy Disk Controller Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:54 PM  
FileInfo     File Information FS Mi File System   7/13/2009 6:34:25 PM  
Filetrace    Filetrace              File System   7/13/2009 6:25:40 PM  
flpydisk     Floppy Disk Driver     Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:54 PM  
FltMgr       FltMgr                 File System   11/20/2010 3:19:24 AM 
FsDepends    File System Dependency File System   7/13/2009 6:26:13 PM  
fvevol       Bitlocker Drive Encryp Kernel        11/20/2010 3:24:06 AM 
gagp30kx     Microsoft Generic AGPv Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:43 PM  
GEARAspiWDM  GEAR ASPI Filter Drive Kernel        5/3/2012 2:56:17 PM   
hcw85cir     Hauppauge Consumer Inf Kernel        5/11/2009 3:26:00 AM  
HdAudAddServ Microsoft 1.1 UAA Func Kernel        11/20/2010 4:44:23 AM 
HDAudBus     Microsoft UAA Bus Driv Kernel        11/20/2010 4:43:42 AM 
HidBatt      HID UPS Battery Driver Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:06 PM  
HidBth       Microsoft Bluetooth HI Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:52 PM  
HidIr        Microsoft Infrared HID Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:23 PM  
HidUsb       Microsoft HID Class Dr Kernel        11/20/2010 4:43:49 AM
My System SpecsSystem Spec
05 Feb 2013   #3

