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Windows 7: Some persistent crashing errors

01 Dec 2009   #1

Windows XP Professional SP 2
Some persistent crashing errors

ok well here is a problem that I have been dealing with, I installed an nVIDA GeForce FX 5200 Gfx card with a dual monitor setup and well when ever I run a(n) program(s) that change resolution even a simple screen saver wake up can make my computer have a stroke... so I would like to know how I can fix these errors and if there are any other things that are messing it up please tell me.


My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Dec 2009   #2

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by xXINSANELOSERXx View Post
ok well here is a problem that I have been dealing with, I installed an nVIDA GeForce FX 5200 Gfx card with a dual monitor setup and well when ever I run a(n) program(s) that change resolution even a simple screen saver wake up can make my computer have a stroke... so I would like to know how I can fix these errors and if there are any other things that are messing it up please tell me.

Hi and welcome

This is a win 7 forum. Why are you asking us to fix BSOD"s in XP (not even SP3) i DONT EVEN WANT TO THINK WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU UPGRADED TO WIN 7

here are the dates on some of the drivers

awlegacy.sys 0xf792f000 0xf7931740 0x00002740 0x39bd5a79 9/11/2000 5:19:37 PM
ASCTRM.SYS 0xf79a3000 0xf79a4d40 0x00001d40 0x3a7ee7e6 2/5/2001 12:50:30 PM
RDPCDD.sys 0xf79e3000 0xf79e4080 0x00001080 0x3b7d82c0 8/17/2001 3:46:56 PM
Beep.SYS 0xf79df000 0xf79e0080 0x00001080 0x3b7d82e5 8/17/2001 3:47:33 PM
Null.SYS 0xf7ac1000 0xf7ac1b80 0x00000b80 0x3b7d82eb 8/17/2001 3:47:39 PM
mouhid.sys 0xb7820000 0xb7822f80 0x00002f80 0x3b7d82fd 8/17/2001 3:47:57 PM
BOOTVID.dll 0xf7897000 0xf789a000 0x00003000 0x3b7d8345 8/17/2001 3:49:09 PM
kdcom.dll 0xf7987000 0xf7988b80 0x00001b80 0x3b7d8346 8/17/2001 3:49:10 PM
Fs_Rec.SYS 0xf79dd000 0xf79def00 0x00001f00 0x3b7d8361 8/17/2001 3:49:37 PM
ParVdm.SYS 0xf799b000 0xf799ca80 0x00001a80 0x3b7d836d 8/17/2001 3:49:49 PM
ptilink.sys 0xf777f000 0xf7783580 0x00004580 0x3b7d8371 8/17/2001 3:49:53 PM
pciide.sys 0xf7a4f000 0xf7a4fd00 0x00000d00 0x3b7d83e5 8/17/2001 3:51:49 PM
ftdisk.sys 0xf74d8000 0xf74f6880 0x0001e880 0x3b7d8419 8/17/2001 3:52:41 PM
dxgthk.sys 0xb7337000 0xb7337d00 0x00000d00 0x3b7d8438 8/17/2001 3:53:12 PM
