BSOD referencing iaStor.sys. Running Win 7, 64-bit.

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    BSOD referencing iaStor.sys. Running Win 7, 64-bit.


    Running an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop w/Windows 7 Home Premium (x64).

    I have been battling an iaStor.sys BSOD for about 3 weeks now. No specific action seems to trigger it, from what I can tell. Strange that it seems to happen more frequently when my computer is connected to ac outlet power as opposed to running off battery power.

    I have tried System Restore to about 5 days back (at the time). I have scanned with MalwareBytes and avast!, and things came up clean. I updated my nVidia, BIOS, and Intel no avail.

    I am an average computer user--certainly no expert. I did use the DM Log Collector and attached my .zip file. Hopefully this helps!

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    Windows 10 Home 64Bit

    Welcome to the forum dysphoria,

    Free up the start-up, nothing except the antivirus is usually needed.

    Make scans with the following:

    Kaspersky TDSSKiller

    ESET online scanner:

    Golden said:
    Remove Intel Rapid Storage Technology applications.

    1. Uninstall it from Control Panel > Programs and Features.
    2. Uninstall the driver from device manager:
    - Right click on "my computer" icon and click "manage" on the context menu.
    - In the "Computer Management" window that opens:
    - Select "Device Manager" in the left pane, It will list all the existing devices.
    - Expand "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" by clicking on the triangle in front of it.
    - Select one Intel device item under it, right click, then uninstall.
    - Repeat the process for all Intel items under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers"
    3. Now restart the computer.
    4. Once booted, Windows will auto configure the appropriate native system driver.
    Run the System File Checker that scans the of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible:
    • Click on the
    • Type CMD on Search
    • Left click and Run as Administrator
    • Type SFC /scannow

    Full tutorial here:

    Run Disk Check on your Hard Drive for file system errors and bad sectors on it:

    Upload a screenshot of your hard disk using Crystal Disk Info:

    Make a hard drive test from the hard drive manufacturers website:

    Test your Hard Drive with SeaTools:

    Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.2.9200.20512 X86
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Loading Dump File [C:\Users\admin\Downloads\DYSPHORIA-Tue_07_08_2014_124709_22\070714-11700-01.dmp]
    Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
    Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
    Executable search path is: 
    Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
    Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
    Built by: 7601.18409.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.140303-2144
    Machine Name:
    Kernel base = 0xfffff800`03617000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`0385a890
    Debug session time: Mon Jul  7 14:25:10.693 2014 (UTC + 6:00)
    System Uptime: 0 days 3:33:06.521
    Loading Kernel Symbols
    Loading User Symbols
    Loading unloaded module list
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for iaStor.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iaStor.sys
    *                                                                             *
    *                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
    *                                                                             *
    Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
    BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff88001073768, fffff88003be5868, fffff88003be50c0}
    Probably caused by : iaStor.sys ( iaStor+49768 )
    Followup: MachineOwner
    2: kd> !analyze -v
    *                                                                             *
    *                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
    *                                                                             *
    This is a very common bugcheck.  Usually the exception address pinpoints
    the driver/function that caused the problem.  Always note this address
    as well as the link date of the driver/image that contains this address.
    Some common problems are exception code 0x80000003.  This means a hard
    coded breakpoint or assertion was hit, but this system was booted
    /NODEBUG.  This is not supposed to happen as developers should never have
    hardcoded breakpoints in retail code, but ...
    If this happens, make sure a debugger gets connected, and the
    system is booted /DEBUG.  This will let us see why this breakpoint is
    Arg1: ffffffffc0000005, The exception code that was not handled
    Arg2: fffff88001073768, The address that the exception occurred at
    Arg3: fffff88003be5868, Exception Record Address
    Arg4: fffff88003be50c0, Context Record Address
    Debugging Details:
    EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s.
    fffff880`01073768 488b4d40        mov     rcx,qword ptr [rbp+40h]
    EXCEPTION_RECORD:  fffff88003be5868 -- (.exr 0xfffff88003be5868)
    ExceptionAddress: fffff88001073768 (iaStor+0x0000000000049768)
       ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
      ExceptionFlags: 00000000
    NumberParameters: 2
       Parameter[0]: 0000000000000000
       Parameter[1]: 0000000000000040
    Attempt to read from address 0000000000000040
    CONTEXT:  fffff88003be50c0 -- (.cxr 0xfffff88003be50c0)
    rax=00000000fff5cb6e rbx=fffffa80090ba9b0 rcx=0000000000000000
    rdx=fffff88003be5ac0 rsi=fffffa800cd27f18 rdi=fffffa8008a69bb8
    rip=fffff88001073768 rsp=fffff88003be5aa0 rbp=0000000000000000
     r8=fffffa80090450b0  r9=00000000000000c0 r10=00000000000a34ac
    r11=fffff88003be5af8 r12=fffffa80083610a0 r13=fffff8800104ee24
    r14=0000000000000000 r15=fffff88003304f40
    iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na po nc
    cs=0010  ss=0018  ds=002b  es=002b  fs=0053  gs=002b             efl=00010246
    fffff880`01073768 488b4d40        mov     rcx,qword ptr [rbp+40h] ss:0018:00000000`00000040=????????????????
    Resetting default scope
    PROCESS_NAME:  System
    ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s.
    EXCEPTION_PARAMETER1:  0000000000000000
    EXCEPTION_PARAMETER2:  0000000000000040
    READ_ADDRESS: GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800038c4100
    GetUlongFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800038c41c0
     0000000000000040 Nonpaged pool
    fffff880`01073768 488b4d40        mov     rcx,qword ptr [rbp+40h]
    LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from fffffa8008a69bb8 to fffff88001073768
    fffff880`03be5aa0 fffffa80`08a69bb8 : fffffa80`0cd27f18 fffffa80`0cd27390 fffffa80`083de1c0 fffff880`010a7bc8 : iaStor+0x49768
    fffff880`03be5aa8 fffffa80`0cd27f18 : fffffa80`0cd27390 fffffa80`083de1c0 fffff880`010a7bc8 00000000`00000000 : 0xfffffa80`08a69bb8
    fffff880`03be5ab0 fffffa80`0cd27390 : fffffa80`083de1c0 fffff880`010a7bc8 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : 0xfffffa80`0cd27f18
    fffff880`03be5ab8 fffffa80`083de1c0 : fffff880`010a7bc8 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 fffff880`03be5b50 : 0xfffffa80`0cd27390
    fffff880`03be5ac0 fffff880`010a7bc8 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 fffff880`03be5b50 fffffa80`fff5cb6e : 0xfffffa80`083de1c0
    fffff880`03be5ac8 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 fffff880`03be5b50 fffffa80`fff5cb6e 00000000`00000030 : iaStor+0x7dbc8
    SYMBOL_NAME:  iaStor+49768
    FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner
    MODULE_NAME: iaStor
    IMAGE_NAME:  iaStor.sys
    STACK_COMMAND:  .cxr 0xfffff88003be50c0 ; kb
    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x7E_iaStor+49768
    BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x7E_iaStor+49768
    Followup: MachineOwner
    2: kd> lmvm iaStor
    start             end                 module name
    fffff880`0102a000 fffff880`013ce000   iaStor   T (no symbols)           
        Loaded symbol image file: iaStor.sys
        Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\iaStor.sys
        Image name: iaStor.sys
        Timestamp:        Wed Nov 30 09:39:19 2011 (4ED5A567)
        CheckSum:         0009778C
        ImageSize:        003A4000
        Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Thread Starter

    Thank you, koolkat!

    I apologize for the delay; I was wiped out by some kind of flu today. Tonight, I did manage to disable all my startup programs via CCleaner (which I've had for years). I also performed the clean startup via msconfig and rebooted.

    Things are quicker, and no freezes/BSoDs yet. They are seemingly somewhat random, but usually happen anywhere between 5 minutes or 2 hours. If there are no freezes by tomorrow, I can be quite certain there is some kind of application conflict.

    Thank you for a step in the right direction! A relief in frustrating times.

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    Windows 10 Home 64Bit

    Thanks for letting us know!

    Hope the good luck continues :)
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Thread Starter

    Well, I did end up having a crash this afternoon, but the interval between crashes was probably the longest yet. It seems that I cannot disable my avast! Antivirus. It doesn't allow me in CCleaner or msconfig. I'd hate to uninstall it altogether...

    This was when everything (except avast!) was disabled.


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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Thread Starter

    I went ahead and ran the Kaspersky TDSS Killer. It was clean.

    I ran the ESET Online Scanner a week or so ago, with a clean result. I'll go ahead and run it again just in case.

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Thread Starter

    Kaspersky TDSS Killer and ESET scans are both clean!
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Thread Starter

    I will take a break now, before I attempt the Intel removal. I wanted to ensure that the only thing I would remove from the program list is "Intel Rapid Storage Technology", because the tutorial mentioned "applications"...and I do have about 12 Intel programs/applications listed. Here is a shot from my Windows program list.

    Attachment 325075

    In my Device Manager, I do not have "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" listed. I mentioned I am not entirely tech-savvy with these kinds of things! What category should I look into? Here is a shot from my Device Manager list.

    Attachment 325076

    Thank you much!

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    Windows 11 Pro

    That's the first time I have seen a Device manager without IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers How about expanding Storage controllers and post a screenshot.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Thread Starter

    Sure thing.

    Attachment 325169
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