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Windows 7: 3 Word Story

18 Nov 2010   #1

Windows 7 Ultimate x86
3 Word Story

Okay, so I start a story with 3 words, and then the next poster continues the story with another 3 words, and so on and so forth. Usually after a while it gets all wacky and silly. So here goes:

There was a

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by mikedl View Post
Our story so far ...
There was a kingdom behind seven little Earths called impeccable with words and mysterious beings with crazy faces that slept with Purple dotted cats.
The pickles conspired to take over new england territory.
Near the end big knife appeared and killed everyone and edits posts with fencing along wacky and silly fields of blue and then the pirate's poo decided to start singing in the shower of frogs and human pubic hair.
Then they left the midget inside with short arms, a long neck.
He is fat but has a an egg called called eric that moves within a oddly shaped hourglass solving Einstein's equation: "stupidity is universal", says the blonde to the cop with red hair like a baboon swinging from the swing.
Mutant mushrooms with killing intent upon a new Dawn there came rustling of life from the darkness as the skys above cleared to a deeper yellow Hot Blazing Sun broken dreams that the sea was moving with incredible because it was filled with eels between the sheets they wiggled away only to be caught and jellied.
Eaten by beasts, the jellied eels, many hate them, but they were very friendly towards Noobs. But suddenly they turned nasty and turned into Frankenberry breakfast cereal.
As a disguise, they donned beards and long coats and an unusually large hat to to hide from the robot mafia who were looking for small green fried tomatos from Alabama.
However, not all small green space fluff is actually made of your grandmother, so be careful that you dont have an unusually large pink umbrella to defend against the robot mafia attack which isn't really the Ninja penguin at all, it's the killer cat, with an unusually huge cheese wedge that smells like an overused portapotty or limburger cheese like the one that came alive with two heads and three tails and five unmentionable body parts.
What were you thinking about Smurfette? Huh? She's a damn fool for not listening to me.
None of the above have ever made perfect sense of why the cat just couldn't quite get the taboo cheese that the giant hampster nicked and nibbled on all the dirty kitchen plates left there by the impatient mad and rather unusual patrons who were all very drunk on gnat's pee spiked with lots and lot's of high octane fuel which started to become unstable resulting in a very big bang that distroyed the school but left the Math room intact.
The militant Aardvarks were all marching to the beat of an unusually boisterous band.
They sound a bit like four effeminate Bull Frogs at a massage parlour during an unusually hot night at long extras session in the bar.
In walked a 12 foot flamingo wearing a crombie all wrinkled from an encounter with an epileptic octapus who trembled with erotic penguin lust even though he wanted some Valium for his headache he got because of his unusually loud wife that drove him crazy nagging him about killer dust bunnies that suddenly appeared on his laptop whilst downloading some tutorial from 7 forums about how funny clowns face needs hair tonic and flying dolphins don't.
The tutorial was actually written in a closet by an unusually pin headed alien whose name started with a P and dripped everywhere went to a gay bar and danced all night with an unusually smell of garlic coming from his armpits attracted men but the vampires didn't bite.
Happy with the knowledge and taxi licence in the town then suddenly it deleted my pictures got shot with barbaque sauce.
Before he went to town he grabbed his gun and shot his foot because he forgot the safety.
Now he had to go to the airport to check whether he had AIDS or not.
The doctor said you've got aids so he went for another opinion and luckily learned that he was really an unusually blind also.
His scrotum was missing which was unusual becuase of his wife's fondness for 80's dance music.
His addiction to Penzoil 10w-40 was overwhelming to his wife's liking tacos made of butter and sewage so teenage mutant ninja turtles kick some tries.
Rugby was hardcore and the unusually shaped 'balls' attracted him.
So feeling full of a very unusual p?ss and vinegar flavoured sandwich, he massaged her feet using an unusually crazy motion.
Suddenly she leaped up and started running a bath because she had forgot good grammar, as leaping tired her especially when she had too many suckling pigs tied to an unusually big Motorbike with bailing twine.
The pigs laughed at the size of Boohbahs bottom, but the Motorbike could pull wheelies despite having a trailer full of Yaks each holding several childrens chewable Prozacs cunningly disguised as Gummy Bear Vitamins that are blue and contain unusually high amounts of butterfly extract.
The officer asked him "Have you been good piggies?" All this enabled them was to trip over a goblin hiding behind a lecherously drunken monkey which had a rather strangely shaped head!
