BSOD when starting MSI Gaming App and change to gaming mode or OC mode

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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits 9600 Multiprocessor Free

    BSOD when starting MSI Gaming App and change to gaming mode or OC mode

    Hello Forum,

    I have build a Gaming PC and i was trying to use the MSI Gaming app. It worked but nowadays when i change the mode it gives me an instant BSOD. i have uploaded the BSOD .zip file as instructed.

    Thank you for your help,

    Kind regards,
    Jan L
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits 9600 Multiprocessor Free
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    I already have runned the memtest. i had 10 passes and 0 errors
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    W7 Pro x64 SP1 | W10 Pro IP x64 | W8.1 Pro x64 VM | Linux Mint VM

    Are you overclocking or have you recently installed any new hardware?

    If you're overclocking your system, revert back to stock clocks now.

    Please fill in your system specs. System Info - See Your System Specs

    There are multiple instances of your GPU driver showing in the stack.

    ffffd000`24636578  fffff800`022ffab3 nvlddmkm+0x25fab3
    ffffd000`24636580  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636588  00000000`00000001
    ffffd000`24636590  00000000`0000000d
    ffffd000`24636598  ffffe000`03935700
    ffffd000`246365a0  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246365a8  fffff800`02300aee nvlddmkm+0x260aee
    ffffd000`246365b0  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`246365b8  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`246365c0  ffffe000`03935700
    ffffd000`246365c8  ffffe000`03935700
    ffffd000`246365d0  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246365d8  fffff800`022ffab3 nvlddmkm+0x25fab3
    ffffd000`246365e0  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`246365e8  00000000`00000001
    ffffd000`246365f0  00000000`00000038
    ffffd000`246365f8  ffffe000`03935700
    ffffd000`24636600  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636608  fffff800`02300aee nvlddmkm+0x260aee
    ffffd000`24636610  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636618  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636620  ffffe000`03935700
    ffffd000`24636628  fffff800`022d7f02 nvlddmkm+0x237f02
    ffffd000`24636630  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636638  fffff800`02300930 nvlddmkm+0x260930
    ffffd000`24636640  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`24636648  00000000`00000024
    ffffd000`24636650  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636658  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636660  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636668  fffff800`023f884e nvlddmkm+0x35884e
    ffffd000`24636670  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`24636678  ffffe000`004b3870
    ffffd000`24636680  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636688  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636690  ffffd000`24636730
    ffffd000`24636698  fffff800`024926ac nvlddmkm+0x3f26ac
    ffffd000`246366a0  ffffe000`00ff6010
    ffffd000`246366a8  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`246366b0  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246366b8  ffffe000`0384a010
    ffffd000`246366c0  ffffe000`00000000
    ffffd000`246366c8  ffffd000`00005700
    ffffd000`246366d0  ffffe000`0463ca70
    ffffd000`246366d8  00000000`00000070
    ffffd000`246366e0  ffffffff`ffffff00
    ffffd000`246366e8  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246366f0  ffffe000`0463ca70
    ffffd000`246366f8  fffff800`02492326 nvlddmkm+0x3f2326
    ffffd000`24636700  ffffe000`0384a010
    ffffd000`24636708  ffffe000`0384a010
    ffffd000`24636710  ffffd000`24636800
    ffffd000`24636718  ffffd000`24636720
    ffffd000`24636720  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636728  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636730  00110000`00010c02
    ffffd000`24636738  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636740  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636748  fffff800`022b59ef nvlddmkm+0x2159ef
    ffffd000`24636750  00000000`00000040
    ffffd000`24636758  00000000`0010a008
    ffffd000`24636760  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636768  00000000`00000100
    ffffd000`24636770  ffff50b7`8f999027
    ffffd000`24636778  fffff800`023a5b30 nvlddmkm+0x305b30
    ffffd000`24636780  ffffe000`0384a010
    ffffd000`24636788  fffff800`023f4d31 nvlddmkm+0x354d31
    ffffd000`24636790  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636798  ffffd000`24636800
    ffffd000`246367a0  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246367a8  00000000`00000040
    ffffd000`246367b0  00000000`00000100
    ffffd000`246367b8  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`246367c0  00000000`00000060
    ffffd000`246367c8  00000000`00000006
    ffffd000`246367d0  ffffd000`24636831
    ffffd000`246367d8  fffff800`023a53bc nvlddmkm+0x3053bc
    ffffd000`246367e0  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246367e8  ffffd000`24636880
    ffffd000`246367f0  00000000`00000001
