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Windows 7: Randomlyish-occurring BSOD after installing hardware from another PC.

02 Dec 2017   #1

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Randomlyish-occurring BSOD after installing hardware from another PC.

I got fancy new stuff! Specifically, I got an Aorus 1080 Ti and a Samsung 840 Pro! Huzzah!

I put both in, and my system started crashing at strange times. I'll cut to the chase first and explain what's going on, then what I've already tried.

So, I get 0x000000D1 that points to either storport.sys or IaStorA.sys (or however it's spelled, I can never remember x.x), IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Gah. That error drives me nuts. Anyway, it happens with no overt pattern /except/ that it tends to happen shortly after I run Unigine Heaven's benchmark.

Wait! Don't start making assumptions yet! It's not an overheating issue! Read my methodology first!

My first instinct was that it has to do with the GPU /somehow/, but indirectly. Maybe I had a SATA wire positioned too close to it and EMI or heat was messing with data transmission, so I worked on fan curves and stuff to try and get it to run cooler to partially eliminate heat as a possible cause, and tied the wires to the hard drive cages and other similar points further away from the GPU. I also unplugged the SSD from the 6G SATA port it was in before and put it in a 3G port, both in case the 6G port (or controller!) was bad and so if there /is/ EMI, it's less likely to actually cause a significant issue. Finally, all my other drives are in the 3G ports, so I figured they've /got/ to be reasonably okay.

So off I go, run Heaven again, crash a few seconds after I quit out. Gah. That's usually a sign that the GPU suddenly not needing as much power is throwing something out of whack somewhere. Tried it again a bit later, seemed stable, but crashed nine hours later. What the heck? Okay, odd. This time when the system booted I left it alone, no Heaven, and had no crashes for 72 continuous hours.

Ran Heaven, no crashes. Closed Heaven. Half an hour later, bang, crashed again.

This pattern maintains consistency; the only time I seem to crash is when I run very particular programs, and it's like it sets a countdown to doom where even if my system is under no stress, at some point within half an hour, it goes down. Heaven is the easiest to access, but other programs do it too. I don't remember which ones /do/ do it, but I can verify that the ones that definitely don't do it are Skype, Steam, 3Dmark (What the heck?), Oculus Home, Elite: Dangerous, MSI Afterburner, Aorus Graphics Engine, Hwinfo64, and many others.

The fact that really specific things, like Heaven /but not 3Dmark/, cause eventual BSODs is what's really confusing me. It's definitely not an over-stress issue, and I'm not even (at least knowingly) accessing data on the SSD when the system goes down.

Some concerns I'd like to raise:

My primary hard drive has had to use some of its reserve blocks, and I know I have some bad sectors. This has been the case for years. It hasn't gotten worse and I believe them to be the result of me literally tripping over my computer while it was turned on at one point, so I don't think it's in an ongoing getting-worse-and-failing state. Besides, literally the day before I installed the new hardware I was running for almost 24 days straight without any issues. This is a 24/7 system, and these BSODs are exceptionally unusual. I think overall it's been running since about 2014. All this said, it's conceivably possible that the drive happened to get significantly worse just as I installed the GPU, so I figured I'd raise the point in case the logs mention thousands of bad sectors.

To be clear, the last number of reserved sectors in use was around 200-290 as of a few months ago. It hasn't changed for years. If you're reading thousands or something, please tell me, that's probably the issue.

I do have up-to-date backups.

The SSD was pulled from another system, and although it hasn't even seen 1TB of writes, it has been sitting outside of any protective casing for a few years. I don't know if that'd cause problems.

My drivers are absolutely outdated; I'm sure on that. I can't figure out how to update them. I tried to install a new version of Intel RST, but it claims my system isn't supported by RST.. Yet I already have another version installed! Weird. It identifies its self as "Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise", offers me almost zero control over anything, and I can't find another "enterprise" version for the life of me on Intel's website. I think this was included with Asus' "AI Suite", which does have an update available for it, but that thing was a pain to install and I'd like to rule out actual failing hardware if possible before I start messing around with trying to update AI Suite.

All drives are plugged into the 3G ports on my motherboard. They're controlled by an Intel controller; I don't know which one.

AHCI is enabled, BIOS is up to date (excluding beta updates), graphics drivers are up to date, OS is up to date (Except for MSRT and KB2952664, because CompatTelRunner was using nearly 100% of my disk and making my computer almost unusable), and all benchmarks run optimally, be them for the GPU or CrystalDiskMark.

So there. Support .zip is attached. Can anyone tell me if this looks like a hardware or a driver issue, and if driver, which sites to go to to try and get the latest stuff? Asus' things are all from 2014-2015. Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, Heaven doesn't have to be currently running for me to crash, I just have had to run it at any point before last booting. I can start it up, run it for ten seconds, close it, and I'll crash within half an hour.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Dec 2017   #2

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, Linux Mint 19.0 Xfce 64-bit

You don't have any driver with the name "storport.sys" or "IsStor.sys". Can you exactly write what the problematic sys driver is? And if it happens that other sys drivers appear as problem, list them all.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Dec 2017   #3

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

If I don't have a driver using these files, why does my system crash with those files explicitly listed?

That said, I meant "IaStorA.sys", not "IsStor.sys".

Also, please excuse my potential ignorance, but how do you know this about my system if my .zip file still has 0 views? Are you sure you grabbed the right one? I once had two tabs up and grabbed the same .zip twice by mistake. D:

Anyway, to answer your question: "storport.sys", "IaStorA.sys".
My System SpecsSystem Spec

02 Dec 2017   #4

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, Linux Mint 19.0 Xfce 64-bit

The 0 views thing is maybe a bug from the side of SevenForums, I actually reviewed your zip. I am sure I grabbed the right zip, you better be sure that you uploaded the right zip. Let's get back to the topic:

Again, you don't have any driver with the name "storport.sys".
Don't ignore these details, I really need them. If you're sure there is "storport.sys" driver in your system, well, you're not right.

