Random BSODs, sometimes 2-3x/day, sometimes 1x/2days. Help Please.

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    Random BSODs, sometimes 2-3x/day, sometimes 1x/2days. Help Please.

    This problem began roughly two weeks ago. I've added no new hardware and can think of no new programs that I've installed. There is no pattern -- occurs randomly. I'm not a gamer. I returned OS to a known "healthy" prior state via Macrium Reflect, but sadly BSOD's continued. Performed MemTest86 for full 8 passes [over 12 hours] with zero errors and a grade of "PASS."

    I've updated my system information. Please advise if more is required.

    Error code reads as: IRQL_Not_Less_Or_/Equal with a STOP code beginning: 0x0000000A

    BSOD's occurring more often during past few days -- occurring daily at least once. I've only from today begun to collect logs and am attaching logs for today's two events. Help very much appreciated.
    Random BSODs, sometimes 2-3x/day, sometimes 1x/2days. Help Please. Attached Files
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    Hi Ron,

    masses of these
    The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0

    thats your Samsung evo ssd

    Did you try the SSD with a different SATA port/cable to see if the same thing happens again?it might not be the drive, but a faulty SATA port/cable

    You could download Samsung Magician and see if there's a firmware update for your drive..

    Υou could also try updating or resetting your BIOS/UEFI, to see if that fixes things up
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    Thanks torchwood. I admit I hadn't considered a problem with the Samsung SSD. I've tried repeatedly to boot into
    CHKDSK by setting up a check with reboot but without success. Is there a workaround you're aware of that might help?

    - I've got fresh cables on hand so will change it tomorrow. I'll encounter no problem changing the Windows port?
    - Will check for firmware updates
    - Re BIOS/UEFI, are you suggesting I revert to default settings?

    Thanks so much for helping me ID the problem + your suggestions. It's getting late here [Tokyo] so figure I'll get back to you in roughly 10-12 hours.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hello again. I've replaced the cable and moved the OS to another port. Firmware was/is the latest. So far so good, but of course it's early days. Would I be right in assuming that should another BSOD occur that my best bet would be to replace the SSD?

    I'll report back if there's another occurrence or -- if all goes well and I've gone a full day without one -- I'll chime in tomorrow at roughly the same time.
    Thanks again,


    - - - Updated - - -

    No luck. Multiple BSOD's. I've attached two new files. Please bear in mind that the the SSD containing Windows has moved to another port and cable has been replaced. If torchwood or any other kind soul could chime in with further info, much appreciated. My layman's guess is that I've got to replace the SSD. Thoughts?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I cloned the C drive to a spare SSD and have booted into that drive. Fingers crossed. If in fact it was the original Samsung SSD that was the culprit, then my now using Windows on a different drive should solve the BSOD issue. So he says . Will post updates.

    In the meantime, I'd be most appreciative if someone would analyze the three latest/newest log files posted below to verify [as best as possible] that the Samsung SSD was in fact the root of the problem. Thanks.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Back to [almost] square one. Whereas I have Windows installed on two SSD's, I've been struggling with the BIOS to boot into the "new" one [J drive]. BIOS claims that the new SSD is boot option#1 but the minidumps all appear in the original Windows on the C drive. This suggests the computer is still using the "old" C drive. I've so far been unable to straighten this out. And as a result, I endure multiple BSODs. Grrr. I sure hope to resolve this soon. A helping hand would be most appreciated .
    Random BSODs, sometimes 2-3x/day, sometimes 1x/2days. Help Please. Attached Files
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    I'm going to label this thread "solved" as there hasn't been a BSOD in almost 48 hours. How was this issues "solved"? Well, I changed the cable and moved the drive to another port [nothing more], but I continued to get BSOD's. Until I didn't. For reasons unknown to me -- after over 20 occurrences -- the problem has [so far] ceased. Weird, huh? But I'm not complaining! Thanks again, torchwood, for your help.
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