Dxapi.sys 0xb7555000 0xb7557900 0x00002900 0x3b7d843f 8/17/2001 3:53:19 PM
ndistapi.sys 0xba7d0000 0xba7d2580 0x00002580 0x3b7d84c1 8/17/2001 3:55:29 PM
NDProxy.SYS 0xba7a0000 0xba7a9480 0x00009480 0x3b7d84c2 8/17/2001 3:55:30 PM
raspti.sys 0xf7787000 0xf778b080 0x00004080 0x3b7d84c4 8/17/2001 3:55:32 PM
rasacd.sys 0xba7e8000 0xba7ea280 0x00002280 0x3b7d84cb 8/17/2001 3:55:39 PM
mnmdd.SYS 0xf79e1000 0xf79e2080 0x00001080 0x3b7d8538 8/17/2001 3:57:28 PM
isapnp.sys 0xf75f7000 0xf75ffc00 0x00008c00 0x3b7d8559 8/17/2001 3:58:01 PM
dmload.sys 0xf798d000 0xf798e700 0x00001700 0x3b7d8567 8/17/2001 3:58:15 PM
audstub.sys 0xf7a96000 0xf7a96c00 0x00000c00 0x3b7d85bc 8/17/2001 3:59:40 PM
hidusb.sys 0xb783c000 0xb783e580 0x00002580 0x3b7d8658 8/17/2001 4:02:16 PM
USBD.SYS 0xf79d3000 0xf79d4280 0x00001280 0x3b7d8682 8/17/2001 4:02:58 PM
WMILIB.SYS 0xf7989000 0xf798a100 0x00001100 0x3b7d878b 8/17/2001 4:07:23 PM
dump_WMILIB.SYS 0xf7a05000 0xf7a06100 0x00001100 0x3b7d878b 8/17/2001 4:07:23 PM
Fips.SYS 0xb9ea0000 0xb9ea8880 0x00008880 0x3b7dc585 8/17/2001 8:31:49 PM
PartMgr.sys 0xf770f000 0xf7713900 0x00004900 0x3b7dc5a7 8/17/2001 8:32:23 PM
Gernuwa.sys 0xf789b000 0xf789e780 0x00003780 0x3bc35aaa 10/9/2001 3:14:34 PM
aw_host5.sys 0xf774f000 0xf7756280 0x00007280 0x3bd478a0 10/22/2001 2:50:56 PM
awvid5.dll awvid5.dll+13cc 0xbf012000 0xbf014a80 0x00002a80 0x3bd5bef7 10/23/2001 2:03:19 PM
AWDDI5.DLL 0xbf015000 0xbf015920 0x00000920 0x3be3219d 11/2/2001 5:43:41 PM
aeaudio.sys 0xf79cd000 0xf79ce120 0x00001120 0x3ca87112 4/1/2002 9:39:14 AM
wanatw4.sys 0xf778f000 0xf7794020 0x00005020 0x3d343a62 7/16/2002 10:23:14 AM
omci.sys 0xf77a7000 0xf77ab2c0 0x000042c0 0x3d382e9e 7/19/2002 10:22:06 AM
cdudf_XP.SYS 0xb789f000 0xb78d9c00 0x0003ac00 0x3d9b9256 10/2/2002 7:41:58 PM
UdfReadr_xp.SYS 0xb785a000 0xb788c680 0x00032680 0x3d9b92a7 10/2/2002 7:43:19 PM
pwd_2K.SYS 0xb9471000 0xb948db20 0x0001cb20 0x3d9b937b 10/2/2002 7:46:51 PM
mmc_2K.SYS 0xf77af000 0xf77b47c0 0x000057c0 0x3d9b9381 10/2/2002 7:46:57 PM
mdmxsdk.sys 0xb5f60000 0xb5f626a0 0x000026a0 0x3da1c489 10/7/2002 12:29:45 PM
HSF_CNXT.sys 0xb94de000 0xb95695a0 0x0008b5a0 0x3dbe9bbf 10/29/2002 9:31:27 AM
HSF_DP.sys 0xb956a000 0xb9674ee0 0x0010aee0 0x3dbe9d20 10/29/2002 9:37:20 AM
HSFHWBS2.sys 0xb9675000 0xb969b100 0x00026100 0x3dbe9d51 10/29/2002 9:38:09 AM
e1000325.sys 0xb94c5000 0xb94dd600 0x00018600 0x3dd1422a 11/12/2002 1:02:18 PM
