Changed dmp file to open w Notepad. How to restore original setting?

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    Changed dmp file to open w Notepad. How to restore original setting?

    hello, I am beginning my task to discover why BSOD, mostly after using computer in sleep mode.
    I read threads how to prepare dump file for upload, however, instructions I read advised:
    "left click first dump file> hold shift key down & left click after last dump file (blue highlight these files)> select send to compressed (zipped) folder for upload w next post.
    After crash I located a dump file (in Minidump folder).
    >I had one file. I misunderstood thinking I was supposed to open the file and highlight the contents (for upload). I clicked the on the file to open it a got a message something to the effect of "Windows can't open this file."
    At that point the instructions didn't seem to match, so regretfully I (stupidly) assigned "Notepad" to open the (.dmp) file.
    Now I can't remove Notepad as default program associated with .dmp files (does that alter the file contents? can I compress the Notepad file and upload that?) anyway...
    I really want to remove Notepad as default program that opens .dmp files, however, in order to remove Notepad as default you must select/provide a replacement program. I Googled all over and couldn't find what the original default value or program should be. Uncheck the box without changing the program and you find the box automatically returns to checked status.
    Before the change clicking on this .dmp file generated a message something like "you can't open this file in windows" or something like that.
    Would someone please be so kind as to provide a screenshot (like mine below) showing the proper default value?
    I've read entries by others asking how to change .dmp back from Notepad "so it opens with nothing" (as one person put it) like it was before.
    Subsequent replies responded "just uncheck the box" (but that doesn't work).
    I was looking at a screen capture someone posted (not sure where) on this site, a list of default registry files and default programs someone provided. The list was long and appeared to be complete, but sure enough, somehow the .dmp file line was missing from the array.
    I'm hoping to restore the proper value for this file and establish the answer for others who find themselves wasting time struggling with this.
    Need some help, Thanks
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    Welcome to the forum,

    You should still be able to upload them, they are only associated with notepad on your machine.

    Someone else can help with the unassociation.

    The best method for uploading BSOD info is using this,

    1. Download this file to your desktop or other convenient location,


    2. Double click on the file to run it.

    3. Locate the .ZIP file created on your desktop, and upload it here in your next reply.

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    Welcome to the Seven Forums.

    Download and open the zipped/compressed reg file attached to this post.

    Copy the file named DMP-NOTEPAD.REG to your desktop.

    Double click on that file and accept the various warnings.

    Restart your computer.

    That should remove Notepad's association with DMP files.

    Here is the content of the file named DMP-NOTEPAD.REG... case you want to see it before using it.
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    I'm not able to help you with the BSOD stuff. You will need to wait on someone who can help with that.

    edit: I see that derekimo is already helping you with the BSOD part
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    Thanks for the help. I downloaded the file named DMP-NOTEPAD.REG provided by UsernameIssues a.k.a. UNI and followed my advisor's instructions. After restart I went to Control Panel> Programs> Default Programs> Set Associations to see any changes for entry file .dmp (my screen shot above shows previous status: .dmp - DMP file - Notepad ).
    Now I know the proper original default status for the .dmp file is that it would not even appear in the files and associated programs list. Removing the associated program required either replacing with another program, or using the special file my advisor provided to eliminate the program association change I made. I learned a few things. One thing was that the program association I inadvertently saved apparently would not cause a problem I'm relieved to understand what happened (and restore the original setting).
    Worked like a charm.
    I'll take up the dump file/ BSOD intermittent problem some other time.
    Thank You So Much
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    You are welcome. Glad that it worked for you.

    It does not hurt to have Notepad associated with DMP files, but there is not much benefit to the association either.

    On a somewhat related note. You can open Notepad - then drag/drop almost any file into it if you just want to have a look-see. Just don't save the file. Notepad might freeze (say not responding) while it opens big files... but that is okay. It should eventually show you the contents (which might be gibberish).

    I open so many files using Notepad that I have added the notepad shortcut to Explorer's Sendto folder.

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    Hi UsernameIssues,

    I do not see the reg file attached to your post. Could you send me the file or guide me what the registry entry values need to be changed to?

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Kind regards,
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