    ffffd000`246367f8  ffffd000`24636831
    ffffd000`24636800  00000000`00000006
    ffffd000`24636808  fffff800`023a5862 nvlddmkm+0x305862
    ffffd000`24636810  ffffe000`039ee000
    ffffd000`24636818  ffffd000`24636880
    ffffd000`24636820  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636828  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636830  00000017`00000100
    ffffd000`24636838  ffffe000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636840  ffffe000`03878e90
    ffffd000`24636848  00000000`00080004
    ffffd000`24636850  00000000`00080002
    ffffd000`24636858  ffffe000`030ba010
    ffffd000`24636860  000001e8`00000000
    ffffd000`24636868  00000000`00000084
    ffffd000`24636870  ffff50b7`8f999f37
    ffffd000`24636878  fffff800`022b3014 nvlddmkm+0x213014
    ffffd000`24636880  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636888  ffffe000`0384a010
    ffffd000`24636890  ffffe000`06265000
    ffffd000`24636898  ffffffff`ffffffff
    ffffd000`246368a0  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`246368a8  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`246368b0  ffffe000`039ee000
    ffffd000`246368b8  fffff800`023f77ac nvlddmkm+0x3577ac
    ffffd000`246368c0  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246368c8  ffffe000`039ee000
    ffffd000`246368d0  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246368d8  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`246368e0  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`246368e8  fffff800`022ffcc6 nvlddmkm+0x25fcc6
    ffffd000`246368f0  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`246368f8  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636900  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636908  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636910  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636918  fffff800`023016c9 nvlddmkm+0x2616c9
    ffffd000`24636920  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`24636928  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`24636930  ffffe000`031c8010
    ffffd000`24636938  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636940  ffffe000`031c8010
    ffffd000`24636948  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`24636950  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`24636958  fffff800`022ffa80 nvlddmkm+0x25fa80
    ffffd000`24636960  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636968  00000000`00002710
    ffffd000`24636970  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`24636978  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`24636980  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`24636988  fffff800`02300bcb nvlddmkm+0x260bcb
    ffffd000`24636990  ffffe000`04713000
    ffffd000`24636998  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246369a0  ffffe000`04797b30
    ffffd000`246369a8  ffffe000`046e6000
    ffffd000`246369b0  00000000`00000000
    ffffd000`246369b8  fffff800`0240f038 nvlddmkm+0x36f038
    Have you recently installed your nVidia GPU or is it overclocked? Check the card to ensure it's properly seated.
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits 9600 Multiprocessor Free
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    Oke i have used the system spec tool. and i have recently bought this computer. i am not aware of overclocking this system. but i have assembled it myself. can it be wrong in the housing?
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    Did you try reseating the GPU?
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits 9600 Multiprocessor Free
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    You mean to remove it from the Motherboard? and replug it?
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    W7 Pro x64 SP1 | W10 Pro IP x64 | W8.1 Pro x64 VM | Linux Mint VM

    Yes. Unplug the machine from the mains supply, ground yourself on bare metal par of the case (to drain any ESD) then remove the card. Reseat it and put the machine back together, reboot and test.
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits 9600 Multiprocessor Free
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    Oke i will try it in a few hours! ty in advance
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    W7 Pro x64 SP1 | W10 Pro IP x64 | W8.1 Pro x64 VM | Linux Mint VM

    Keep us posted.
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bits 9600 Multiprocessor Free
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    Hello Boozad,

    I am very sorry for not responding (Quickly). I had my holidaybreak. i have opend my machine with a friend of mine and he told me that maybe the power supply couldt be the issue. so we were looking on the internet, but i have a 600 Watt OCZ Modulair power supply. it only has a 12V 25 AMP Rail. and my friend said that Nvidia requires at least 42 to 52 AMP. Am i right? can this be my problem, because in this case i will go top the store tommorow to tell the owner he has to find another job :P.

    Kind regards

    Update: My Power supply is an OCZ600MXSP
    Last edited by Jantjea123; 28 Jul 2014 at 13:06. Reason: Update the power supply
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