smwdm.sys 0xb93ed000 0xb9470980 0x00083980 0x3e024cce 12/19/2002 5:48:46 PM
naiavf5x.sys 0xb5031000 0xb5045440 0x00014440 0x3f2f0370 8/4/2003 8:08:00 PM
MountMgr.sys 0xf7607000 0xf7611500 0x0000a500 0x41107b05 8/4/2004 12:58:29 AM
kbdclass.sys 0xf7797000 0xf779d000 0x00006000 0x41107b08 8/4/2004 12:58:32 AM
mouclass.sys 0xf779f000 0xf77a4a00 0x00005a00 0x41107b08 8/4/2004 12:58:32 AM
update.sys 0xb92be000 0xb92f1200 0x00033200 0x41107b08 8/4/2004 12:58:32 AM
kbdhid.sys 0xb7824000 0xb7827a00 0x00003a00 0x41107b09 8/4/2004 12:58:33 AM
swenum.sys 0xf79cf000 0xf79d0100 0x00001100 0x41107b11 8/4/2004 12:58:41 AM
termdd.sys 0xf7507000 0xf7510f00 0x00009f00 0x41107b1c 8/4/2004 12:58:52 AM
TDTCP.SYS 0xb757d000 0xb7582500 0x00005500 0x41107b1c 8/4/2004 12:58:52 AM
parport.sys 0xb94b1000 0xb94c4900 0x00013900 0x41107b28 8/4/2004 12:59:04 AM
serenum.sys 0xba7dc000 0xba7dfc80 0x00003c80 0x41107b2a 8/4/2004 12:59:06 AM
hal.dll 0x806ff000 0x8071fd00 0x00020d00 0x41107b2d 8/4/2004 12:59:09 AM
intelppm.sys 0xf76f7000 0xf76ffd00 0x00008d00 0x41107b37 8/4/2004 12:59:19 AM
flpydisk.sys 0xf77bf000 0xf77c4000 0x00005000 0x41107b3c 8/4/2004 12:59:24 AM
redbook.sys 0xf7557000 0xf7565080 0x0000e080 0x41107b46 8/4/2004 12:59:34 AM
PCIIDEX.SYS 0xf7707000 0xf770d200 0x00006200 0x41107b4c 8/4/2004 12:59:40 AM
intelide.sys 0xf798b000 0xf798c580 0x00001580 0x41107b4c 8/4/2004 12:59:40 AM
atapi.sys 0xf749a000 0xf74b1480 0x00017480 0x41107b4d 8/4/2004 12:59:41 AM
dump_atapi.sys 0xb6f12000 0xb6f29480 0x00017480 0x41107b4d 8/4/2004 12:59:41 AM
cdrom.sys 0xf7567000 0xf7573180 0x0000c180 0x41107b58 8/4/2004 12:59:52 AM
disk.sys 0xf7627000 0xf762fe00 0x00008e00 0x41107b59 8/4/2004 12:59:53 AM
Imapi.sys 0xf7577000 0xf7581380 0x0000a380 0x41107b6c 8/4/2004 1:00:12 AM
VolSnap.sys 0xf7617000 0xf7623c80 0x0000cc80 0x41107b6e 8/4/2004 1:00:14 AM
Msfs.SYS 0xf77df000 0xf77e3a80 0x00004a80 0x41107b85 8/4/2004 1:00:37 AM
Npfs.SYS 0xf77e7000 0xf77ee880 0x00007880 0x41107b86 8/4/2004 1:00:38 AM
mrxdav.sys 0xb601a000 0xb6046400 0x0002c400 0x41107b91 8/4/2004 1:00:49 AM
dxg.sys 0xbf000000 0xbf011580 0x00011580 0x41107b93 8/4/2004 1:00:51 AM
rdpdr.sys 0xb935a000 0xb938a100 0x00030100 0x41107ba6 8/4/2004 1:01:10 AM
fltmgr.sys 0xf747b000 0xf7499780 0x0001e780 0x41107bad 8/4/2004 1:01:17 AM
ndisuio.sys 0xb6a07000 0xb6a0a280 0x00003280 0x41107c1e 8/4/2004 1:03:10 AM
netbios.sys 0xba710000 0xba718700 0x00008700 0x41107c27 8/4/2004 1:03:19 AM
