Any audiophile CD/Album collectors here?

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    i once decorated a house and the chap who owned it was having a fantastic sytem put in , all the cables were plastered into the walls and had sockets in the wall to plug the speakers into. he had about 6 pre amps and the system unit that housed the equipment even had a fridge. the unit cost around £17.000
    this was in the 1980's
    the expert who installed the system gave me the remainder of one of the speaker cable reels as he knew i was astonished at the chaps system and even as a young lad i was into my sounds.
    never forgot that music room..
    was the most expensive house i had worked in.
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    Killer I'm sure boohbah! I once had the pleasure to visit Arnie Nudells custom built room for his new signiture speakers the IRS's.

    The 12 Most Significant Loudspeakers of All Time (TAS 205) | AVguide

    To say that they sounded good was such an understatement of musical power with such ease, just a joy to be in the room with and it almost didn't matter what was being played....if it was recorded well then you got transported into the music !
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    linnemeyerhere said:
    ...if it was recorded well then you got transported into the music !
    This is what I love about listening to audiophile disks, especially if its well recorded, the nuances of the sound, even on a non high end system is outstanding.

    That said, when I was stationed in Amsterdam I had a co-worker who had such a high end system, I think his was around 100k, made the Dutch audio magazines. Anyway the first time I heard Yello’s CD, Flag, and that killer bass on "Tied Up" on those Klipsch Horns (I think), being pushed by a pair of Mark Levinson mono blocks, and his 20K CD player, I was completely blown away. He had some other stuff in that system but I just remember those speakers and amps.

    I remember him telling me he could feel goose bumps listening to that system. I'd have to agree, that was one impressive system. In fact as I sit here now listening to that same CD, that system comes to mind.

    BTW... if you like heavy bass and drums, this is a good CD to have. Style is considered Latin, Synth-pop

    Another great sounding high-end audiophile CD with a great bass and drums is Dire Straight's Brothers in Arms. I dare say you haven't heard this CD till you heard the XRCD version.

    Any audiophile CD/Album collectors here?-3-classics.jpg

    I also have the original CD release and the XRCD version blows it out the water!

    BTW the other two CD's are the DCC versions of the Doors' L.A. Woman, and Elton John's Greatest Hits.
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    I am an audiophile. I have a pair of B&W DM6 (pregnant penguins) loudspeakers that I bought in 1980 and a nice Yamaha RXV-2090 reciever to listen to music. I rip my CD's to FLAC and use Winamp to play them on the PC with an Audigity 2 ZS sound card. I left my Thorens TD160BC SME Series II arm and Ortophon M20FLSuper in England in my Mums loft 14 years ago. In 1998 I lost about 100 CD's due to a divorce and have bought most of them again. My LP's are at my Mums house and I have no idea how many there are now as I got a lot of the stuff on CD. One thing that bugs me no end is new CD's are recorder with no dynamic range, everything is a s loud and compressed as possible.
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    linnemeyerhere said:
    Yep I'm a huge analog lover but primarily music I'm watching part 6 of Ken Burns excellent history of Jazz as I type this. My collection of well over 5,000 lp's is a blend of my personal collection and three friends collections which I've yet to integrate into mine as they'll all get cleaned via my Nitty Gritty machine and stuffed into a new sleeve once played and pronounce worthy.
    I have three audiophile tables and still own my prized Techinics RS1500 US 10" open real as well as my Nakamichi RX505 cassette machine. Both are flat out amazing recording and playback devices that stand up to almost any CD player available without getting into the stratosphere. Then there is my digital collection of over 2000 cd's and my laserdisc (450+), DVD (900+) and Blu Ray (40+) collection of movies and music.
    I'm currently building my own Audiophile interconnects from pure oxygen free copper with pure silver coated wire with pure silver solder and custom locking connectors with shrink wrapped sleeving. These are meant to rival Kimber Kable and the like at a much lower but still expensive price point.
    To sum it up.............I'm a total music and audio loon, it's scary but it's me !
    Allan ,I didn't know you were a Jazz fan I have recently been getting into Jazz Fushion Acid Jazz and funk have to say it is good Listening Brother
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    My first concert was John Mclaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra opening for ELP. But it was John and Billy Cobham during the Birds of Fire tour that was so impressive. At age 13 I was into Chick Corea, Jazz Crusaders and many more Jazz and Progressive Jazz bands. There are many must haves but this is one of mine!

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    I can listen to stuff like this for hours

    The same name but different songs this is from the Game La Noire but is a actual song called Rainy Mood
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    So what about those audiophile CD's ??? :)

    BTW, don't be mistaken by my musical postings as I'm also a huge jazz fan as well. Early to late 70's/80's is my type.

    Pat Metheny, Bob James, Weather Report, Stanley Clarke just to name a few.
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    Any Bela Fleck cd !

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    Don't have any Bela Fleck.
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