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Windows 7: Windows 7 64 bit Install BSOD

10 Mar 2010   #1

trying to install windows 7 x64
Windows 7 64 bit Install BSOD

Windows 7 installation fails with bsod when it tries to load driver vsmraid.sys (and I assume mount the hard disk). The only Windows/minidump directory is from an existing xp build.

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10 Mar 2010   #2

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by John440b View Post
Windows 7 installation fails with bsod when it tries to load driver vsmraid.sys (and I assume mount the hard disk). The only Windows/minidump directory is from an existing xp build.
These two crashes were caused by hardware. It also doesnt help that you have drivers that go back to 2001. These need to be updated. If it were me I would do a clean install of win 7

Before we can even attempt to identify the hardware problem you are going to have to update the drivers



RDPCDD.sys        0xb268d000    0xb268e080    0x00001080    0x3b7d82c0    8/17/2001 3:46:56 PM                        
Beep.SYS        0xb2691000    0xb2692080    0x00001080    0x3b7d82e5    8/17/2001 3:47:33 PM                        
Null.SYS        0xba7a9000    0xba7a9b80    0x00000b80    0x3b7d82eb    8/17/2001 3:47:39 PM                        
mouhid.sys        0xba57c000    0xba57ef80    0x00002f80    0x3b7d82fd    8/17/2001 3:47:57 PM                        
BOOTVID.dll        0xba4b8000    0xba4bb000    0x00003000    0x3b7d8345    8/17/2001 3:49:09 PM                        
kdcom.dll        0xba5a8000    0xba5a9b80    0x00001b80    0x3b7d8346    8/17/2001 3:49:10 PM                        
Fs_Rec.SYS        0xb2693000    0xb2694f00    0x00001f00    0x3b7d8361    8/17/2001 3:49:37 PM                        
ParVdm.SYS        0xb2685000    0xb2686a80    0x00001a80    0x3b7d836d    8/17/2001 3:49:49 PM                        
ptilink.sys        0xba3e0000    0xba3e4580    0x00004580    0x3b7d8371    8/17/2001 3:49:53 PM                        
ftdisk.sys        0xb9f49000    0xb9f67880    0x0001e880    0x3b7d8419    8/17/2001 3:52:41 PM                        
dxgthk.sys        0xba690000    0xba690d00    0x00000d00    0x3b7d8438    8/17/2001 3:53:12 PM                        
Dxapi.sys        0xb35b7000    0xb35b9900    0x00002900    0x3b7d843f    8/17/2001 3:53:19 PM                        
raspti.sys        0xba3e8000    0xba3ec080    0x00004080    0x3b7d84c4    8/17/2001 3:55:32 PM                        
rasacd.sys        0xb115d000    0xb115f280    0x00002280    0x3b7d84cb    8/17/2001 3:55:39 PM                        
mnmdd.SYS        0xb268f000    0xb2690080    0x00001080    0x3b7d8538    8/17/2001 3:57:28 PM                        
dmload.sys        0xba5ac000    0xba5ad700    0x00001700    0x3b7d8567    8/17/2001 3:58:15 PM                        
audstub.sys        0xba73e000    0xba73ec00    0x00000c00    0x3b7d85bc    8/17/2001 3:59:40 PM                        
USBD.SYS        0xba62e000    0xba62f280    0x00001280    0x3b7d8682    8/17/2001 4:02:58 PM                        
WMILIB.SYS        0xba5aa000    0xba5ab100    0x00001100    0x3b7d878b    8/17/2001 4:07:23 PM                        
HDAudBus.sys        0xb89ef000    0xb8a17000    0x00028000    0x4295ef55    5/26/2005 10:46:29 AM                        
WDFLDR.SYS        0xb4b29000    0xb4b36000    0x0000d000    0x4549b22d    11/2/2006 3:54:05 AM                        
Wdf01000.sys        0xb0606000    0xb0681000    0x0007b000    0x4549b23a    11/2/2006 3:54:18 AM                        
vhidmini.sys        0xb9c6f000    0xb9c72180    0x00003180    0x46f0e551    9/19/2007 4:01:05 AM                        
JmtFltr.sys        0xb4b39000    0xb4b44f00    0x0000bf00    0x46fb51b3    9/27/2007 1:46:11 AM                        