msgpc.sys 0xba740000 0xba748900 0x00008900 0x41107c5b 8/4/2004 1:04:11 AM
wanarp.sys 0xba720000 0xba728700 0x00008700 0x41107c89 8/4/2004 1:04:57 AM
raspppoe.sys 0xf7527000 0xf7531200 0x0000a200 0x41107c92 8/4/2004 1:05:06 AM
sr.sys 0xf7469000 0xf747af00 0x00011f00 0x41107cde 8/4/2004 1:06:22 AM
VIDEOPRT.SYS 0xb96bf000 0xb96d2780 0x00013780 0x41107d08 8/4/2004 1:07:04 AM
vga.sys 0xf77d7000 0xf77dc200 0x00005200 0x41107d0a 8/4/2004 1:07:06 AM
dmio.sys 0xf74b2000 0xf74d7700 0x00025700 0x41107d11 8/4/2004 1:07:13 AM
watchdog.sys 0xb75bd000 0xb75c1500 0x00004500 0x41107d24 8/4/2004 1:07:32 AM
ACPI.sys 0xf75a8000 0xf75d5d80 0x0002dd80 0x41107d27 8/4/2004 1:07:35 AM
agp440.sys 0xf7657000 0xf7661580 0x0000a580 0x41107d2c 8/4/2004 1:07:40 AM
pci.sys 0xf7597000 0xf75a7a80 0x00010a80 0x41107d31 8/4/2004 1:07:45 AM
kmixer.sys 0xb4d60000 0xb4d89f00 0x00029f00 0x41107d32 8/4/2004 1:07:46 AM
TDI.SYS 0xf7777000 0xf777b880 0x00004880 0x41107d33 8/4/2004 1:07:47 AM
mssmbios.sys 0xba47d000 0xba480c80 0x00003c80 0x41107d33 8/4/2004 1:07:47 AM
drmk.sys 0xf7547000 0xf7555b80 0x0000eb80 0x41107d3a 8/4/2004 1:07:54 AM
Modem.SYS 0xf7767000 0xf776e580 0x00007580 0x41107d44 8/4/2004 1:08:04 AM
HIDPARSE.SYS 0xf77cf000 0xf77d5180 0x00006180 0x41107d4f 8/4/2004 1:08:15 AM
HIDCLASS.SYS 0xb9e40000 0xb9e48d80 0x00008d80 0x41107d52 8/4/2004 1:08:18 AM
usbuhci.sys 0xf7757000 0xf775c000 0x00005000 0x41107d62 8/4/2004 1:08:34 AM
USBPORT.SYS 0xb969c000 0xb96bee80 0x00022e80 0x41107d62 8/4/2004 1:08:34 AM
usbehci.sys 0xf775f000 0xf7765800 0x00006800 0x41107d62 8/4/2004 1:08:34 AM
usbhub.sys 0xba780000 0xba78e100 0x0000e100 0x41107d68 8/4/2004 1:08:40 AM
USBSTOR.SYS 0xf77ff000 0xf7805780 0x00006780 0x41107d6c 8/4/2004 1:08:44 AM
usbccgp.sys 0xf7747000 0xf774eb80 0x00007b80 0x41107d6d 8/4/2004 1:08:45 AM
Cdfs.SYS 0xb9e60000 0xb9e6f900 0x0000f900 0x41107eb1 8/4/2004 1:14:09 AM
Fastfat.SYS 0xb6f2a000 0xb6f4d000 0x00023000 0x41107eb7 8/4/2004 1:14:15 AM
rasl2tp.sys 0xf7537000 0xf7543880 0x0000c880 0x41107ebd 8/4/2004 1:14:21 AM
CLASSPNP.SYS 0xf7637000 0xf7643200 0x0000c200 0x41107ec2 8/4/2004 1:14:26 AM
raspptp.sys 0xf7517000 0xf7522d00 0x0000bd00 0x41107ec2 8/4/2004 1:14:26 AM
NDIS.sys 0xf7425000 0xf7451a80 0x0002ca80 0x41107ec3 8/4/2004 1:14:27 AM
ipsec.sys 0xb780d000 0xb781f400 0x00012400 0x41107ec3 8/4/2004 1:14:27 AM
ndiswan.sys 0xb93b2000 0xb93c8680 0x00016680 0x41107ec6 8/4/2004 1:14:30 AM
