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    Confession is good
    Truth be told the only times I've hinted to a op to give kudos to me is if the task took longer than a text reply/ a few minutes/ a few post templates...
    Doing Vectors and creating an .ico file is no fast task it might take hours to cleanup/ redraw one/ create one from a crap image
    Subtlety is lost by some people possibly because they're oblivious to the amount of work it takes ?
    Possibly just ungrateful or not familiar to the forums rep features in general,

    Then again possibly the work is crap :/
    But when they come back for more that does not wash
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  2. whs
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    essenbe said:
    Wolfgang, I don't think your last post was intended for me. But, my feelings are that one of the really great things about this forum is that you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. Our opinion may differ greatly. We may argue about it and at the end of the day, neither of us has changed the others opinion. But, we can stroll down to the "Virtual Pub" together, have a drink, laugh about our argument, and still be friends. So, as for me, I am not offended by your post in the least bit.
    Yes Steve, you are so right. The different opinions make the wealth of the forums. I don't claim that I am right and never say that someone else is wrong (unless it is technically wrong). I just like it 'plain'. And you can see from some of the comments of the other members that the rep/medal/badge system does create a certain level of stress at times. Well I guess I have to go with the flow.
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  3. Arc
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    If any of us (the members of SF) want to stay aside from the reps system, they can disable it.
    Reputation and Badges [10]-2015-04-10_21h41_11.png
    Once it is disabled, reps and badges will not be shown in his profile and in his posts. Plus it will give a clear sense to the others that this person is not interested about reps. No visible rep levels, no medals, no stress, no congratulations. :)

    To loss the badges, the only way that I am aware of is to contract the admins. But losing badges has a side effect, the permissions will also go away with those. So it is better to keep the guru badge at lease.
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  4. whs
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    Thanks Arc. Good idea. Done.
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    Personally I think the rep system works on many levels, it's governed well and serves a few purposes. Use it, don't abuse it. If you don't like it it's not worth getting het up over, it's just a system on an internet forum after all. :)
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    It is a very good system that provides incentives at many levels, including instinctual that we don't even realize. The system of reward for good/hard work is absolutely self-perpetuating and a foundational underpinning of the forums' success and top standing, whether we realize it or not.

    This is why when it was gamed so brazenly it became the greatest upheaval in our history. The response of the Admins was especially admirable because it showed they will safeguard the integrity of these forums at considerable cost and pain.

    This is a system that accurately and honestly appraises reputation based on an algorithm of peers - tech stuff at its finest, resulting in the finest tech forums.

    One suggestion to help keep it honest: Never feel the need to return rep. Look for quality of work only, and try not to miss repping anyone's good work. Letting a member known you tried to rep them and couldn't is also great feedback. There are some I can rarely rep because I rep their good work so much. Do they know this?
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    A Guy said:
    Who would do such a thing??

    A Guy
    I'm not telling...
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    I like being rep. I don't ask or beg for them in any fashion.

    I must admit sometimes I forget to rep others. I hope I'm getting better at rep others when they should be. Rep's or no Rep's I'm staying on the forum until the Boss kicks me off.

    I came to this forum to learn and in the process I have learned to help others. I like helping others.

    I do get some what flabbergasted when I see threads of over 800 post between two members mostly and nothing gets fixed. The computer is sent back to the seller.
    A lot of thank you, hows your weather, I will try that later, whats for lunch, ect. A request for help turns into a child chat room.
    I can't help in such threads because their is no way of keep track of what has been recommended or what has been tried and the results.
    Me and my 3 brain cells just get lost trying to keep up between all the B/S post.
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  9. whs
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    You are right Jack. Threads with a lot of chatter are very hard to follow. But I always like to rep the person that has a bright idea or spends a lot of effort and time to solve a problem. Peeling that out of those chatter threads is not always easy.
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    whs said:
    I started my Forums career on the HowToGeek forum - long before I was here. There everybody was 'member'. Only moderators, the owner and MVPs had a separate mention. And that's how it is still today. I never operated differently on that forum than I operate here.

    I think the badges, stars and bips look fancy, but they don't do anything. But we do it to ourselves. Every time someone has an additional badge, bip or star, there is a big congratulation orgy. I think that increases the badge focus. I participate only in very exceptional cases.

    The ultimate badge inflation they have on Stack Exchange. For fun I made a handful of postings there and I already have 7 badges,
    I read some suuuuuper old post by you a few weeks ago on some website of which I forgot exactly which one. It looked like something you'd find in the way back machine.
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