Rtenicxp.sys        0xb89d5000    0xb89eea80    0x00019a80    0x4745a688    11/22/2007 10:55:52 AM                        
gdrv.sys        0xafe7f000    0xafe813e0    0x000023e0    0x475e1e9d    12/11/2007 12:22:37 AM                        
Lycosa.sys        0xb9052000    0xb9055f00    0x00003f00    0x47912b83    1/18/2008 5:43:15 PM                        
viamraid.sys        0xb9de4000    0xb9e00a00    0x0001ca00    0x479586f0    1/22/2008 1:02:24 AM                        
btport.sys        0xba388000    0xba38f700    0x00007700    0x47a398e5    2/1/2008 5:10:45 PM                        
hal.dll    hal.dll+2ae4    0x806e4000    0x80704d00    0x00020d00    0x4802517f    4/13/2008 1:31:27 PM                        
intelppm.sys        0xba2f8000    0xba300e00    0x00008e00    0x48025183    4/13/2008 1:31:31 PM                        
Msfs.SYS        0xb0edd000    0xb0ee1a80    0x00004a80    0x480251c6    4/13/2008 1:32:38 PM                        
Npfs.SYS        0xba450000    0xba457880    0x00007880    0x480251c6    4/13/2008 1:32:38 PM                        
mrxdav.sys        0xb00a9000    0xb00d5180    0x0002c180    0x480251ca    4/13/2008 1:32:42 PM                        
rdpdr.sys        0xb8831000    0xb8860e80    0x0002fe80    0x480251d2    4/13/2008 1:32:50 PM                        
fltmgr.sys        0xb9dc4000    0xb9de3b00    0x0001fb00    0x480251da    4/13/2008 1:32:58 PM                        
Fips.SYS        0xb13c3000    0xb13cde00    0x0000ae00    0x480251f7    4/13/2008 1:33:27 PM                        
ACPI.sys        0xb9f79000    0xb9fa6d80    0x0002dd80    0x480252b1    4/13/2008 1:36:33 PM                        
isapnp.sys        0xba0b8000    0xba0c1180    0x00009180    0x480252b8    4/13/2008 1:36:40 PM                        
pci.sys        0xb9f68000    0xb9f78a80    0x00010a80    0x480252bb    4/13/2008 1:36:43 PM                        
mssmbios.sys        0xba574000    0xba577c80    0x00003c80    0x480252bd    4/13/2008 1:36:45 PM                        
sr.sys        0xb9db2000    0xb9dc3f00    0x00011f00    0x480252c2    4/13/2008 1:36:50 PM                        
dxg.sys        0xbf000000    0xbf011600    0x00011600    0x48025323    4/13/2008 1:38:27 PM                        
termdd.sys        0xba1f8000    0xba201f00    0x00009f00    0x4802532c    4/13/2008 1:38:36 PM                        
MountMgr.sys        0xba0e8000    0xba0f2580    0x0000a580    0x48025371    4/13/2008 1:39:45 PM                        
kbdclass.sys        0xba3f0000    0xba3f6000    0x00006000    0x48025372    4/13/2008 1:39:46 PM                        
update.sys        0xb87d3000    0xb8830f00    0x0005df00    0x48025372    4/13/2008 1:39:46 PM                        
mouclass.sys        0xba3f8000    0xba3fda00    0x00005a00    0x48025373    4/13/2008 1:39:47 PM                        
kbdhid.sys        0xba584000    0xba587900    0x00003900    0x48025373    4/13/2008 1:39:47 PM                        
swenum.sys        0xba5d4000    0xba5d5100    0x00001100    0x48025378    4/13/2008 1:39:52 PM                        
parport.sys        0xb899e000    0xb89b1900    0x00013900    0x48025389    4/13/2008 1:40:09 PM                        
serenum.sys        0xb9c73000    0xb9c76d80    0x00003d80    0x4802538c    4/13/2008 1:40:12 PM                        
redbook.sys        0xba148000    0xba156100    0x0000e100    0x4802539b    4/13/2008 1:40:27 PM                        
PCIIDEX.SYS        0xba328000    0xba32e180    0x00006180    0x4802539d    4/13/2008 1:40:29 PM                        
SCSIPORT.SYS        0xb9e01000    0xb9e18880    0x00017880    0x4802539d    4/13/2008 1:40:29 PM                        
dump_scsiport.sys        0xb35cb000    0xb35ce780    0x00003780    0x480253ac    4/13/2008 1:40:44 PM                        
cdrom.sys        0xba318000    0xba327600    0x0000f600    0x480253ad    4/13/2008 1:40:45 PM                        
