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Windows 7: No BSOD/memory dump, Random Freezes, Event Log Analysis, Desperate

28 Nov 2013   #1

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
No BSOD/memory dump, Random Freezes, Event Log Analysis, Desperate

My kingdom for a resolution! I've troubleshooted everything I can think of. My computer just randomly freezes.

I receive no BSOD either. It just stops responding, the monitor goes dead since it loses signal, yet the computer fans and HD lights continue to run. There is no response from it via mouse or keyboard however. No MEMORY.DMP files are created either.

I disabled automatic restart, so it doesn't reboot at least. Sometimes it freezes when I'm using it, other times in the middle of the night when I'm dead asleep.

To troubleshoot I've:
-Swapped out VGA cards. One seems to produce many more crashes (once or twice a day), but the other still crashes on occassion (once every couple of days) <-- could this be it? why the difference?
-Tested PSU, no problems.
-Reformatted and reinstalled OS
-Did full virus and malware scan with a half dozen different vendors, all came out clean.
-Used CPU temp monitoring software while running Prime95, temps are all fine.
-Ran Memtest overnight on my memory, all passed.
-Updated all drivers and windows updates, including Direct X
-Completely removed all video drivers, did a clean install of video drivers.
-Updated BIOS.
-Completely cleaned PC of dust, made it look brand new, all fans are fine, good ventilation.

The only "hint" I have is the event logs, but after searching the internet for a month on what it means, I'm still stuck. I will post what they say here in the hopes that some kind/smart soul will understand what its pointing at:

There are 2 Errors and 1 Critical in the log each time this happens. First, an error:

Event ID: 6008.
General Tab: The previous system shutdown at 8:56:45 AM on ‎11/‎29/‎2013 was unexpected.
Details Tab (Friendly View):
- System
- Provider
[ Name] EventLog
- EventID 6008
[ Qualifiers] 32768
Level 2
Task 0
Keywords 0x80000000000000
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2013-11-29T02:29:47.000000000Z
EventRecordID 14653
Channel System
Computer PhatBox
- EventData
8:56:45 AM
DD070B0005001D00080038002D005F00DD070B0005001D00000038002D005F00C01200003C00000001000000C01200000000 00006009000001000000834E0000

Binary data:
In Words
0000: 000B07DD 001D0005 00380008 005F002D
0008: 000B07DD 001D0005 00380000 005F002D
0010: 000012C0 0000003C 00000001 000012C0
0018: 00000000 00000960 00000001 00004E83

In Bytes
0000: DD 07 0B 00 05 00 1D 00 .......
0008: 08 00 38 00 2D 00 5F 00 ..8.-._.
0010: DD 07 0B 00 05 00 1D 00 .......
0018: 00 00 38 00 2D 00 5F 00 ..8.-._.
0020: C0 12 00 00 3C 00 00 00 ...<...
0028: 01 00 00 00 C0 12 00 00 .......
0030: 00 00 00 00 60 09 00 00 ....`...
0038: 01 00 00 00 83 4E 00 00 ....ƒN..


Now, the Critical:
Source: Kernel-Power
Event ID: 41
User: System
OpCode: Info
Task Category: (63)
Keywords (2)
General tab: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
Details tab (friendly view):
- System
- Provider
[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
[ Guid] {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}
EventID 41
Version 2
Level 1
Task 63
Opcode 0
Keywords 0x8000000000000002
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2013-11-29T02:29:40.053609600Z
EventRecordID 14657
- Execution
[ ProcessID] 4
[ ThreadID] 8
Channel System
Computer PhatBox
- Security
[ UserID] S-1-5-18
- EventData
BugcheckCode 0
BugcheckParameter1 0x0
BugcheckParameter2 0x0
BugcheckParameter3 0x0
BugcheckParameter4 0x0
SleepInProgress false
PowerButtonTimestamp 0


The final Error event:

Event ID: 1101
OpCode: Info
Task Category: Event processing
Keywords: Audit Success
General tab: Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0
Details tab (friendly view):
- System
- Provider
[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Eventlog
[ Guid] {fc65ddd8-d6ef-4962-83d5-6e5cfe9ce148}
EventID 1101
Version 0
Level 2
Task 101
Opcode 0
Keywords 0x4020000000000000
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2013-11-29T02:29:47.448022500Z
EventRecordID 21098
- Execution
[ ProcessID] 1012
[ ThreadID] 1124
Channel Security
Computer PhatBox
- UserData
- AuditEventsDropped
Reason 0
Please Help!

My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Nov 2013   #2

Windows 7 Pro-x64

I'm no smart soul but it looks to me like power faults. Start by checking all the connections from the power supply to the motherboard. A few disconnects and reconnect will clean the pins. Be sure all the pins in the connectors are fully seated. Sometimes a pin will get ejected from the connector (pushed out by the motherboard pins).

Next would be to verify the power supply voltages. These should not vary by more than +/- 5% on any of the rails.
One method is to down load and install HWiNFO64, if you don't already have a voltage monitor.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Nov 2013   #3

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thanks for the reply carwiz.
Smart or not, I appreciate just ANY help right now, any ideas would be good ones.

I checked all the connections, they are all firm and solid with clean pins.
I verified the PSU voltages using HWiNFO64 and also a PSU tester, all voltages were within range and tested fine.

