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Windows 7: Random BSOD every 15-30 minutes!

25 Mar 2013   #1

Windows 7 32 bit
Random BSOD every 15-30 minutes!


I recently bought a Fujitsu F-07C and have had BSOD problems from day 1. I was getting BSOD's about once a day when I first got it, and now they have increased in frequency to about every 15-30 minutes! I cannot find any pattern to what triggers the BSOD, and have tried uninstalling every program I can think of that might be causing it. I have updated all my drivers in Device Manager, including BIOS, video, audio, BT, and modem. I started saving my mini-dumps a couple days ago, and have uploaded just a few in the hopes that some kind soul out there can find a pattern to what might be triggering this?

I have no anti-virus program installed, so I know that is not an issue either.

Thanks in advance!

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25 Mar 2013   #2

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient


Hello David and welcome to Seven Forums.

In looking at your most recent dump file, it appears that the Intel Graphics driver (igdkmd32.sys), the DirectX Graphics Kernel (dxgkrnl.sys), and the DirectX Graphics MMS driver (dxgmms1.sys) are being flagged.

Driver Reference Table - igdkmd32.sys

Driver Reference Table - dxgkrnl.sys

Driver Reference Table - dxgmms1.sys

876687a4  82225b9f hal!KeQueryPerformanceCounter+0x89
876687a8  00000000
876687ac  00000000
876687b0  00da7a64
876687b4  00000000
876687b8  0011e1b6
876687bc  00000000
876687c0  846a2590
876687c4  ffffff00
876687c8  8aafdb51 dxgmms1!VidSchiUpdateContextRunningTimeAtISR+0x69
876687cc  7fda9a00
876687d0  00000001
876687d4  876687ec
876687d8  81e48478 nt!KiTrap0E+0xdc
876687dc  00000000
876687e0  00000000
876687e4  00000000
876687e8  876687ec
876687ec  87668868
876687f0  81e6d5c0 nt!MiPageMightBeZero+0xd
876687f4  badb0d00
876687f8  82e00000
876687fc  00000000
87668800  00000000
87668804  87668840
87668808  8b654ee0
8766880c  8aaff744 dxgmms1!VidSchiProcessIsrCompletedPacket+0x1e4
87668810  81681408
87668814  8b654000
87668818  00000000
8766881c  846a0000
87668820  87660023
87668824  00000023
87668828  82e00000
8766882c  00000000
87668830  00000000
87668834  00000001
87668838  87668d80
8766883c  00000030
87668840  82e00000
87668844  c0031b50
87668848  00000400
8766884c  87668868
87668850  00000000
87668854  81e6d5c0 nt!MiPageMightBeZero+0xd
87668858  00000008
8766885c  00010246
87668860  00000000
87668864  00000000
87668868  87668a90
8766886c  81e6d8e1 nt!MiFreeWsleList+0x1c4
87668870  c0039c50
87668874  00000006
87668878  c080b084
8766887c  81e99b4e nt!MiRemoveAnyPage+0x525
87668880  00000000
87668884  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
87668888  0000003f
8766888c  8766889c
87668890  00000000
87668894  834eeb80
87668898  876688dc
8766889c  876688b4
876688a0  8aa3ff0e dxgkrnl!DxgNotifyInterruptCB+0x60
876688a4  843f2410
876688a8  00000000
876688ac  00000000
876688b0  0000002c
876688b4  00000001
876688b8  0001eaec
876688bc  0000003f
876688c0  00000000
876688c4  00000000
876688c8  00000000
876688cc  00000000
876688d0  00000000
876688d4  0007fc00
876688d8  87668900
876688dc  81ea50c9 nt!MiGetPage+0x290
876688e0  c040a530
876688e4  8315b1d0
876688e8  8315b100
876688ec  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
876688f0  8149e000
876688f4  81f428c0 nt!ExpLargePoolTableLock
876688f8  9372b500
876688fc  8221eba9 hal!KfLowerIrql+0x61
87668900  8149e000