disk.sys        0xba108000    0xba110e00    0x00008e00    0x480253ae    4/13/2008 1:40:46 PM                        
PartMgr.sys        0xba330000    0xba334d00    0x00004d00    0x480253b0    4/13/2008 1:40:48 PM                        
imapi.sys        0xba308000    0xba312480    0x0000a480    0x480253b9    4/13/2008 1:40:57 PM                        
VolSnap.sys        0xba0f8000    0xba104c80    0x0000cc80    0x480253bc    4/13/2008 1:41:00 PM                        
VIDEOPRT.SYS        0xb8a3b000    0xb8a4ef00    0x00013f00    0x48025497    4/13/2008 1:44:39 PM                        
vga.sys        0xb0ee5000    0xb0eea200    0x00005200    0x48025498    4/13/2008 1:44:40 PM                        
dmio.sys        0xb9f23000    0xb9f48700    0x00025700    0x4802549d    4/13/2008 1:44:45 PM                        
watchdog.sys        0xba478000    0xba47c500    0x00004500    0x480254ab    4/13/2008 1:44:59 PM                        
drmk.sys        0xba1a8000    0xba1b6b00    0x0000eb00    0x480254b8    4/13/2008 1:45:12 PM                        
HIDPARSE.SYS        0xba3c0000    0xba3c6180    0x00006180    0x480254c2    4/13/2008 1:45:22 PM                        
HIDCLASS.SYS        0xba178000    0xba181000    0x00009000    0x480254c5    4/13/2008 1:45:25 PM                        
hidusb.sys        0xb9062000    0xb9064880    0x00002880    0x480254c7    4/13/2008 1:45:27 PM                        
usbuhci.sys        0xba3b0000    0xba3b5080    0x00005080    0x480254ce    4/13/2008 1:45:34 PM                        
USBPORT.SYS        0xb8a17000    0xb8a3a200    0x00023200    0x480254ce    4/13/2008 1:45:34 PM                        
usbehci.sys        0xba3b8000    0xba3bf600    0x00007600    0x480254ce    4/13/2008 1:45:34 PM                        
usbhub.sys        0xb4b49000    0xb4b57880    0x0000e880    0x480254d0    4/13/2008 1:45:36 PM                        
usbccgp.sys        0xb461f000    0xb4626d80    0x00007d80    0x480254d2    4/13/2008 1:45:38 PM                        
ohci1394.sys        0xba0c8000    0xba0d7100    0x0000f100    0x480254fa    4/13/2008 1:46:18 PM                        
1394BUS.SYS        0xba0d8000    0xba0e5080    0x0000d080    0x480254fa    4/13/2008 1:46:18 PM                        
nic1394.sys        0xba158000    0xba167180    0x0000f180    0x4802562a    4/13/2008 1:51:22 PM                        
arp1394.sys        0xb13d3000    0xb13e1d80    0x0000ed80    0x4802562a    4/13/2008 1:51:22 PM                        
ndisuio.sys        0xb906e000    0xb9071900    0x00003900    0x4802573d    4/13/2008 1:55:57 PM                        
netbios.sys        0xb13e3000    0xb13eb780    0x00008780    0x48025741    4/13/2008 1:56:01 PM                        
msgpc.sys        0xba1e8000    0xba1f0900    0x00008900    0x48025760    4/13/2008 1:56:32 PM                        
psched.sys        0xb8861000    0xb8871e00    0x00010e00    0x48025764    4/13/2008 1:56:36 PM                        
ipnat.sys        0xb073e000    0xb0763500    0x00025500    0x48025786    4/13/2008 1:57:10 PM                        
wanarp.sys        0xb13f3000    0xb13fb700    0x00008700    0x48025790    4/13/2008 1:57:20 PM                        
ndistapi.sys        0xb9c67000    0xb9c69780    0x00002780    0x48025797    4/13/2008 1:57:27 PM                        
NDProxy.SYS        0xb4b89000    0xb4b92e80    0x00009e80    0x48025798    4/13/2008 1:57:28 PM                        
raspppoe.sys        0xba1c8000    0xba1d2200    0x0000a200    0x4802579b    4/13/2008 1:57:31 PM                        
TDI.SYS        0xba3d8000    0xba3dca80    0x00004a80    0x48025834    4/13/2008 2:00:04 PM                        
Cdfs.SYS        0xb4b09000    0xb4b18900    0x0000f900    0x48025b8d    4/13/2008 2:14:21 PM                        
