FIRST: Site notice says: "Before posting a BSOD thread, please read the instructions here: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions " Unfortunately, at the moment, my only www access is via my MacBook, so attempting to download an .exe file doesn't seem to work. If there is another means for me to provide the information requested, please lt me know. Thanks.

PC / Windows 7:

Two Parts: Attempting to open Windows without remembering my "new, improved" password has also resulted in my BSOD moment.

- Changed password; added the revision to my file doc (but failed to write it somewhere on my desk . . . duh)
- So, every possible password option I've tried fails, and the solution is inside my PC where I can't access it . . .
- To the www: Searching through any number of "how to bypass password . . ." websites
- Decided to try booting from the installation disk
- Which takes me to "Press Any Key", which takes me to
- "Window's Error Recovery", which presents
- "Launch Startup Repair", which presents
- "Language", which presents
- "Enter password" . . . or
- "To access recovery options, log on as a local user" . . .


That's all not at all helpful -- seeing that the issue is that I have no password that works and that's what I'm attempting to correct. What a ridiculous runaround.

The Other Issue

Yesterday, the first or second time I attempted to boot from the installation disk, I was blessed with Bill Gates' finest offering -- the Blue Screen of Death 0x0000007B . . . !

And, of course, any and all online supposed solutions to that require a password somewhere along the line . . . go figure.

Any kind assistance for this Friday evening beggar?

Thank you.