Random BSOD x124/Crashes

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    Random BSOD x124/Crashes

    Hey fellas,
    For the last few month I've been experiencing BSOD/Random crashes without any specific indications.
    I've had enough and I think it's time that something will be done.
    I'll try to be as informative as possible.

    The blue screen I received is 0x0000000124, other crashes are just random restarts.
    No specific terms for the crashing, could be while opening Chrome after the computer boots, playing video games, watching youtube or twitch, nothing out of the ordinary.
    Temperatures are very solid, too.
    CPU could run for hours with Prime95 around 65C
    GPU with or without OC is on 60C.
    Memtest through the night without errors.

    My desktop motherboard is MA770UD3-Rev1.
    Had a Phenom X3 720BE, bought a used Phenom X6 1090T (supported by the motherboard). No problems.
    MA770UD3 Ethernet was working too well (had to replug the cable everytime after boot until it works). Bought a generic network card for PCI slot of ALI EXPRESS, card worked fined, no problems I can recall.
    PSU is 520W Seasonic Bronze, should be more than enough.
    There was one time the computer booted and I heard 1 long beep and 2 short one (Indicates video card problem, never happened again).

    BlueScreenView says it's hal.dll and nstokrnl.exe causing the crashed.

    Right now I'm writing this from the problematic computer, as you can see sometimes the computer crashed right away, other times in could work for hours/days.

    One more detail, after the problem started I thought maybe 65C for the Phenom is too high so I switched the thermal paste for a newer one, gave me a few days of no crashing but now it's back.

    Crash dump included.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Hi DarkCowMoo,

    It seems you are running a counterfeit installation.
    Troubleshooting a counterfeit installation is useless because it is not known what has been modified to your system.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
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    Hey there,
    Well I used to run an illegal copy but I switched the key to a legit one as I received one for free as a student.
    Is hal.dll or nstorknl.exe by anyway related to the serial number?
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Those are windows files you can find on any Windows system.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
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    So do you think the problem is caused by a modified system or that since the system is modified it's impossible to deter the cause?
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    Windows 10 Pro

    It is hard to determine the cause due to a modified system.
    What the cause is, is something we won't help finding out because that will be incredibly hard to impossible.

    I recommend to do a clean install.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
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    First of all, thanks for the quick response.

    I might try to reinstall windows as I do feel it's the last resort. Their were times that I had many crashed in a row even before I reached the boot screen of Windows.
    Windows 10 crashed too (had it on dual boot).
    I just want to make sure that there is no way to figure out the source of the problem without formating.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    It wouldn't be worth the time to find the source on a system that has been modified.
    Although you have a legitim license, it does not mean the modifications are gone.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
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    Hey axe0,
    This time I have a dump of a freshly installed Windows 10, no modification of any kind.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    This could mean any possible hardware component
    Probably caused by : hardware
    Although, the sevenforums is only for windows 7, here are some hardware tests.

    Diagnostcs Tests

    Read carefully before proceeding.

    If you're overclocking your system, revert back to stock clocks now.

    Test the system once the overclock is removed before continuing with the steps outlined below.

    Part One: CPU Stress Test
    Part Two: MemTest86+ RAM Diagnostic
    Part Three: Hard Drive Diagnostics
    Part Four: GPU Stress Test



    Run Prime95 to stress test your CPU. Prime95 - Stress Test Your CPU - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Your CPU temperatures will rise quickly while under this stress test. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if overheating occurs.



    Run MemTest86+ to analyse your RAM. MemTest86+ - Test RAM - Windows 7 Help Forums


    MemTest86+ needs to be run for at least 8 passes for conclusive results. Set it running before you go to bed and leave it overnight. We're looking for zero errors here. Even a single error will indicate RAM failure.



    Run SeaTools to check the integrity of your HDD. SeaTools - HDD test - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Do not run SeaTools on an SSD as the results will be invalid.

    Run chkdsk Disk Check



    Run Furmark to stress test your GPU. FurMark - GPU Stress Test - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Run Furmark for around 30 minutes.

    Your GPU temperatures will rise quickly while Furmark is running. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if overheating occurs.
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