serial.sys        0xba168000    0xba177c00    0x0000fc00    0x48025be0    4/13/2008 2:15:44 PM                        
Ntfs.sys        0xb9d0e000    0xb9d9a600    0x0008c600    0x48025be5    4/13/2008 2:15:49 PM                        
CLASSPNP.SYS        0xba118000    0xba124180    0x0000c180    0x48025c05    4/13/2008 2:16:21 PM                        
ks.sys        0xb89b2000    0xb89d4700    0x00022700    0x48025c12    4/13/2008 2:16:34 PM                        
Mup.sys        0xb9cc7000    0xb9ce0b80    0x00019b80    0x48025c31    4/13/2008 2:17:05 PM                        
portcls.sys        0xb8889000    0xb88aca80    0x00023a80    0x48025ccc    4/13/2008 2:19:40 PM                        
ipsec.sys        0xb07e5000    0xb07f7600    0x00012600    0x48025cce    4/13/2008 2:19:42 PM                        
rasl2tp.sys        0xba1b8000    0xba1c4880    0x0000c880    0x48025ccf    4/13/2008 2:19:43 PM                        
raspptp.sys        0xba1d8000    0xba1e3d00    0x0000bd00    0x48025cd3    4/13/2008 2:19:47 PM                        
NDIS.sys        0xb9ce1000    0xb9d0d980    0x0002c980    0x48025d03    4/13/2008 2:20:35 PM                        
ndiswan.sys        0xb8872000    0xb8888580    0x00016580    0x48025d09    4/13/2008 2:20:41 PM                        
netbt.sys        0xb0764000    0xb078bc00    0x00027c00    0x48025d1b    4/13/2008 2:20:59 PM                        
rdbss.sys        0xb06f1000    0xb071be80    0x0002ae80    0x48025ee6    4/13/2008 2:28:38 PM                        
ATMFD.DLL        0xbffa0000    0xbffe5c00    0x00045c00    0x4802a0d3    4/13/2008 7:09:55 PM                        
SlingAudioBus.sys        0xba400000    0xba405a80    0x00005a80    0x483d3f10    5/28/2008 6:16:32 AM                        
tcpip.sys        0xb078c000    0xb07e4480    0x00058480    0x485b99ad    6/20/2008 6:51:09 AM                        
btkrnl.sys        0xb88ad000    0xb899d680    0x000f0680    0x485c1156    6/20/2008 3:21:42 PM                        
jraid.sys        0xb9e19000    0xb9e31000    0x00018000    0x48855b1b    7/21/2008 10:59:23 PM                        
dump_JRAID.sys        0xb05ee000    0xb0606000    0x00018000    0x48855b1b    7/21/2008 10:59:23 PM                        
RtkHDAud.sys        0xb3fc5000    0xb4476000    0x004b1000    0x4888533a    7/24/2008 5:02:34 AM                        
afd.sys        0xb071c000    0xb073dd00    0x00021d00    0x48a40333    8/14/2008 5:04:35 AM                        
mrxsmb.sys        0xb0681000    0xb06f0280    0x0006f280    0x4901afa3    10/24/2008 6:21:07 AM                        
srv.sys        0xb002f000    0xb0080880    0x00051880    0x4940f203    12/11/2008 5:57:07 AM                        
nv4_disp.dll        0xbf012000    0xbf5f4180    0x005e2180    0x49549c6f    12/26/2008 3:57:19 AM                        
nv4_mini.sys        0xb8a4f000    0xb90516a0    0x006026a0    0x49549de8    12/26/2008 4:03:36 AM
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10 Mar 2010   #3

64-bit Windows 8.1 Pro

a good example of why a clean install is preferable to an upgrade...
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10 Mar 2010   #4

trying to install windows 7 x64
I suppose my previous TWO posts weren't clear.

I am not performing an upgrade. I am performing a clean installation of Windows Seven 64 bit from a new OEM CD purchased from NewEGG on a NEW 640 GB hard disk from New EGG. The only mini dumps were from an XP installation on a different DISK. There is no minidump for the windows seven installation because windows seven never gets to mount a disk system to write the MINIDUMP.


If anyone can offer some meaningful help it would be greatly appreciated...
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 Windows 7 64 bit Install BSOD

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