Then they decided to install Super Smurf upgrades that allowed them to smurf the wild blue yonder.
Doing that he became bulbous overnight and awoke with a start, suddenly Transvestite Hooker Eskimos Charitable Fund asked for an unusually rare wild mushroom only found in the great outback under the very potent killer tomatoes and some sausages, jamie oliver couldn't put in his own brand sauce, called Spicynuts Nutsuace, that he was pouring down his pants to relieve his unusually swollen patella that was about to explode all over the floor, but then he remembered the car was still in the garage and full of garbage so he cautiously climbed into the crawl space but couldn't breathe so he grabbed his ego and pushed through the feeling of panic!
He finally got his dander up so he could just about go to see his big bright new shiny new car with very nice shiny alloy wheels and slick, smooth seats that can be converted into a surfboard so they decided to buy a big a sound system with a huge woofer.
Unbeknownst to what was about to happen was Father Christmas comming a little early, even prematurely, Rudolph wore a basque and high heels but kept sliding down the mountain with his sack bulging from all the juicy whelks he got from the selfish shellfish salesman, who really was an agent of crustacean insurgents and drove a bus of nuns to a girls to meet the holy lord Jesus who was at Ikea shopping for a big juicy hamburger and fries!
Washed down with blended Ikea pencils with lashings of arsenic and booze tasting like ginger pubes.
Santa decided to stop coming after taking Viagra chimney couldn't accommodate his very big sack of food that was mostly Beer and Noodles and some cans of baked beans made me fart.
He laughed as he pulled out his soiled giggle using hair tweezers that were old, made of Gold and very cold.
So then, after a few days on the forum we ate turkey that tasted like chicken, we were giving thanks and singing with dwarfs,seven of them, and admin had to use Ban-Hammer on everyone but it didn't hurt because it was made of marshmallows shaped like lizards that were inserted into a giraffe's nostril, suddenly there was a sneeze followed by a a loud explosion!
The aftermath was a Smokey mess with lots of children crying and policemen all over the yard.
No one saw the ruckus, but we urinated anyway.
However, having drunk petrol, we peed flames.
Our mothers collectively named The Stream "Jalapeno lava squirt", hot and dangerous!
Monkey, Sea, Dogs, memories flooded back flaming yellow snow where Huskies go, back in time when cavemen did vile things to dinosaurs in underwear while laughing at lewd cave paintings of Cavewomen in very very tiny fur thongs.
Hence, their old nickname: Hairy ,Chicken, Pot was given to these cave ladies so they could secure their legacy for all time!
They moved on to spotted bloomers that were found discarded in alley, only to realize they were alive.
That scared them but not enough for them to poo their pants, the usual reaction, which would smell like a vile puddle of urine.
"Help us out, we need it just to succeed" said Santa's elf while eating candy.
Suddenly, Earth began spewing wild thunderstorms and massive tornadoes.
The chaos ripped across the countryside whilst blowing bubbles and whistling tunes.
A baby elephant with giant ears and furry paws appeared from below the sea's depths.
All at once the people glared and told it "Dont hurt us!"
The flubadub crew encountered Chuck Norris closely followed by Tigger and Poo.
They escaped using a hovercraft that can triple salchow doing a backflip whilst juggling watermelons that were overripe but succulent still.
The problem was that juggling watermelons can damage the credibility of your watermelons, said the president.
Though it may be an overstatement, presidents usually spout hot air while addressing the gormless bovid populous of the country.
ABOUT TURN! shouted the demented spider who's spinerets were infused with golden showers of flowing streams that Germany made in to Beer, this meant the spider would revel in taboo with jello underpants that only attracted Wicked,Dog ,Fights.
Sylvester Stallone impersonators got big reviews after the mice devoured cats tail and then escaped into the woods only to be apprehended by Superwoman which was nice as she was is a hybrid between mules and a black rino and polka-dot bunnies that liked to hold tea parties with Bill Gates showed him linux with no bsod.
"Aha," cried the pink frog "No tadpoles from me.
Hey look a because I cant eat whilst driving but I can drive while sleeping! as we know! without stopping for a flying purple pretzel."
We rode on the fastest jetski over the roaring Colorado River.
The river turned red from the cranberry juice factory toxic waste dump.
Environmentalists rushed in trying to find barbequed penguins, but only found kitkats.
So they tried in vain to eat all the cola cubes, but with a brilliant plan, flying monkeys banana fritters and jumpin jacks held Green, Mule, Vomit tune with a straight and narrow in ya face sort of style.
The fruit bats danced all night and drank from until they dropped or had to large smelly guano.