87668904  81f71000 nt!ExpPoolBigEntriesInUse
87668908  87668918
8766890c  8221eba9 hal!KfLowerIrql+0x61
87668910  9372b510
87668914  81f71000 nt!ExpPoolBigEntriesInUse
87668918  87668960
8766891c  81e8e0cc nt!ExpAddTagForBigPages+0x2aa
87668920  00000000
87668924  87668960
87668928  81ea2464 nt!ExpInsertPoolTracker+0x58
8766892c  00000000
87668930  00000000
87668934  8149e000
87668938  00001000
8766893c  63416d4d
87668940  000007ff
87668944  83500000
87668948  00000801
8766894c  00000000
87668950  0000066a
87668954  87668990
87668958  93600000
8766895c  006db9d4
87668960  876689c0
87668964  81ea27d9 nt!ExpAllocateBigPool+0x232
87668968  63416d4d
8766896c  00001000
87668970  00000000
87668974  8149e000
87668978  00000ff0
8766897c  00001000
87668980  00000000
87668984  00000021
87668988  00000000
8766898c  92566000
87668990  876689b8
87668994  8990ac10Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\igdkmd32.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for igdkmd32.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for igdkmd32.sys
87668998  817696dc
8766899c  8353e284
876689a0  846bbbf0
876689a4  00000001
876689a8  81f3d710 nt!NonPagedPoolDescriptor+0x50
876689ac  816db9d4
876689b0  00000000
876689b4  00000000
876689b8  8149e000
876689bc  81f3d6c0 nt!NonPagedPoolDescriptor
876689c0  8221fcee hal!HalpLegacyApicWriteIcr+0xa
876689c4  876689e0
876689c8  82228ea0 hal!HalpRequestIpiSpecifyVector+0x40
876689cc  00000000
876689d0  000c00e1
876689d4  81f70a08 nt!KiProcessorBlock+0x8
876689d8  807e3120
876689dc  00000202
876689e0  876689f4
876689e4  82228f07 hal!HalRequestIpi+0x17
876689e8  00000001
876689ec  00000000
876689f0  000000e1
876689f4  87668a38
876689f8  00000024
876689fc  81f3358c nt!KiInitialPCR+0x198c
87668a00  0008f500
87668a04  00000002
87668a08  00000024
87668a0c  000c0000
87668a10  87668a20
87668a14  8221eba9 hal!KfLowerIrql+0x61
87668a18  0008f54b
87668a1c  c0802d08
87668a20  87668a38
87668a24  00000000
87668a28  00000fff
87668a2c  00000000
87668a30  00000000
87668a34  87668b44
87668a38  00000fff
87668a3c  00000000
87668a40  00000000
87668a44  000020bf
87668a48  00000fff
87668a4c  c080b004
87668a50  87668a60
87668a54  c0031b50
87668a58  00000000
87668a5c  658a6000
87668a60  87668a84
87668a64  00000000
87668a68  818527b8
87668a6c  00000000
87668a70  00000000
87668a74  00000000
87668a78  00000000
87668a7c  0636ac09
87668a80  00000000
87668a84  00000000
87668a88  81e87dd9 nt!MiFlushPteList+0x22
87668a8c  218a6000
87668a90  87668c10
87668a94  81e8ca24 nt!MiAgeWorkingSet+0x496
87668a98  818529a8
87668a9c  87668b40
87668aa0  818529a8
87668aa4  87668c74
87668aa8  00000002
87668aac  83580d48
87668ab0  81e83c4e nt!KiDeferredReadyThread+0x8f2
87668ab4  0000105a
87668ab8  04e41573
87668abc  00000000
87668ac0  000aee68
87668ac4  ffffffff
87668ac8  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
87668acc  00e844c7
87668ad0  7c2798fc
87668ad4  00000000
87668ad8  87668d5c
87668adc  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
87668ae0  00000003
87668ae4  00000000
87668ae8  00000000
87668aec  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
87668af0  87668c68
87668af4  81e804a4 nt!KeWaitForMultipleObjects+0x535
87668af8  83580020
87668afc  00000000
87668b00  00000000
87668b04  00000000
87668b08  00000003
87668b0c  00000000
87668b10  00000000
87668b14  9091cd11
87668b18  00000001
87668b1c  87668b38
87668b20  81e8466d nt!KiReadyThread+0x30
87668b24  83580d48
87668b28  00000000
