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    Dwarf said:
    This explains some of the similarities (and differences) between NTSC and PAL encoding: NTSC vs PAL - Difference and Comparison - Diffen
    tnx Dwarf. Explains it all. Here in France Secam, but on my satellite i have PAL/SECAM; Secam works fine, but suffers from exactly the problems on satellite as PAL.
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    To: Antman

    Subject: Thank You!

    Ref: Word don't work

    Thank you, Antman. I was already starting to loose it. It is very, very difficult to understand that OP. I'm lost, interesting to see if you can understand him better

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    Antman said:
    He has blow away his pc.
    weird he asks you to interpret a OP. Isn't that like asking a philosopher directions to the nearest MacDrive?
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    i once saw this post on MS and it's software design

    me is the last 2 posts
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    Hello, geeks. I have been following this debate around the coming of "our savior" Windows 7 very keenly. Thread after thread topics like "XP / Vista vs. Windows 7", "What do you like / dislike in Windows 7", "What's still missing", "Why doesn't my *** work with Windows 7" etc.

    I got an idea: why don't we all make a wish to get The Ultimate Absolute Operating System. This Wednesday night is the night of the annual appearance of the Perseid meteor shower. You can then see up to 100 shooting starts per hour, and like everybody knows you can make a wish when you see a shooting star.

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    (Full story)

    If we all wish the same thing seeing these shooting stars on Wednesday night, maybe our combined wish is strong enough for Microsoft to make last minute changes and we'll get The Perfect Operating System. You know what I mean:

    • any FPS can be played in full-HD dual screen mode with 7.1 THX sound, even when you only have an old 14" CRT and laptop speakers
    • it connects you to the interweb with over 50 megs per second using your existing 2 meg line
    • it has thousends of different built-in gadgets on display showing temperature in Vietnam or list of every piece of hardware you have, all this on top of the background with ever changing images of Playmates
    • it includes all major torrent and P2P software
    • it rips any existing CD, DVD or BD
    • it can crack any existing DRM
    • it has built-in system to blink in all known neon colors
    • it can fry your eggs and chips
    • etc. etc.

    Let's all wish together to get what we want!


    EDIT: Forget it, I had second thoughts. Windows 7 is already working fine for me, helping me with my tasks, keeping track of my schedule, archiving emails, assisting me in project planning and presentations and bookkeeping.
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    vista x64/ win 7 x64

    CP/M worked for me.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 EN-GB

    petrossa said:
    CP/M worked for me.


    ; set video mode
    mov ax, 3 ; text mode 80x25, 16 colors, 8 pages (ah=0, al=3)
    int 10h ; do it!

    ; cancel blinking and enable all 16 colors:
    mov ax, 1003h
    mov bx, 0
    int 10h

    ; set segment register:
    mov ax, 0b800h
    mov ds, ax

    ; print "hello world"
    ; first byte is ascii code, second byte is color code.

    mov [02h], 'h'
    mov [04h], 'e'
    mov [06h], 'l'
    mov [08h], 'l'
    mov [0ah], 'o'
    mov [0ch], ','
    mov [0eh], 'w'
    mov [10h], 'o'
    mov [12h], 'r'
    mov [14h], 'l'
    mov [16h], 'd'
    mov [18h], '!'

    ; color all characters:
    mov cx, 12 ; number of characters.
    mov di, 03h ; start from byte after 'h'

    c: mov [di], 11101100b ; light red(1100) on yellow(1110)
    add di, 2 ; skip over next ascii code in vga memory.
    loop c

    ; wait for any key press:
    mov ah, 0
    int 16h


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    vista x64/ win 7 x64

    I wrote this insightful piece once about OS/2:

    i’m sure no one at IBM knows where OS ends and /2 begins. I’m also sure it’s impossible to separate the 2 now. That they didn’t lie when they said they couldn’t get it out. Not for lack of (well at least not totally) of will but in great part because the code is now in a state where it’s completely beyond any human competence to visualize it’s state of integration.

    Already with the source code for the shuttle it was admitted that the code was beyond human comprehension and i remember it to be a couple of million lines at the time.

    Most blocks of code are generated by codegenerators which in turn are quality controlled by computerized processes. They are then assembled into the codebase via an automated proces that collates the code.

    Which is then computer tested.

    No way in hell anyone is going to comprehend that, but of course admitting to the world that IBM has no idea how it’s code works is not what i would advise them to do.
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    Kari said:
    Ha, the good old days when you could ask any price for a consult. Nobody knew what you did, how you did it and how long it took.

    But when their black box came up with something legible it was a big check in the bank.

    Stares melancholy out the window, hearing the cries of the rat race passing by
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 EN-GB

    And now even more OT, if it's possible in an OT-thread:

    I have an old film, made by my younger brother with his Super 8 camera back in, I'm not so sure, -84 I think. I had just bought my first 10 meg hard drive and my brother is filming when I try to install it. On the film I hear myself answering my brothers question why it costs so much: "I believe these things cost so much because they don't think that also a private person could use them, only big companies. They make these things so enormous that no man is going to need it's full capacity even if he had it 20 years. I'm sure in a couple of years we have smaller and cheaper ones to normal users, like 1 to 1.5 meg!"

    Still laughing every time my brother comes to visit from Finland and we watch these old family mementos.

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