Hot and steamy in the bathroom and the bedroom of the house full of asbestos so they had black lung children who learned to to eat fire and puff smoke which contaminates the bullet time sequences within the chamber of psychedelic visions from eating mushrooms from Marry Poppins chim chim cheroo was what she to Mr. Rodgers who was very I Me Myself with Crazy Puppets who performed in midget circus acts with big cats that ate magicians so they became magical cat food that could vanish into a cat's nasty litter box.
Disguised as turds they headed out Captain, Cherried, Nuts across the fields and the tabletops to wage war leaving stinky footprints that detectives followed only to find they were really Monkey chow feces which erupted when the earthquake hapened.
To their suprise one green bottle containing a note with strange writing tales of distant lands where people eat free chocolate and ignore punctuation since they lost the use of their grammar who who used to dance with bears before with wolves then to tigers but now with bulky adult diapers they cant dance the Charleston chuckle that foster stenches.
Gorilla, Fat, Tooth were the three blind mice experimented with toxic cheese covered pickle slices wrapped in headcheese.
Suddenly, Fat spoke "Green,Cheese,Madness" and they laughed spluttering crackers everywhere whilst running through "Canine, Cake, Squad," the leader announced "all hail Caesar. HALT! Where's my night light and tub of vasoline for chapped lips?" "Don't know." said Jim bob Joe Franklin Theodore Mitchell.
What will happen to Jane's dress when the time elapses on the last ferry going across the river.
Where someone was sitting playing solitaire with their elbows, a boy appeared wearing strange clothing but wanted to take up modelling to woo women.
Instead of wooing he decided to work in Thailand making cheap garments to sell overpriced in other countries.
Space travel allowed a whole new world is unvailed where space midgets killed the monkeys and ate them with secret sauce and family bucket, legs, thighs & breasts.
The ninth portion went to the hungry thankful men washed down with strawberry Kool Aid.
Satiated, the killing of the moths would last only untill the cops discovered the little stash in the cars glove box with the torso tucked behind seat still wearing the toga with stains,highly embarrassing stains.
It caused them pronounced anal leakage but i digress.
Luck would have all of the evidence causing mirth, merriment and glee but no salvation was bestowed upon the Penguin Emperor of Linux land came forth with another new kernel who made chicken with seven herbs and seven nerds all mixed together calling themselves Seven-Forums where bland meets grand.
Then they traveled into the snowy tundra holding aloft their throbbing cobol fingers which held Yak milk in frozen pouches that glowed intensely from radioactive particles of questionable origin.
"Oh no!" said Atomic Energy Commissioner "Uranium isn't dangerous in a suppository inserted sideways into the cement sidewalk. To be safe we get plutonium and mix it with hafnium trimethothialate and cat hairballs."
I feel sick. Here take this Anti Hairball Pill.
Where's me Jumper mate? It's in the hidden room next to radioactive isotopes near the cans full of Ukrainian fish heads.
Don't forget about people who've alzheimers and a stammer.
By the time the clock strikes the witching hour. Who said that?
Dogs climb trees without adequate protection and happened to get stuck between rocks and hard moss.
They then plant trees again wearing only goggles made of a expensive invisible material called nonexisting moonrock like the emperor's new clothes, but made of eggplant which made for a rather strange surprise for Mother who saw us installing Windows 7 on a Mac.
Funnily enough it caused Steve Jobs to curse Bill to caused a better computing experience pen and paper could not match, thus after 7 years of hard labor in jail, the end of many days of computerless living and frustrating mental anguish, Bill finally picked Linux to use and waxed lyrical songs about a big green elephant wearing red socks ridden by Dinesh across the plains of the great Dinesh they called as Santa passed gas on his on his reindeer.
But Santa wanted more than just a freezing flight wearing only goggles and sunblock! He wanted a Hamburger and a big pile of lard so the elves went on strike until snowflake pansies pushing up daisies got a big suprise after the pink elephants revolted on other pachyiderms that were not only large but had Arthritic joints creaking like mad scientists working in the bowels of the earth.
Then, camouflaged, the elephants, while running through the tulip field on a Tuesday with Tiny Tim followed by Scrooge naked as a shaved yak with a garter belt made of blue baling twine string purchased at the local twine shop, walked outside with not a stitch, Master Yoda farted excusing me be all that I can be, folks!
So the Baboon, a diminuitive fellow with dandruff, decided to look for the key to life, death and bananas and females, in that order, to make the bananaboat sink like a lead weight.