87668b2c  83580d48
87668b30  83580d48
87668b34  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
87668b38  83580000
87668b3c  81e8462b nt!KiProcessThreadWaitList+0x3f
87668b40  00000001
87668b44  000020bf
87668b48  87668b58
87668b4c  8221eba9 hal!KfLowerIrql+0x61
87668b50  83580020
87668b54  00000000
87668b58  87668b8c
87668b5c  81e7e703 nt!KiExitDispatcher+0x17c
87668b60  00000000
87668b64  81f6b730 nt!KiSwapEvent
87668b68  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
87668b6c  83580d48
87668b70  56f64e24
87668b74  0000105a
87668b78  81e80a3d nt!KiSignalSynchronizationObject+0x36
87668b7c  00000000
87668b80  3ac5eff0
87668b84  0000000a
87668b88  83580060
87668b8c  83580080
87668b90  81852700
87668b94  81f31d20 nt!KiInitialPCR+0x120
87668b98  83580060
87668b9c  801aa000
87668ba0  87668bb0
87668ba4  8221eba9 hal!KfLowerIrql+0x61
87668ba8  818527b8
87668bac  801aa000
87668bb0  87668bc4
87668bb4  fffffff8
87668bb8  818527b8
87668bbc  83580020
87668bc0  83580080
87668bc4  00000040
87668bc8  00000006
87668bcc  00000001
87668bd0  03aa0847
87668bd4  80000000
87668bd8  818527b8
87668bdc  c0802000
87668be0  00000000
87668be4  00080000
87668be8  0000222b
87668bec  00000001
87668bf0  00000003
87668bf4  c0802d08
87668bf8  8221c92d hal!KeReleaseQueuedSpinLock+0x2d
87668bfc  00000005
87668c00  83580020
87668c04  000020e0
87668c08  00000000
87668c0c  81f30530 nt!MiAgerFlushList
87668c10  87668c5c
87668c14  81e8792b nt!MiProcessWorkingSets+0x25b
87668c18  818529a8
87668c1c  00000001
87668c20  00000001
87668c24  87668c80
87668c28  00000000
87668c2c  87668c74
87668c30  00000002
87668c34  0008f548
87668c38  00108524
87668c3c  00000000
87668c40  00000000
87668c44  00000000
87668c48  00000000
87668c4c  81e87b00 nt!MiProcessWorkingSets+0x42f
87668c50  00000000
87668c54  00004153
87668c58  00000320
87668c5c  87668c88
87668c60  81e875f0 nt!MmWorkingSetManager+0xa4
87668c64  00000002
87668c68  00000001
87668c6c  00000000
87668c70  00000000
87668c74  8221c7ab hal!KfReleaseSpinLock+0xb
87668c78  00000000
87668c7c  00000000
87668c80  00007959
87668c84  81e7ff15 nt!KeBalanceSetManager+0x195
87668c88  87668d50
87668c8c  81e7ff2f nt!KeBalanceSetManager+0x1af
87668c90  00000000
87668c94  83580020
87668c98  00000000
87668c9c  00000008
87668ca0  00000003
87668ca4  6f662067
87668ca8  87668cf0
87668cac  81f50430 nt!MmWorkingSetManagerEvent
87668cb0  00000000
87668cb4  00000005
87668cb8  00000000
87668cbc  45555146
87668cc0  00000003
87668cc4  68746977
87668cc8  40302a09
87668ccc  00000001
87668cd0  87668cd0
87668cd4  87668cd0
87668cd8  531af480
87668cdc  00000027
87668ce0  856e36a8
87668ce4  81f3fa48 nt!PpmCheckTimer+0x18
87668ce8  87668d00
87668cec  000000c8
87668cf0  69040001
87668cf4  00000000
87668cf8  87668cf8
87668cfc  87668cf8
87668d00  00000113
87668d04  73207374
87668d08  6874206f
87668d0c  81e82d0d nt!KiScanReadyQueues
87668d10  87668cb0
87668d14  6e616320
87668d18  20656220
87668d1c  00000000
87668d20  87668cf8
87668d24  87668cf8
87668d28  83580020
87668d2c  87668cf0
87668d30  87668d38
87668d34  03010000
87668d38  81f50438 nt!MmWorkingSetManagerEvent+0x8
87668d3c  81f50438 nt!MmWorkingSetManagerEvent+0x8
87668d40  83580020
87668d44  81f50430 nt!MmWorkingSetManagerEvent
87668d48  87668d20
87668d4c  02010001
87668d50  87668d90
87668d54  82010022 nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x9e
87668d58  00000000
87668d5c  9091ca35
87668d60  00000000
87668d64  00000000
87668d68  00000000
87668d6c  00000000
87668d70  00000000
