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Windows 7: Reset to RaidPort1 Causing Crash/Freeze?(Esata?)

14 Jun 2010   #11

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Hopefully the older drivers will work, this is also what one of the threads I linked to mentioned.

If all works well (and I hope it does), remember to change your Hard Drive power settings back to 10 minutes or what ever your default was. If it fails after this then at least you know this is a fix; but I'd leave it for now.

Lets go through your questions - but refer to this only of the current two plans (older drivers from Nvida and the power settings) don't work. Then please test them one at a time.

4) Removal of active devices in device manager - Be careful that you don't remove your Operating system drive. I should have clarified this! The OS drive is not on the RAID card is it? If not, I would just remove the Soft RAID controller entry.

5) You would Right click on the above mentioned Soft Raid device and then install the PCI IDE controller drivers on it. This driver is a generic controller and may just work for your card. If it doesn't roll back to the previous drivers.
6)hahaha...whoops. Yes, you are correct (it all seems clearer the next day *grin*). The same logic applies though with earlier drivers for your card.

7) I find that when the card is a dual RAID/SATA card then it is refereed to as either or both by many users. However the users with a true RAID setup usually state it specifically. What I tried to find was solutions for a variety of problems on your card, this was in an effort to see if those solutions might be applied to this issue. From a little research, this problem is happening to many people and the solutions vary just as much. Sometimes with driver issues it's a matter TRY, TICK/CROSS, move on to the next solution if required.

SiI 3132 64-bit drivers: - Just download them and extract if they are compressed in a zip file. Then right click on your Soft RAID controller entry and update to these drivers from the location that you extracted them to (if you need detailed steps then let me know, i'm happy to post them).

Screen shot of event log: - Only one thing looks suspect to me. Just check and see if the application experience service always stops a few seconds before the freezes. If so, temporarily disable it and see if the problem continues. This service should be running as it checks a database to see if programs are compatible; but there is no harm in turning it off for testing to see if it is related to your freezing issue. Windows will run a-ok (maybe even a little faster) with it turned off, but program compatibility checking will be disabled. To disable it, open services.msc and right click on the Application Experience Service. If the issue appears resolved, then we can look deeper into why this is causing it and we may need to start checking all programs that access the drives in question to ensure that they are windows 7 compatible and if not, set them to compatibility mode.

I think that's it - I'll await your two pending tests, before we move on and look at the other stuff.
1. New (I mean older) drivers from NVIDIA
2. Power setting changes

Good luck!

My System SpecsSystem Spec
15 Jun 2010   #12

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thanks again for helping me out with all this.

Let me tell you what just occurred in a semi time line as I have now sort of been recording it

7:45pm - Installed 15.35 nforce drivers that Nvidia tech guy recommended.

7:50pm - Network access of my motherboard built in NIC (which was just updated by the new 15.35's) cuts out a few times for around 15 seconds from 10 minutes from 7:50-8:00

8:00pm - Network access stops cutting out, everything seems fine for next 5 Hours

1:50am - Network access again cuts out, this time it does not come back after about 3 minutes. I check event log and see nothing specific to indicate what happened, no freezes and no nvstor issues or anything out of the ordinary.

1:55am - I rollback only the NIC driver to the previous version that I was using before, and instantly network and internet access is restored

2:56am - Total 2 minute PC Freeze

2:58am – unfreezes for about 30 seconds, Nvidia error message shows as status in bottom right: “Nvidia Display Adapter 1.97.45 stopped responding and has now recovered” (Not Exact wording)

2:59am freezes again for a minute or so, continues to unfreeze for ~30 seconds every minute or so until totally locks up and I force a restart at 3:04am

Now I check the event log and see what really occurred, or at least what the event log recorded under Windows Logs>System

Event log shows nvstor64 (instead of just nvstor) causing a single “Reset to RaidPort1” exactly when first 2:56am freeze occurred.

Also 5 driver controller errors on \Device\CdRom0 1 second after the nvstor64 error and separated by 1 second


Ok so basically I tested These 4 things all at once:
1)Setting the hard drive power save to 999
2) Updating Nvidia Display Drivers to Latest
3) Updating Nvidia Motherboard Drivers to 15.35 (not Latest)
4) But Then I rolled back the Ethernet driver to my previous one (maybe this doesn't even effect all this, not sure yet)

And I got 1x Nvidia Display Adapter error crash, and a slightly different nvstor64 device reset, and also a cdrom device controller error essentially all at the same time

I feel like Nvidia is overloading on me now heh.

I looked at the Application Experience Service idea, and it doesn't look like a connection, with the service starting 13 minutes before the older nvstor crash, and then with it stopping 6 minutes before the most recent nvstor64/cdrom/display adapter crash.
It does seem to be starting/stopping around the freeze times, but not really sure if thats a link per say. If theres a 3rd batch of freezes that may help narrow it down more.

I still have not tried using the actual latest Nvidia drivers for anything but my Graphics card at this point, so I am thinking that should be my next test, maybe all the nvidia issues maybe solved by having all the latest Motherboard drivers(thats the usual theory I think heh)

I'm thinking I should probably do the newest drivers test before I start messing specifically with the Raid/sata card. At this point with these other new errors occuring I'm thinking maybe it is not specifically the raid/sata card at all.