Once done, they swam to shore, but suddenly an elephant arrived to squeeze the grapefruits rrom my grannies garden of delights were turned on becoming frenzied with a delivered Pizza by a man who ate half an elephant with small pink ears and gnarly tail and tough skin and big feet and a tiny trunk on his posterior section that moved in a abstract manner that that seemed to look a little like major attention was required to use it's best but unfortunately it smelled of buffalo hair and a hint of mixed spice.
Before long, the aardvarks decided to stampede wildly through the town with eggnog and singing songs of jingle bells and batman smells and robin flew away batmobile lost a tire, but it told the joker.
What's that smell? Brimstone and sulfur. "Euugh! That stinks." You become acclimated.
Monkey, Chicken, Face goes a long way.
Screaming, the last man standing could not decide which way out of town.
Then, off he went buying some pickles Which tasted bitter which is why they got returned.
But, the store asked for the rebate form so he had to, he decided to, stop stuttering as the guy in the pickle store had a problem with the odor of his wife's earlier visit for anti pickle spray but the bottle was broken because so she glued it to the the jumbo jet that was yellow with purple stripes but her fingers filled with people from First Class all joined hands they prayed together against the oximoron beside the seaside in high definition with many new Monkeys typing stories making illogical nonsense from classical verse such as comics and stories about days of yore when men were such a bore yet strong to snore so loudly That is scared the weak and annoyed elves that shot arrows of fire in to oncoming Smurf stampede going wrong way up a very slippery slope sending all of them sliding into a pool of Jello!
All but one who wandered into the wrong room thank goodness, Phew.
Meanwhile back at the butterfly sanctuary we were aflutter about the big upcoming party at Ciara's place in a small English butterfly sanctuary town that has flowering canopies of gorgeous cherry trees in wonderful bloom, Ciara picked the cherries watched documentary, Madagascar had trees flowering couldn't fly but, the fat trunks secreted a resin only the Baobab tree has little, well, actually, large holes that open into inviting abodes of such realms where pubic hair stands out like a burning red bonfire from hell that only bats take the time to investigate the Theory of Relativity flying through Singularity even defying gravity while carrying pies atop his head filled with cream and tomato sauce cooked together in his head, apparently tasting repulsive.
Suddenly, all went dark And new life forms arose from expired baking soda.
The bicarbonate creatures, called "Pakalulus", conspired with satan to Discover new things, old things and in the sale they saw non-sequiturs but they did not understand the grey hatted man who spoke largely of the park where bicarbonate life exists in resplendent from Ciara's butterfly morphed in to a different post were the sky glowed effervescently, strangely and blue squirrels chased butterflies maladroitly while whistling Dixie on a hot southern in leather jeans!
"An oddity," said Live,Love,Laugh.
But they didn't believe it was actually blue squirrels in pink tutu's.
Instead, the oddity was that the man punched the Panda in the aadvark hard on then inquired, "Do it still look like the rains from purple clouds?" "Yes," they said, just like it.
"Though I do have a theory Making "Mr-Fusion" work in purple clouds. It needs millions of water drops from purple clouds that live in lush Kentucky bluegrass and emerge when butterflies pollinate the orange flowers in Ciara's butterfly garden in the land currently occupied by a huge party of democratic republicans speaking in oxymorons of whispered spending while exhorting frugality and spending erroneously on chewable prozac causing weight loss.
"Skinny they are," quipped Yoda sarcastically While aiming his light sabre at all things green as Weird AL and the Grinch grabbed fruit pies.
"Don't speak, Quellek." said Shabu, the yaks will hear ...
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18 Nov 2010   #2

Windows 7 Ultimate x32

There was a kingdom behind seven
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18 Nov 2010   #3

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Grimmjow View Post
There was a kingdom behind seven
little Earths called

P.S. You don't have to write the sentence before, just write your 3 words.
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18 Nov 2010   #4

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impeccable with words
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18 Nov 2010   #5
Baroness von Shush


and mysterious beings
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18 Nov 2010   #6

Windows 8.1 Pro x64

with crazy faces
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18 Nov 2010   #7

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

that slept with
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18 Nov 2010   #8

Windows 8.1 Pro x64

Purple dotted cats
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18 Nov 2010   #9

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

. The pickles conspired
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18 Nov 2010   #10
Baroness von Shush


to take over
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