87668d74  00000001
87668d78  87668d5c
87668d7c  8221eba9 hal!KfLowerIrql+0x61
87668d80  ffffffff
87668d84  81ec6ccd nt!_except_handler4
87668d88  96129aed
87668d8c  00000000
87668d90  00000000
87668d94  81eb8219 nt!KiThreadStartup+0x19
87668d98  81e7fd80 nt!KeBalanceSetManager
87668d9c  00000000
87668da0  00000000
87668da4  00000000
87668da8  2e706e70
87668dac  00707063
87668db0  00640057
87668db4  00440066
87668db8  00660065
87668dbc  00750061
87668dc0  0000027f
87668dc4  00000000
87668dc8  00000000
87668dcc  00000000
87668dd0  00000000
87668dd4  00000000
87668dd8  00001f80
87668ddc  0000ffff
87668de0  00000000
87668de4  00000000
87668de8  00000000
87668dec  00000000
87668df0  00000000
87668df4  00000000
87668df8  00000000
87668dfc  00000000
87668e00  00000000
87668e04  00000000
87668e08  00000000
87668e0c  00000000
87668e10  00000000
87668e14  00000000
87668e18  00000000
87668e1c  00000000
87668e20  00000000
87668e24  00000000
87668e28  00000000
87668e2c  00000000
87668e30  00000000
87668e34  00000000
87668e38  00000000
87668e3c  00000000
87668e40  00000000
87668e44  00000000
87668e48  00000000
87668e4c  00000000
87668e50  00000000
87668e54  00000000
87668e58  00000000
87668e5c  00000000
87668e60  00000000
87668e64  00000000
87668e68  00000000
87668e6c  00000000
87668e70  00000000
87668e74  00000000
87668e78  00000000
87668e7c  00000000
87668e80  00000000
87668e84  00000000
87668e88  00000000
87668e8c  00000000
87668e90  00000000
87668e94  00000000
87668e98  00000000
87668e9c  00000000
87668ea0  00000000
87668ea4  00000000
87668ea8  00000000
87668eac  00000000
87668eb0  00000000
87668eb4  00000000
87668eb8  00000000
87668ebc  00000000
87668ec0  00000000
87668ec4  00000000
87668ec8  00000000
87668ecc  00000000
87668ed0  00000000
87668ed4  00000000
87668ed8  00000000
87668edc  00000000
87668ee0  00000000
87668ee4  00000000
87668ee8  00000000
87668eec  00000000
87668ef0  00000000
87668ef4  00000000
87668ef8  00000000
87668efc  00000000
87668f00  00000000
87668f04  00000000
87668f08  00000000
87668f0c  00000000
87668f10  00000000
87668f14  00000000
87668f18  00000000
87668f1c  00000000
87668f20  00000000
87668f24  00000000
87668f28  00000000
87668f2c  00000000
87668f30  00000000
87668f34  00000000
87668f38  00000000
87668f3c  00000000
87668f40  00000000
87668f44  00000000
87668f48  00000000
87668f4c  00000000
87668f50  00000000
87668f54  00000000
87668f58  00000000
87668f5c  00000000
87668f60  00000000
87668f64  00000000
87668f68  00000000
87668f6c  00000000
87668f70  00000000
87668f74  00000000
87668f78  00000000
87668f7c  00000000
87668f80  00000000
87668f84  00000000
87668f88  00000000
87668f8c  00000000
87668f90  00000000
87668f94  00000000
87668f98  00000000
87668f9c  00000000
87668fa0  00000000
87668fa4  00000000
87668fa8  00000000
87668fac  00000000
87668fb0  00000000
87668fb4  00000000
87668fb8  00000000
87668fbc  00000000
87668fc0  00000000
87668fc4  00000000
87668fc8  00000000
87668fcc  00000000
87668fd0  ????????
87668fd4  ????????
87668fd8  ????????
87668fdc  ????????
87668fe0  ????????
87668fe4  ????????
87668fe8  ????????
87668fec  ????????
87668ff0  ????????
87668ff4  ????????
87668ff8  ????????
87668ffc  ????????
87669000  ????????
I realize you said you updated your drivers through Device Manager, but you might want to visit the Intel Drive Update website and make sure you do have their latest driver installed. Then you can check through Windows Update to make sure you have the latest DirectX drivers.