Windows 7 ultimate x64

continued list:
HpSAMD       HpSAMD                 Kernel        4/20/2010 1:32:18 PM  
HTTP         HTTP                   Kernel        11/20/2010 3:24:30 AM 
hwpolicy     Hardware Policy Driver Kernel        11/20/2010 3:18:54 AM 
i8042prt     i8042 Keyboard and PS/ Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:57 PM  
iaStorA      iaStorA                Kernel        10/12/2011 3:29:51 PM 
iaStorF      iaStorF                Kernel        10/12/2011 3:28:40 PM 
iaStorV      iaStorV                Kernel        6/10/2010 7:46:19 PM  
ICCWDT       Intel(R) Watchdog Time Kernel        8/18/2010 3:27:45 AM  
iirsp        iirsp                  Kernel        12/13/2005 3:47:54 PM 
IntcAzAudAdd Service for Realtek HD Kernel        9/27/2011 7:24:27 AM  
intelide     intelide               Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:48 PM  
intelppm     Intel Processor Driver Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:25 PM  
IpFilterDriv IP Traffic Filter Driv Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:19 AM 
IPMIDRV      IPMIDRV                Kernel        11/20/2010 4:04:53 AM 
IPNAT        IP Network Address Tra Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:03 PM  
IRENUM       IR Bus Enumerator      Kernel        7/13/2009 7:08:59 PM  
isapnp       isapnp                 Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:08 PM  
iScsiPrt     iScsiPort Driver       Kernel        11/20/2010 4:35:14 AM 
kbdclass     Keyboard Class Driver  Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:50 PM  
kbdhid       Keyboard HID Driver    Kernel        11/20/2010 4:33:25 AM 
KSecDD       KSecDD                 Kernel        6/1/2012 9:50:23 PM   
KSecPkg      KSecPkg                Kernel        6/1/2012 10:27:11 PM  
ksthunk      Kernel Streaming Thunk Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:19 PM  
lltdio       Link-Layer Topology Di Kernel        7/13/2009 7:08:50 PM  
LSI_FC       LSI_FC                 Kernel        12/9/2008 4:46:09 PM  
LSI_SAS      LSI_SAS                Kernel        5/18/2009 7:20:23 PM  
LSI_SAS2     LSI_SAS2               Kernel        5/18/2009 7:31:48 PM  
LSI_SCSI     LSI_SCSI               Kernel        4/16/2009 5:13:50 PM  
luafv        UAC File Virtualizatio File System   7/13/2009 6:26:13 PM  
megasas      megasas                Kernel        5/18/2009 8:09:46 PM  
MegaSR       MegaSR                 Kernel        5/18/2009 8:25:54 PM  
MEIx64       Intel(R) Management En Kernel        8/15/2011 12:29:24 PM 
Modem        Modem                  Kernel        9/13/2011 10:40:37 PM 
monitor      Microsoft Monitor Clas Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:52 PM  
mouclass     Mouse Class Driver     Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:50 PM  
mouhid       Mouse HID Driver       Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:20 PM  
mountmgr     Mount Point Manager    Kernel        11/20/2010 3:19:21 AM 
mpio         mpio                   Kernel        11/20/2010 4:35:38 AM 
mpsdrv       Windows Firewall Autho Kernel        7/13/2009 7:08:25 PM  
MRxDAV       WebDav Client Redirect File System   11/20/2010 3:26:42 AM 
mrxsmb       SMB MiniRedirector Wra File System   4/26/2011 9:40:38 PM  
mrxsmb10     SMB 1.x MiniRedirector File System   7/8/2011 9:46:28 PM   
mrxsmb20     SMB 2.0 MiniRedirector File System   4/26/2011 9:39:37 PM  
msahci       msahci                 Kernel        11/20/2010 4:33:58 AM 
msdsm        msdsm                  Kernel        11/20/2010 4:35:34 AM 
Msfs         Msfs                   File System   7/13/2009 6:19:47 PM  
mshidkmdf    Pass-through HID to KM Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:24 PM  
msisadrv     msisadrv               Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:26 PM  
MSKSSRV      Microsoft Streaming Se Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:18 PM  
MSPCLOCK     Microsoft Streaming Cl Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:17 PM  
MSPQM        Microsoft Streaming Qu Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:17 PM  
MsRPC        MsRPC                  Kernel        11/20/2010 3:21:56 AM 
mssmbios     Microsoft System Manag Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:10 PM  
MSTEE        Microsoft Streaming Te Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:17 PM  
MTConfig     Microsoft Input Config Kernel        7/13/2009 7:02:08 PM  
Mup          Mup                    File System   7/13/2009 6:23:45 PM  
mv91cons     Marvell 91xx Config De Kernel        9/19/2011 6:36:08 AM  
mvs91xx      mvs91xx                Kernel        9/19/2011 6:31:51 AM  
NativeWifiP  NativeWiFi Filter      Kernel        7/13/2009 7:07:23 PM  
NDIS         NDIS System Driver     Kernel        8/22/2012 10:11:46 AM 
NdisCap      NDIS Capture LightWeig Kernel        7/13/2009 7:08:12 PM  
NdisTapi     Remote Access NDIS TAP Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:00 PM  
Ndisuio      NDIS Usermode I/O Prot Kernel        11/20/2010 4:50:08 AM 
NdisWan      Remote Access NDIS WAN Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:32 AM 