So I'm still clueless.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
My System SpecsSystem Spec

30 Nov 2013   #4

Windows 7 Pro-x64

Follow the instructions at the top of the page for including diagnostic files. Even if there's no dumps, the other files and info may help. It can save time and we won't be playing message tag.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

What brand and model of PSU are you using? HWiNFO64 allows logging. Run it and log the temps and voltages while you're doing other things on the PC. Post the log as an attachment.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Nov 2013   #5

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

The problem is I'm not getting a BSOD. It just freezes and I need to manually restart - most of the time, although I was surprised today to see that it had restarted on its own. No change in the event log though, same exact 3 errors I got as original posted, every time. Still, I don't get a BSOD, and I have my PC to do a full dump (kernel) on system crash, but it still does not produce a memory dump. Should I set it for a mini-dump or something else instead?

I'll set HWiNFO to alert me if the voltages flucuate. What do you think the high and low for that should be? I'm not knowledgeable with voltages, so I dunno if I should put 4 and 6 or more like 4.5 and 5.5, etc. How long should I let the log run for before I post it?

The PSU isn't even 6 months old yet. Here's a cut and paste from NewEgg of the one I have, as I'm not sure which info is most valuable: SeaSonic X Series X-850 (SS-850KM3 Active PFC F3) 850W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS 12V v2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Active PFC Power Supply New 4th Gen CPU Certified Haswell Ready
My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Dec 2013   #6

Windows 7 Pro-x64

Set it for either but a mini-dump will work. You also MUST have a page file equal to your installed memory plus 1MB to create a dump file. Here's a tutorial on Dump Files. I need the other files whether you get dumps or not. They provide a detailed picture of your system and drivers.

Run the log for several minutes while you exercise the system hardware. The PSU is a good one but even good ones can fail. As already stated, the limit on voltage is +/- 5% on all voltage rails. (12v= 11.4 - 12.6) , (5v= 4.75 - 5.25) , (3.3v= 3.13- 3.46)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Dec 2013   #7

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
will update soon

Hi Carwiz,
I appreciate you working with me on this.
I'll do what you said, but I'm trying one more thing first. My OS was on an SSD, and since as far as I can tell there are no real SSD diagnostic programs, I'm now running my OS off a different drive to see if I still get freezes or not. I had reformatted and reinstalled the OS on the SSD drive and that hadn't made a difference, so perhaps it's a drive problem. It's only been running 12 hours so far but I haven't had any freezes, then again I keep having to restart manually as I install programs that I need on a daily basis. If you don't mind, give me maybe a couple days to see if I get any system freezes again, if I do, then it's not a drive issue. If not, then hopefully problem solved. I'll reply as soon as I can confirm if its a drive issue or not. Thanks for all the advice so far, truly appreciate it!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
09 Dec 2013   #8

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Well, turns out that last little piece of trouble shooting I tried ended up solving the problem. I should have done that before I posted but unfortunately it didn't occur to me until the last minute. There is no way to to a diagnostics test on a SSD drive, not that will tell you there are any subtle problems that is, so I had to send an email to Crucial (manufacturer of the drive) explaining the problem that I stated above. This was there response:
Thank you for contacting us. The behavior you are describing is consistent with TRIM commands not executing on the drive (which may result from lots of writing and rewriting, especially OS installs, not done on the OS level, and which can be blocked by a SATA controller running in IDE mode as you've indicated). The accumulation of 'junk' data from file deletions, even reformats, basically clogs up the drive and reduces or sometimes even halts performance and can even dismount the drive. A secondary feature called Garbage Collection activates when the drive is powered, but has no data throughput, for an extended period, and does background cleanup on our SSDs which can make up for the lack of TRIM.

If this is the cause of your drive's behavior, a period of idling the drive without any data being written or read actively will improve its performance. We recommend you perform this idle period on a desktop computer because it allows you to only connect the SATA power connection.
I did what they asked, ran it idle for about 12 hours, and then booted off it again. I'm now on day four of constant uptime, which I haven't been able to do for about two months, so that definitely solved the problem. I'm also thankful I don't have to buy any replacement PC components, ha. Anyway, just wanted to anywho who sees this know, perhaps this can help them in the future. I searched google for a month on this problem and found nothing. Hope this can help others. I appreciate your help as well carwiz. Until next time.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
09 Dec 2013   #9

Windows 7 Pro-x64

+1 on your reputation for getting back to us. All of us appreciate when a new registered user comes back and posts information on the outcome of there situation. It can help thousands of others with the same problem. And it doesn't happen often enough so you deserve a hardy handshake and big thank you.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
09 Dec 2013   #10

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Ha, thanks... but... wow, this is embarrassing... the problem still exists. Same thing as before, nothing changed except frequency of crashing now. Listening to the Crucial tech did seem to help, as like I said, I got a world more of uptime than I previously had. Hopefully that points to it really being an HD problem though and nothing else. I sent an email to crucial telling them it still happened, as their previous email said IF the "garbage cleaning" didn't work than it may be up for a warranty exchange. Hopefully if and after that happens, assuming it doesn't crash, I can say with 100% confidence that it was really the HD. Now all possibilities still exist. But at least I'm not out of options, as I'm still working with Crucial on the drive problem. Anyway, again, thanks a ton carwiz (for the rep too), I'll update this thread once I can confirm the problem (assuming I can).
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 No BSOD/memory dump, Random Freezes, Event Log Analysis, Desperate

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