I just changed the hard drive sleep back to sleep after 40 minutes since it doesn't look like that is related. But I probably won't make any other test changes just yet tho, I will try to wait to hear what you think my next test should be, and I will also talk to the nvidia guys again tomarow, and see if they have any other ideas as well.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Jun 2010   #13

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Wow, this is like a ripple in a pond.

Agreed on the drivers, lets load up the new ones that you have and also please double check all of your drivers from the manufacturers website (not MSupdate). It's really important to have the latest as they 'should' fix any compatibility bugs. Reboot between each one just to be sure. Stay away from the ethernet driver for now (keep the current 'safe' one), lets cross our fingers and hope that it is a separate issue. Also once all other drivers are installed, we can retry the drier recommended by nvidia tech (we need to rule out if it was incompatible with another pre-update driver)

What also concerns me is the Kernel power error, was there a blue screen of death? Are there any other Kernel errors?
If so please upload the memory dump file from here %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP

Clear your page file virtual memory at shutdown. This is just to ensure that all temporary information that windows is accessing is the latest and not corrupt. You can change this back after you reboot.

Here's a summary to update us
1. Update all drivers (except ethernet) including the sata driver
2. Investigate the Kernel error.
3. Set pagefile to clear at shutdown
4. Run SFC /SCANNOW to ensure that all windows drivers are correct
5. Run Windows update
6. If you have another PCI-e slot move the card to that to force it to reinstall.

Let's see where we are at after this and also talk to the NVIDIA tech's at the earliest opportunity.

Just an after thought, but open up task manager (right click on the task bar) or the windows resource monitor (resmon.exe) if you are familiar with it and monitor if any other program peaks (CPU or RAM) when the freezes occur.

If all else fails:
- We may look at the windows performance monitor to set up data collection sets, this might give us more information.
- We will verify of the drivers are correct by looking up the driver properties in device manager and cross referencing the Hardware ID's with an online database.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

16 Jun 2010   #14

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Currently I am using:
>Newest Nvidia Display Drivers [257.21]
>Newest Nvidia nForce Chipset Drivers including Ethernet Drivers [15.53]
>Same Iogear Silicon image Esata Raid PCI-E Card driver I have used for months

Currently no specific nvstor issues for 14hours since I updated to these newest drivers.

However after 12 hours of no problems I did plug in my 1TB esata HD (has been unplugged for about 4 days since the issue) into the right esata port, and I tried to run my regular backup using this GFI Backup program, and windows stopped detecting my esata HD after about 1 minute of the backup. Here are the errors:

That harddisk3 must be my 1TB external esata drive and it seems essentially the HD just disappeared from my computer and disk management after this controller error and thus the backup failed. However there were no freezes and nothing related to nvstor or issueing resets.

I then plugged it into the other (left) esata port on the card just to test the port real quick. And then I ran the backup and it ran fine for 2 hours backing up 415GB of data over the PCI-E esata card. No errors or anything else during or after that backup.

So its possible I guess that my right sata port just has some issues. I can't say for sure that I ever used that right port, I might have only used the left sata port all this time. Maybe these disk errors are just random and not related to the nvstor issues. At any rate I will only use the left port for a while and hope that it will keep working fine.

At this point I am going to keep using the system with this drivers set until I see some nvstor related errors again, or some other errors that really seem to be related. Right now its still possible these new drivers have fixed the previous nvstor related issues until I see some more errors related to them again.

>I have run SFC /SCANNOW, it found no issues
>Windows update finds nothing new updates
>I looked at the kernal power errors, they are just caused by me forceing a reboot with the reset or power button when it was frozen from the nvstor issues. I don't think they indicate anything other than. They have never occurred except by me actually forcing the PC to shutdown.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Jun 2010   #15

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by endoftheline2 View Post
At this point I am going to keep using the system with this drivers set until I see some nvstor related errors again, or some other errors that really seem to be related. Right now its still possible these new drivers have fixed the previous nvstor related issues until I see some more errors related to them again.
That sounds positive and like a good plan *fingers crossed*.

It's always possible that a port is dying. It at least would explain the intermittent timings of your issue. Give the suspect port the smell test, if it smells like burnt circuitry I'd replace the whole card. Or if you ascertain that it's dead, then replace the whole card. If the port is dead then the rest of the card has the potential to die too and it may fry your hard disk mother board on the way out. For example, I lost 4 drives on a fault power supply that fried all disks connected on one power chain and as an IT manager I've seen faulty ports fry the disk motherboards too. If you have an old sata drive, use it for testing.

Good luck, I'd love to close the lid on this one. At this stage i'm as eager as you to put it to bed.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
17 Jun 2010   #16

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Well I don't smell any burning or anything, I will probalby test out the other port after I test this setup some more, but right now I'm hoping that it should be ok.

Right now about 1 day has passed with the current new drivers working fine, so I'll continue to see what happens with them, and I'll check back. Again, thanks a lot for all your help
My System SpecsSystem Spec
17 Jun 2010   #17

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

You're welcome. *fingers still crossed* :)
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Reset to RaidPort1 Causing Crash/Freeze?(Esata?)

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