NDProxy      NDIS Proxy             Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:20 AM 
NetBIOS      NetBIOS Interface      File System   7/13/2009 7:09:26 PM  
NetBT        NetBT                  Kernel        11/20/2010 3:23:18 AM 
nfrd960      nfrd960                Kernel        6/6/2006 4:11:48 PM   
npf          NetGroup Packet Filter Kernel        6/25/2010 11:50:58 AM 
Npfs         Npfs                   File System   7/13/2009 6:19:48 PM  
nsiproxy     NSI proxy service driv Kernel        7/13/2009 6:21:02 PM  
Ntfs         Ntfs                   File System   8/31/2012 10:14:14 AM 
Null         Null                   Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:37 PM  
NVHDA        Service for NVIDIA Hig Kernel        7/3/2012 10:25:04 AM  
nvlddmkm     nvlddmkm               Kernel        10/2/2012 1:21:13 PM  
nvraid       nvraid                 Kernel        3/19/2010 3:59:20 PM  
nvstor       nvstor                 Kernel        3/19/2010 3:45:11 PM  
nv_agp       NVIDIA nForce AGP Bus  Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:44 PM  
ohci1394     1394 OHCI Compliant Ho Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:45 PM  
Parport      Parallel port driver   Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:40 PM  
partmgr      Partition Manager      Kernel        3/17/2012 12:06:09 AM 
pci          PCI Bus Driver         Kernel        11/20/2010 3:19:11 AM 
pciide       pciide                 Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:49 PM  
pcmcia       pcmcia                 Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:10 PM  
pcw          Performance Counters f Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:27 PM  
PEAUTH       PEAUTH                 Kernel        7/13/2009 8:01:19 PM  
PptpMiniport WAN Miniport (PPTP)    Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:31 AM 
Processor    Processor Driver       Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:25 PM  
Psched       QoS Packet Scheduler   Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:18 AM 
PxHlpa64     PxHlpa64               Kernel        10/17/2011 9:29:34 AM 
ql2300       ql2300                 Kernel        1/22/2009 5:05:06 PM  
ql40xx       ql40xx                 Kernel        5/18/2009 8:18:11 PM  
QWAVEdrv     QWAVE driver           Kernel        7/13/2009 7:09:48 PM  
RasAcd       Remote Access Auto Con Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:09 PM  
RasAgileVpn  WAN Miniport (IKEv2)   Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:24 PM  
Rasl2tp      WAN Miniport (L2TP)    Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:34 AM 
RasPppoe     Remote Access PPPOE Dr Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:17 PM  
RasSstp      WAN Miniport (SSTP)    Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:25 PM  
rdbss        Redirected Buffering S File System   11/20/2010 3:27:51 AM 
rdpbus       Remote Desktop Device  Kernel        7/13/2009 7:17:46 PM  
RDPCDD       RDPCDD                 Kernel        7/13/2009 7:16:34 PM  
RDPDR        Terminal Server Device Kernel        11/20/2010 5:06:41 AM 
RDPENCDD     RDP Encoder Mirror Dri Kernel        7/13/2009 7:16:34 PM  
RDPREFMP     Reflector Display Driv Kernel        7/13/2009 7:16:35 PM  
RdpVideoMini Remote Desktop Video M Kernel        11/20/2010 5:03:42 AM 
RDPWD        RDP Winstation Driver  Kernel        4/27/2012 10:55:20 PM 
rdyboost     ReadyBoost             Kernel        11/20/2010 3:43:10 AM 
rspndr       Link-Layer Topology Di Kernel        7/13/2009 7:08:50 PM  
s3cap        s3cap                  Kernel        11/20/2010 3:57:33 AM 
sbp2port     sbp2port               Kernel        11/20/2010 3:19:21 AM 
SCDEmu       SCDEmu                 Kernel        8/16/2012 11:19:38 PM 
scfilter     Smart card PnP Class F Kernel        11/20/2010 4:09:59 AM 
secdrv       Security Driver        Kernel        9/13/2006 8:18:38 AM  
Serenum      Serenum Filter Driver  Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:33 PM  
Serial       Serial port driver     Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:40 PM  
sermouse     Serial Mouse Driver    Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:20 PM  
sffdisk      SFF Storage Class Driv Kernel        7/13/2009 7:01:01 PM  
sffp_mmc     SFF Storage Protocol D Kernel        7/13/2009 7:01:03 PM  
sffp_sd      SFF Storage Protocol D Kernel        11/20/2010 4:34:00 AM 
sfloppy      High-Capacity Floppy D Kernel        7/13/2009 7:01:02 PM  
SiSRaid2     SiSRaid2               Kernel        9/24/2008 1:28:20 PM  
SiSRaid4     SiSRaid4               Kernel        10/1/2008 4:56:04 PM  
Smb          Message-oriented TCP/I Kernel        7/13/2009 7:09:09 PM  
spldr        Security Processor Loa Kernel        5/11/2009 11:56:27 AM 
srv          Server SMB Drive File System   4/28/2011 10:06:06 PM 
srv2         Server SMB Drive File System   4/28/2011 10:05:46 PM 
srvnet       srvnet                 File System   4/28/2011 10:05:35 PM 
stexstor     stexstor               Kernel        2/17/2009 5:03:36 PM  
storflt      Disk Virtual Machine B Kernel        11/20/2010 3:57:30 AM 
storvsc      storvsc                Kernel        11/20/2010 3:57:32 AM 