netbt.sys 0xb776c000 0xb7793c00 0x00027c00 0x41107ecc 8/4/2004 1:14:36 AM
wdmaud.sys 0xb62f4000 0xb6308400 0x00014400 0x41107ee7 8/4/2004 1:15:03 AM
Ntfs.sys 0xf7b52000 0xf7bde480 0x0008c480 0x41107eea 8/4/2004 1:15:06 AM
Mup.sys 0xf787c000 0xf7896580 0x0001a580 0x41107ef8 8/4/2004 1:15:20 AM
ks.sys 0xb948e000 0xb94b0680 0x00022680 0x41107ef8 8/4/2004 1:15:20 AM
portcls.sys 0xb93c9000 0xb93ec980 0x00023980 0x41107f13 8/4/2004 1:15:47 AM
serial.sys 0xf7587000 0xf7596d80 0x0000fd80 0x41107f17 8/4/2004 1:15:51 AM
sysaudio.sys 0xb64a1000 0xb64afd80 0x0000ed80 0x41107f1a 8/4/2004 1:15:54 AM
ATMFD.DLL 0xbffa0000 0xbffe5c00 0x00045c00 0x411096c8 8/4/2004 2:56:56 AM
FileDisk.SYS 0xb92aa000 0xb92ad280 0x00003280 0x414dcde8 9/19/2004 1:20:24 PM
ipnat.sys 0xb7794000 0xb77b4f00 0x00020f00 0x415b3714 9/29/2004 5:28:36 PM
HTTP.sys 0xb5a5f000 0xb5a9f100 0x00040100 0x41672744 10/8/2004 6:48:20 PM
rdbss.sys 0xb763c000 0xb7666a00 0x0002aa00 0x418047d5 10/27/2004 8:13:57 PM
sfhlp02.sys 0xf7717000 0xf771f000 0x00008000 0x421ca87a 2/23/2005 10:59:54 AM
sfdrv01.sys 0xf7414000 0xf7425000 0x00011000 0x42274f34 3/3/2005 12:53:56 PM
RDPWD.SYS 0xb4eca000 0xb4eec080 0x00022080 0x42a8d647 6/9/2005 6:52:39 PM
Cdralw2k.SYS 0xf7ac0000 0xf7ac0a00 0x00000a00 0x42fa4734 8/10/2005 1:28:04 PM
Cdr4_xp.SYS 0xf7abf000 0xf7abf980 0x00000980 0x42fa4737 8/10/2005 1:28:07 PM
AegisP.sys 0xb758d000 0xb7591ba0 0x00004ba0 0x44980b4b 6/20/2006 9:50:51 AM
PxHelp20.sys 0xf7647000 0xf764fb80 0x00008b80 0x45c3abed 2/2/2007 4:23:57 PM
rt2870.sys 0xb7434000 0xb74a8500 0x00074500 0x45f62a28 3/12/2007 11:35:52 PM
nv4_disp.DLL 0xbf016000 0xbf5e9700 0x005d3700 0x482dff70 5/16/2008 4:41:04 PM
nv4_mini.sys 0xb96d3000 0xb9d13ee0 0x00640ee0 0x482e0095 5/16/2008 4:45:57 PM
tcpip.sys 0xb77b5000 0xb780cf80 0x00057f80 0x485b8a36 6/20/2008 5:45:10 AM
afd.sys 0xb7722000 0xb7743c80 0x00021c80 0x48a4002e 8/14/2008 4:51:42 AM
mrxsmb.sys 0xb75cd000 0xb763bc00 0x0006ec00 0x4901ad2f 10/24/2008 6:10:39 AM
srv.sys 0xb5f78000 0xb5fc9580 0x00051580 0x4941001e 12/11/2008 6:57:18 AM

My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Dec 2009   #3

Windows XP Professional SP 2

well sorry, is there a windows XP fourm anywhere around? thanks for the info ill have to see if i can figure that out soon...
My System SpecsSystem Spec


 Some persistent crashing errors

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