#1: I've burned the Win 7 64-bit install ISO and verified it with imgburn. The ISO copy was successful.

#2 & 3: I'm having trouble getting my old computer to recognize my external HDD (WDC My Passport Essential, USB 3.0, ~700 GB). The computer I am using now (which is a HP Compaq nx 7300 with Win Vista 32 bit) is old (from 2006-7) and is practically a dinosaur and works very slowly. I ONLY use this old computer in case of emergencies (like now, since our newer Asus computer has BSOD).

The old computer sometimes doesn't recognize the external drive and other times takes about 20 minutes of being plugged in to the computer via USB port before it shows up on "my computer" (it shows up in My Devices, but won't allow me to assign a drive letter to it...) Anyway, I'm confident I'll get it working in the next day or two.

I'll send a posting once I complete steps #2 & #3.

Thanks again.