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Windows 7: Any Vapers?

15 Oct 2014   #481

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Win 10 Pro x64

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Dude View Post
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by derekimo View Post
I know what you mean, anything you enjoy can be over consumed, I think it's just human nature to use in excess.

Thanks for the link, is this the one right here?

Jims Old Kentucky Bourbon Eliquid from Ion Vapor
Yes, that's it
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15 Oct 2014   #482
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Dude View Post
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Night Hawk View Post
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by essenbe View Post
When I first got going and into vaping discussions over a year ago people were in the rave about the place while the name doesn't hold as much water as far as discounts. But I run into this commonly as various places will have only one or two things cheaper then someone else and higher prices on the rest! Take the Smok Aro Winder 2000mah battery I mentioned earlier for $24 at Misthub while they $33- for them.

For non variable eGo batteries I was getting those at another vendor Cighub or Nola V Pen(owner changed name of site after I had ordered a few times from them. Initially that one showed a pic of a starter kit with 1300mah eGo batteries and found when I ordered they were 1100 instead I complained about. Got a freebie third 1100 when deciding to order two more. One was passed along to someone to use rather then smoke lately)

Bing makes a great friend when it comes to shopping but won't always come up with the lowest prices all the time. It depends on what it is usually as some have revealed $10 tanks for $6 when I was finding the same on Bing for $8!

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Dude View Post
I picked up the new kit today, same one in my link earlier . I'm playing with the voltage, have it at 4.0 right now. I went with Kentucky bourbon for the juice and like it. I started with the 18mg nic.

So far ( a whole hour and a half I have had it) it is way better than the vuze freebie I started with. I can get a really good hit off of it, and totally get what you mean by throat hit now.
At first I had a friend pick up a few disposables that didn't go over well at all. From there I looked around and ended up with Bloog starter kits I was handing out as holiday gifts to some still smoker friends. Those are some resistant to any change of habit by the way. Then came the SMOK Vamo V2 and a friend who had just quit a 4 pack a day habit starting up his own family run eliquid business and I then need refillable blanks from Bloog at first and then onto eGo batteries which later included a pair of eGo-C Twists(650mah for about $50 in leather eGo carrying case) and a Vision 1300mah Spinner.

The Vamo being powered by either 18350, 18500, or 18650 batteries used in led flashlight carried by security guards, police at times, etc. was not only larger(friend razed it was hookah which it is farthest from ) was variable wattage vs variable voltage while having both. The C-Ts and Spinner were alright for the time being when needing to turn something up while tasting a new flavor(for a period of time samples for each flavor would be sent to me to evaluate) but besides the somewhat awkwardness of the larger Vamo something was still missing. I was still lighting up for six months after the first disposables.

The C-Twists and Spinner ordered a year ago March plus Vamo by that time did break the ice for the 2013 New Year's res to quit within 2013! And then 3/30/13 came along six months after starting with me already down to only 3packs a week! Try 3packs daily 35yrs. ago when working long hours on night shift with longer then usual breaks at a time when no one had no smoking policies! since that place is smoke free even before the company was sold.

Along came Nov. 2013 and the need to look at other then top coiled 1.6ml clearomizers came about and I looked into the bcc tanks(Bottom Coil Clearomizer type tanks and clearomizers both). That was when the MVP2.0 came about to be followed by the iTaste V3.0s until the sight of the Smok Groove II(3800mah sealed battery) sa well as the VV/VW Mega batteries. What a difference since they prevent any fall back into that old nasty habit with ease!

It wasn't stepping up voltage but wattage that actually sees the taste change on what you are vaping! Since the MVP2.0 run 7w-11 or 12w I set everything to 7watts and found some flavors were still too sweet and turned those up to 10w(not too many since 10w warms the coils up!) You will have to experiment over time to get to that Ideal Satisfaction! But this is what most end up doing anyways.

Thanks, I will play with it. I'm really happy with my choice
That's the important thing! As I was explaining it took a bit of time to really get to where I am now having vaped for the last 23 months and checking out a good variety of hardwares. I still keep a few eGo mini batteries around as well like one in a flash drive holder in case a battery I carry needs charging or quits on me while out. Those won't go all day only being 350mah but can bail you out of a tight spot in a hurry! Mini Ego Style 350mah Batteries

A year ago I had a pair in fact the actual last found of 3.5ml CE2 clearomizers with the pen style cap. It's rare finding them in that large of a capacity now however with those like the Smok FBC only being 2ml but when attached to a small battery you won't need a lot. One thing to know about the variables is once you turn things up you will find you will be going through a tank full a bit faster since you are getting a warmer vapor.

There also some safe vaping charts that show voltage, ohms, watts to refer to in order to prevent burning the atomizer out in something. The higher the voltage usually means going with a higher resistance. There are a good number of those at both vendors and other vaping sites to refer to. Here's what one looks like to get the general idea. Safe Vaping Power Chart(W=V2/R)

The reason I bring this up is I actually cooked one Vision 3.5ml clearomizer on the first Vamo I had when not realizing I had bumped it in reverse from 3 watts to 15 since there is no stop on those like other devices. I couldn't figure out why there was no vapor until going to look at the settings and said "oh foobar!"! You learn fast when something like this happens!
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15 Oct 2014   #483

Windows 10 Pro X64

Thanks Night Hawk for the great advice
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15 Oct 2014   #484
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

It helps to be forewarned on things! I've had some batteries go on me as well as burn marks on the wicks from dry hits on some of the old clearomizers and now stay strictly BCC or BDC(Bottom Dual Coil) that have tiny wicks instead. You get a much smoother vape once you get the right stuff together but still need to use some precautions.

