Anak said:
Years ago when I was a superintendent in newspaper production, we had standard limits on what constituted a spoiled paper (spoils) like flagged paster's (roll splices) that came from the pressroom and any that were visibly torn, occasionally one of my crew would be holding a readable but mangled paper and ask me; Would you send this out? And I would reply, "If you didn't want to take that paper home as your comp paper for working the shift, don't send it out". 100% of the time the crew-member would place the paper on the spoils pile for a later count to help balance the run book between our department and the pressroom.

The company within reason, didn't care how many extra papers we printed to satisfy the press-run as long as they were of good quality and didn't cause reader complaints. Even if it was a large over-run, we always had a good reason. Not only in manufacturing but also in life, you have to have standards, and stick to them, damn the cost.
Great story! It's heartening to hear about a company putting quality before pure profit. Sadly I think perhaps that shows the difference between a company like Samsung and a newspaper press!