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Windows 7: The big bang theory

30 May 2012   #21

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Time and space, collectively spacetime, started from big bang
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30 May 2012   #22

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@seeker: might as well delete your posts re: heckling. As you pointed out... there is no point. I'll delete this post after a bit so it doesn't confuse people. Besides, the answer has been know for quite some time.

The answer has been known for quite some time. The universe is made up of three separate worlds: the Upper World, the Lower World, and This World.

This World, a round island resting on the surface of the waters, is suspended from the sky by four cords attached to the island at the four cardinal points of the compass. Each direction of This World is identified by its own color and hovers somewhere between the perfect order and predictability of the Upper World and the total disorder and instability of the Lower World.
  • East is the direction of the morning sun. East is represented by the color red.
    Red is the color of sacred fire, of blood and therefore with life.
    Red is also the color of success.
  • North is the direction of cold. North is represented by the color blue.
    It represents trouble and defeat.
  • South is the direction of warmth. South is represented by the color white.
    White is peace and happiness.
  • West is the moon segment. West is represented by the color black.
    It provides no warmth and unlike the sun is not a giver of life.
    Black is the region of the souls of the dead and for death itself.
Mankind's goal is to find some halfway path or balance between the Upper World and the Lower World while living in This World.
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30 May 2012   #23

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I think it's an interesting topic for "Chillout".
I've worked in science/engineering research all my life and this is my view for what it's worth.
Science as viewed by people occupied in other life endeavors is given an almost religious majesty. It's nothing more than observing physical events and developing mathematical models to explain them. The Big Bang is based on the mathematical concept of a singularity in space. What came before this? Quantum physics relies on mathematics to predict subatomic behavior. The deeper we delve into the atomic structure the more particles we invent.

I think this metaphysical stuff is fascinating but I doubt that the human species will ever know the real picture. I'm not particularly religious but I think the concept of a "God" fills that gap we will never know. Just be happy and keep developing those models.

PS: By the way I love mathematics - the purest form of logic.
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30 May 2012   #24

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@seeker: #22 is just as acceptable as any other "theory" It's the big bang and other astrophysics in simple terms.

This world - the now, we are observing on a planet island in the "waters" of the universe

suspended by four cords - string theory
each direction defined by color - the Doppler effect

Upper world - when the expansion of the universe slows and everything everywhere is "peaceful"
None of that creation of stars / destruction of galaxies stuff going on

Lower world - when contraction is increasing
Everything is getting crushed or smashed

Same thing - different words and understanding.

No big deal

@mjf: Science is observation, developing an explanation for that observation, and testing that hypothesis. If it can't be tested, well it's still just a guess. Perhaps a very good guess, but it's not science. Your statement "The deeper we delve into the atomic structure the more particles we invent" basically supports what I'm trying to say. The invention of something to explain that which we do not fully understand - That's religion.

-->edit: I'm not saying "if a test fails..." I'm saying "If if can't be tested.." I'm also not saying that we should stop guessing. - thought I'd try to clear that up before someone says "just because a test fails..."

I really enjoy these conversations - there is no right or wrong, but it does keep this old mind active. Anyway, keep the faith, I'll probably be kicked off the forum if I keep this up.

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30 May 2012   #25

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It may be just as acceptable as any other theory, but that doesn't mean that I have to agree with it.
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30 May 2012   #26

x64 (6.3.9600) Win8.1 Pro & soon dual boot x64 (6.1.7601) Win7_SP1 HomePrem

@seeker: Fair enough, well put.

->edit: I went back and you did say "I agree with most of your..." I guess I have to read Dale Carnegie again.
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30 May 2012   #27

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MJF - You can't predict subatomic behavior with Quantum physics. Quantum Mechanics was invented by physicists to offer an explanation for something we don't know. It's simply a theory put to model that can't even explain itself. It's even been used to explain how Santa Claus can be everywhere at once. :) It's just another tool like the invented place holder 0 (zero) until something better comes along. Time was invented by man to explain an event but means nothing beyond our planet. Scientist still use it to explain events that may not even be time relevant.

Science changes every year with new discoveries. It wasn't that long ago that scientists thought a person would suffocate if they attempted to travel faster than 60mph in an automobile. Or that a heavier than air, self-powered craft could "fly". Or more recently, that water couldn't possibly exist on Mars.
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31 May 2012   #28

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Quantum Physics is rooted in the uncertainty principle.
Uncertainty principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I doubt that humankind can fundamentally understand how things began or end.
Apart from maths how do we understand the singularity of the universe beginning or its end. We have limited ability to understand the world/universe we exist in.

Your comments actually support mine in some respect. These discussions are fascinating to me.
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31 May 2012   #29
Tarka Dal


Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by nitroman84 View Post
I have recently ingested much information on the theories of the origin of the universe. The most widely accepted theory is that the universe began as an infinitely small point (smaller than an atom) which for some yet unknown reason began to expand at an ever increasing rate and continues to expand to this day. This theory goes on to state that our own galaxy is the result of an ancient giant star gone supernova releasing the material that makes up our planets, sun, us and everything else in this galaxy some 4.5 billion years ago. I just have to stand back and ask, do you think this is how it all began? All of the matter, antimatter, stars, planets and organisms came from one infinitely small particle in a brilliant flash of energy? Or do you think this is just a fantasy of todays “great minds” grasping at straws in any attempt to explain the unknown?
It is the opinion of many like minded people like myself that this theory is correct due to the fact that we (all sentient life and those are living in the spirit world) created this nothing into something for us to expand our knowledge of the physical world to understand it and also 'Live' it so as to experience new things. We are expanding our own skills in the spiritual world. If this world were to end then another will begin until life itself is snuffed out to the point of extinction. Basically, nothing too worry about except live your life to the full and love life as much as you can....Control negative thoughts and delete thoughts that make you unhappy. Simple isn't it! Now put it in to practice.
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31 May 2012   #30

x64 (6.3.9600) Win8.1 Pro & soon dual boot x64 (6.1.7601) Win7_SP1 HomePrem

Then again, we could just be making it up as we go along.

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by
The Holographic Universe
Michael Talbot (1953-1992), was the author of several books on holograms and quantum mechanics, and their relationship to ancient mysticism and the theoretical models of reality. Talbot explored the works of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, who independently reached the conclusion that the universe operates on a holographic model. In Talbot's book, The Holographic Universe, Talbot also arrives at this conclusion and maintains that the holographic model might also explain numerous paranormal and unusual phenomena as well as offer a basis for mystical experiences.

In 1982, at the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. Aspect's experiment was related to the EPR Experiment, a consciousness experiment which had been devised by Albert Einstein, and his colleagues, Poldlsky and Rosen, in order to disprove Quantum Mechanics on the basis of the Pauli Exclusion Principle contradicting Special Relativity.

Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow each particle always seemed to know what the other was doing. This feat violates Einstein's long-held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light which is tantamount to breaking the time barrier. This daunting prospect has caused some physicists to try to come up with elaborate ways to explain away Aspect's findings. But it has inspired others to offer even more radical explanations.

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