Something I had to add here Dude was a price check on the kit you just bought in case you decide to get another. Believe me when I say price shopping around a bit can save some real $$$ at times!
Innokin iTaste CLK Variable Voltage 800 MAH + iClear 16D Kit = $29.94 a bit less then the other vendor. Another vendor was only $5 less but tossed in a bottle of ejuice they carry which is seen often when hardware shopping.(Don't care much for Dekang which is imported ejuice it seems.)
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16 Oct 2014   #485

Win-7-Pro64bit 7-H-Prem-64bit

Well bad night last night wrenched my system attempting to re-download win-10 on a bigger partition and of course messed that up somehow and it killed win-7
Grabbed a real sig about 5 times during the weird issue,
Now I have no partitions that win-7 or win-10 will install on,

Hopefully I can find a new ssd locally in a few hours and get some type of os on it preferably win-7,
I do have a system image but repair would not find it it needs an os of win-7 which is gone win-10 laughed I guess and I formatted E where I thought it wasn't so some where allow the lines win-10 installed on both partitions lol
Still haven't fallen off the wagon
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16 Oct 2014   #486

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

Unlucky Thrashzone! Hope you get it sorted soon mate.

I have to say, after vaping this Deadly Sin for a day, it's really grown on me and I really quite like it now. A very pleasant vape
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16 Oct 2014   #487
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

Ut Ohhhhhhh..... not a good move trying that one out! Should have isolated the newer version's preview on a separate drive to begin with due to the newer form of secure boot. As far as getting 7 back on if you have the dvd you can nuke the drive clean as long as everything you want was already backed up elsewhere and then put a clean install onto a new fresh primary.

When I go to look at what the preview is like I will first be unplugging the 7 host and then running the preview on a second OS drive without any dual boot config. I won't be vaping up a storm out of stress later since I plan to split up the second storage drive to use one partition for updating images and reduce the backup of everything from the first storage disk to the essentials.

I couldn't vape back when the early birds for 8 came out and watched as both that and 7 suddenly refused to even start up due to disk errors. The bios's F keys work miracles when it comes to selecting the drive before the OS keeping each isolated from each other just in case of an ut oh moment. The first thing now of course would be the nuke and back to the single primary if the image is stored elsewhere to see if you can then restore that. Otherwise Fresh "7" from scratch!
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16 Oct 2014   #488

Windows 7 Enterprise X64/Windows 10 Enterprise X64/Windows 10 Pro X64/Linux Mint

Sorry for the problem, Mike. I installed 10 and 7 on the same SSD without any problems. I guess your SSD just decided to give up the ghost at that time. Does it show up in BIOS or diskpart? It's a real bummer for that to happen. Hope you grt it sorted soon. It's a real tribute that you didn't fall off the wagon during all of that.

@Paul, Welcome to the club. There are Several of us in that club.
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16 Oct 2014   #489

Win-7-Pro64bit 7-H-Prem-64bit

Nothing until mid next week Fry's wanted more than twice what newegg wanted,
I'm going out of town tomorrow morning anyway till probably Saturday night,
P.S. the only thing found was 557 bad sectors
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16 Oct 2014   #490

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by paulpicks21 View Post
I have to say, after vaping this Deadly Sin for a day, it's really grown on me and I really quite like it now. A very pleasant vape
Thats what happened with me. I like it OK, but after awhile it just grew on me.
I'm not sure what it is, but I can vape it all day without getting to tired of it. One of my favorites for that reason.


Couple things I thought of guys that worth mentioning too. It may have been already and I missed a post but too many to go back through.

First, the voltages.
I know everyone will have a different preference, as some of us like a cooler vape and some of us like a a warmer vape.
But I think we are forgetting one very crucial variable in this equation.

And that is, what Ohms the coil is running at has a huge impact.

For example, paulpicks21 ..
You said you vape your Deadly Sin at 4.5v correct?
I've said I like mine at 4.0.

We may be using essentially the same thing. The reason this may be misleading is I run on a 1.2Ohm coil. If yours is says 1.8- 2.0 Ohms , 4.5 into that will be approx. the same as 4.0v into 1.2Ohm.

I haven't done the math or anything, just a quick guess, but it just hit me that that's a big factor.

In regards to Ohms on the coil ...
Lower the Ohm the faster the coil heats up. I think they burn just a touch hotter too, or seems like it.
Downside though is they use more power. In other words lower Ohms eats up battery faster.

Higher Ohms take longer to heat up, but your batter will last longer.
Which is better is ultimately a matter of personal preference. I like lower Ohm builds in my Kayfun, 1.2-1.4 and higher Ohm in my Kanger Aero 2.0-2.2

The next thing which some may not know about and I learned the hard way are juices they call 'Tank Crackers"

If your tank is all metal, or the see through part is real glass, you can do what you want this will not effect you.
But the majority have a plastic tank and thats where it matters.

Cinnamon (not light bakery cinnamon like in deadly sin, but the strong red hot cinnamon)

These are 3 I know of right off the top of my head are culprits, and theres a few others.

What happens, is your clear see through tank will start turning cloudy. Then you'll see little cracks or lines starting to appear. When this happens stop using it.

If you want to vape these types of juices, I would put them in a glass or stainless steel tank.

But keep in mind, some of these flavors will be OK in lower amounts or whatever. I would just check to see if that particular juice has a reputation for cracking tanks. if it does, a quick google search will tell you. Just a heads up.

Heres a list I found that may be helpful.
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