The other driver ("IaStorA.sys") belongs to Intel Rapid Storage Technology. So, update your Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver - Download Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST)

EDIT: Sorry for my incompetence, but I missed a detail that you can't install IRST. Um, well, perhaps you can try a driver updating program then?

DriverEasy - Driver Easy Free – 3,000,000+ Users Trusted Driver Updater
Driver Booster - Download Driver Booster - The best free Nvidia, AMD, Intel & Dell driver update software for Windows 7 & above.

Though there may be a other (but risky) thing you can try:
Notice: Try this at your own risk. A boot BSOD may happen (very unlikely though).

Find your "IaStorA.sys" driver and move it to folder which is outside of the Windows folder, then restart PC. See if things are going good.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
03 Dec 2017   #5

Windows 10 Pro

Storport.sys is a by Windows default storage controller driver.

iaStor.sys, and any similar onces, are storage controller drivers of Intel chipset.

Which sata ports are you using?

@MSClin, driver updaters are a bad idea with BSODs, they tend to make things worse!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
03 Dec 2017   #6

W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring


There are some very strange errors in your logs

There are many updates that are awaiting install possibly caused by the following,

You keep getting thrown out of server connections

The Terminal Server security layer detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client.
Remote session from client name a exceeded the maximum allowed failed logon attempts. The session was forcibly terminated.

Your product code appears to be for an Educational establishment, if you have since left the college they may have revoked your usage, or you might have to reregister.
showing IP's from Brazil/Sweden and others ???

please run this tool, copy/paste the output

This may also tell me if/why your IRST drivers will not load
note there are 2 versions depending on your Bios set-up

My System SpecsSystem Spec
03 Dec 2017   #7

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

MSClin: I'm so sorry that I came off like I was attacking you. x.x' Please forgive me!

I've gotten new drivers with DriverEasy (after buying Pro and backing them up!), currently going for about 8 hours after running Heaven, so maybe things are improving! I'm hesitant to actually call it unless I go for at least a week without seeing storport or IaStorA, though.

axe0: Thank you for believing me about storport. o____o I now have a feeling that storport was being used when I had my SSD plugged into my 6G port and now it's only IaStorA since I'm all on 3G, even though both have Intel controllers. I think. It's the only thing that makes sense and it only came to me when I was supposed to be asleep, so I didn't post this bit as soon as I would've liked. Sorry'bout that!

Anyway, to be clear, I'm using only 3G SATA ports at the moment. My manual says those are all connected to an Intel controller. See for details, page 2-2 (bottom left corner has page numbers). If that link doesn't work, poke SABERTOOTH X79 Manual| Motherboards | ASUS USA
instead and click the appropriate language.

I'd like to stress that I am very purposely avoiding the Marvel controllers, as I've heard that those are *incredibly* buggy on this particular board no matter which drivers you use. Lots of data loss showing up for tons of people. The Marvel ports are very clearly labeled on the physical motherboard, so I'm sure I'm not using them.

torchwood: What the..? Okay, that's downright *weird*. Longish story here.

Let me get the known facts out of the way first: This is a real retail copy. I bought it from Best Buy in a physical box just before they stopped selling Win7 entirely. I do still have the box, and the key is printed legibly on it, though I really don't feel like trying to dig it out to take a picture of it unless I really need to for some reason. It's under a whole bunch of stuff, along with a few extra copies of Win7 that I stockpiled when 8 was coming out because I was afraid 8'd stink.

I ran the tool you suggested and it seems to verify my claims; I see "retail" printed in a few spots, no and mention of "education". You can view screenshots over at: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet . (Please let me know if I need to take any pictures out of that album, I'm not entirely sure how feasible it is that someone can get my specific key with the information that's been provided.)

My IP is static and I'm in America. For obvious reasons, I won't post that overly-publicly here. The string begins with "24.".

I have Remote Desktop enabled, and I actually do use it from outside my network. I have a decidedly random password that nobody's managed to crack yet, at least as far as I can tell. Is it possible that the errors you mentioned are coming because someone tried to log in with the wrong password?

Anyway, now for the weirder stuff!

There was a long period where nobody in this entire household could get updates from Windows Update. It lasted about 15 months. One day they just stopped coming in and Windows Update kept claiming we were up to date. This happened on multiple computers, some running Win7, some running Vista. After a long time, it just magically started working again and we were missing like 40 updates on each PC. Since then we've had no trouble (that we know of) with updates.

I can't install IRST drivers from Intel because Intel's installer tells me that my hardware isn't compatible, even though I have an older version of IRST installed already. I don't know why it's telling me these things, though. I did eventually get an update for it with the tool that MSClin mentioned and am seeing how things go with that, now. My computer seems to have gone down, religiously, at about 1-4 AM (it varies significantly) for the past three nights now. We'll see if that happens tonight or not!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
04 Dec 2017   #8

Windows 10 Pro

Revert the driver installs from driver easy, as I said they only make things worse!!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
04 Dec 2017   #9

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Short post in, short post out: "And then what?"
My System SpecsSystem Spec
04 Dec 2017   #10

Windows 10 Pro

Update your drivers manually, manually is the safest way to prevent several issues and to keep control of what is being installed.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Randomlyish-occurring BSOD after installing hardware from another PC.

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