My concern is you've been having issues since "day one". I would be contacting Fujitsu customer support to find out why you're having these issues. It's possible that this is just the tip of the iceberg with some other underlying problems contributing to the BSODs.

Support & Downloads : Fujitsu United States
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Mar 2013   #3

Windows 7 32 bit

Thank you so much for the quick response!
I am willing to try anything at this point

I will try downloading the latest drivers from Intel as you suggested, and will report back if it doesn't work

Thanks again!!
My System SpecsSystem Spec

28 Mar 2013   #4

Windows 7 32 bit


I did as you suggested and even installed *all* the recommended updates for Windows update, but I'm still getting BSOD. What you suggested definitely helped though, as the frequency of these BSOD's have gone down quite a bit.

These are two recent minidump files from earlier today - do you think you could check to see what is coming up as the problem now?

Thank you so much for your help....
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Mar 2013   #5

Win7 Ultimate X64

We need more than just the dump files, have a read of this and follow the instructions

One of your dumps complains about ntfs filesystem among other things so might be wise to run a disk check
Disk Check
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
and a system file scan to verify windows files
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
and running with no AV is never a good idea i recommend you download and install Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows and do a full scan
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Mar 2013   #6

Windows 7 32 bit

Thanks for the suggestions, Pauly!
I've completed all of your recommendations also, and still getting the BSOD's. Chkdsk, memory test, and Microsoft Security Essentials all came up clean with no errors or viruses. Do you have any other ideas?

One thing I remember now is that I increased the size of the partition using Mini Tool Partition Magic when I first got the tablet. Could this be the reason I've been having problems from day 1? The utility ran fine with nno errors and none of my check disks since then have revealed any errors, so I didn't suspect this until now. I googled to see if this program was associated with BSOD errors, and couldn't find anything, but I'm starting to wonder if this could be the cause.. Do you know if this could be part of the reason, and if so, do you know of any possible fixes? I have unfortunately destroyed my only backup restoration image by extending the primary partition, and relying on ghost images I've created since then for back, so unfortunately I have no way of restoring the default,factory image anymore to test this hypothesis..

Thanks again for your help!!
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Random BSOD every 15-30 minutes!

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