Hi everybody - thanks for your interest !

My HP HP8570w was falling into black screen during work - not at boot..
Without having installed something for a longer time.
But there was an Windows Update the day befor.
Tried going back to that date - what didnt helped.
after that I couldnt start anymore without black screens or BSOD

I can start in save mode, but not anymore normal.

I tested HDD and RAM with integrated HP-Diagnostic etc.

tried to start with minimum drivers and autostart programms by msconfig "diagnostic boot"

Why still is possible that I it runs in save mode but not with that minimum of settings.

Tried different drivers for graphic card
BSOD by VGA driver
BkSOD by different AMD drivers for HP 8570w, also for Vista and newer once.

I startet to cry and did it again and again today when my HDD with 3 Ghosts startet with Chkdsk automaticly after I puted it in another 8570w, cause it wouldnt start in my one.
Realising that Chkdsk changed files.

I try for one week now to find a solution..
Today was to much for my by loosing my ghosts.

I can't upload my zip-file - I recieve an Error Massage !!
Here is a link to it:

Thank you for every input !