swenum       Software Bus Driver    Kernel        7/13/2009 7:00:18 PM  
Synth3dVsc   Synth3dVsc             Kernel        11/20/2010 5:07:13 AM 
tap0901      TAP-Windows Adapter V9 Kernel        7/20/2012 6:48:38 AM  
Tcpip        TCP/IP Protocol Driver Kernel        10/3/2012 10:09:34 AM 
TCPIP6       Microsoft IPv6 Protoco Kernel        10/3/2012 10:09:34 AM 
tcpipreg     TCP/IP Registry Compat Kernel        10/3/2012 11:07:26 AM 
TDPIPE       TDPIPE                 Kernel        7/13/2009 7:16:32 PM  
TDTCP        TDTCP                  Kernel        2/16/2012 10:57:32 PM 
tdx          NetIO Legacy TDI Suppo Kernel        11/20/2010 3:21:54 AM 
TermDD       Terminal Device Driver Kernel        11/20/2010 5:03:40 AM 
terminpt     Microsoft Remote Deskt Kernel        11/20/2010 5:03:43 AM 
truecrypt    truecrypt              Kernel        2/7/2012 3:09:36 AM   
tssecsrv     Remote Desktop Service Kernel        11/20/2010 5:04:09 AM 
TsUsbFlt     TsUsbFlt               Kernel        11/20/2010 5:07:04 AM 
TsUsbGD      Remote Desktop Generic Kernel        11/20/2010 5:07:04 AM 
tsusbhub     tsusbhub               Kernel        11/20/2010 5:07:10 AM 
tunnel       Microsoft Tunnel Minip Kernel        11/20/2010 4:51:50 AM 
uagp35       Microsoft AGPv3.5 Filt Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:43 PM  
udfs         udfs                   File System   11/20/2010 3:26:11 AM 
uliagpkx     Uli AGP Bus Filter     Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:48 PM  
umbus        UMBus Enumerator Drive Kernel        11/20/2010 4:44:37 AM 
UmPass       Microsoft UMPass Drive Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:52 PM  
USBAAPL64    Apple Mobile USB Drive Kernel        9/28/2012 12:32:37 PM 
usbaudio     USB Audio Driver (WDM) Kernel        11/20/2010 4:43:52 AM 
usbccgp      Microsoft USB Generic  Kernel        3/24/2011 10:29:14 PM 
usbcir       eHome Infrared Receive Kernel        7/13/2009 7:06:36 PM  
usbehci      Microsoft USB 2.0 Enha Kernel        3/24/2011 10:29:04 PM 
usbhub       Microsoft USB Standard Kernel        3/24/2011 10:29:25 PM 
usbohci      Microsoft USB Open Hos Kernel        3/24/2011 10:29:03 PM 
usbprint     Microsoft USB PRINTER  Kernel        7/13/2009 7:38:18 PM  
USBSTOR      USB Mass Storage Drive Kernel        3/10/2011 10:37:16 PM 
usbuhci      Microsoft USB Universa Kernel        3/24/2011 10:29:03 PM 
vdrvroot     Microsoft Virtual Driv Kernel        7/13/2009 7:01:31 PM  
vga          vga                    Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:47 PM  
VgaSave      VgaSave                Kernel        7/13/2009 6:38:47 PM  
vhdmp        vhdmp                  Kernel        11/20/2010 4:35:36 AM 
viaide       viaide                 Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:50 PM  
vmbus        vmbus                  Kernel        11/20/2010 3:57:29 AM 
VMBusHID     VMBusHID               Kernel        11/20/2010 3:57:13 AM 
vmci         VMware VMCI Bus Driver Kernel        4/30/2012 8:14:27 PM  
VMnetAdapter VMware Virtual Etherne Kernel        7/8/2012 2:58:35 AM   
VMnetBridge  VMware Bridge Protocol Kernel        7/8/2012 2:59:19 AM   
vncmirror    vncmirror              Kernel        3/14/2008 12:43:05 PM 
volmgr       Volume Manager Driver  Kernel        11/20/2010 3:19:28 AM 
volmgrx      Dynamic Volume Manager Kernel        11/20/2010 3:20:43 AM 
volsnap      Storage volumes        Kernel        2/24/2011 9:38:18 PM  
vsmraid      vsmraid                Kernel        1/30/2009 7:18:57 PM  
vsock        vSockets Driver        Kernel        8/21/2012 4:10:15 PM  
vwifibus     Virtual WiFi Bus Drive Kernel        7/13/2009 7:07:21 PM  
WacomPen     Wacom Serial Pen HID D Kernel        7/13/2009 7:02:07 PM  
WANARP       Remote Access IP ARP D Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:36 AM 
Wanarpv6     Remote Access IPv6 ARP Kernel        11/20/2010 4:52:36 AM 
Wd           Wd                     Kernel        7/13/2009 6:19:55 PM  
Wdf01000     Kernel Mode Driver Fra Kernel        7/25/2012 9:25:13 PM  
WfpLwf       WFP Lightweight Filter Kernel        7/13/2009 7:09:26 PM  
WIMMount     WIMMount               File System   7/13/2009 6:29:31 PM  
WinUsb       WinUsb                 Kernel        11/20/2010 4:43:56 AM 
WmiAcpi      Microsoft Windows Mana Kernel        7/13/2009 6:31:02 PM  
ws2ifsl      Windows Socket 2.0 Non Kernel        7/13/2009 7:10:33 PM  
WudfPf       User Mode Driver Frame Kernel        7/25/2012 9:26:45 PM  
WUDFRd       WUDFRd                 Kernel        7/25/2012 9:26:06 PM

My Pc is not old its been 4 months since I had it. So I do have warranty on some parts but since its a custom built pc I need to know which part.

My specs are:
MotherBoard: Asus sabertooth x79 bios version 3009
CPU: intel i7 3930k stock @3.2
Memory: 4x4gb mushkin (cant remember the model)
GPU: GTX 570
And sorry for the long post but I appreciate the help.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

07 Feb 2013   #4

Windows 7 ultimate x64

My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Kernel-Power Event 41

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