SSD is Windows XP?

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    SSD is Windows XP?

    I want to keep my old XP computer running as I rely on it for older games & such that 7 & 10 can't handle(16-bit stuff, Japanese games that require Applocale to even work, etc). It's a Dell Optiplex 750 or so(I believe made in 2007, has SATA connectors), cloning the HDD would require an external USB drive adapter to even clone it as I can't physically fit another HDD inside as it's an SFF case(honestly I don't even know how many SATA ports are in there, been a while since I opened it). An SSD would be overall better anyway... so what kind of hassles will this give me? I gather that XP doens't support TRIM so I'd have to run a manual program to deal with that... but anything else I should know before sinking money into this only to find it's too much of a nightmare?
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    I dont know anything about xp, however, samsung and crucial and others have their own software for handling their disk, I expect you can trim with those. They are called things like magician , and dashboard.

    this kind of thing:
    How it Works: Samsung Magician 6 SSD Tool - YouTube
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    I don't think there will be any important problem with it. While it's true that XP doesn't knows anything about SSDs, they still share the same interface as normal disks. Just to be sure, if any trouble arrises, put it in legacy IDE mode in the BIOS. Other than that, just use it normally.

    While XP don't supports TRIM natively, you can do it manually though the drive's software, or even not at all. TRIM helps increase performance and minimize wear, but it's nothing you can't live without. In practice, on modern SSDs both effects are barely noticeable.

    I would say go ahead and try it.
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    You would be better running free virtual pcs on 7 or 10 and running xp that way. Most xp software isnt disk intensive so there may be no advantage having a ssd
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    samuria said:
    Most xp software isnt disk intensive so there may be no advantage having a ssd

    We have no idea what the OP is using, besides this being a over-generalization that generally don't hold off. Windows itself makes heavy use of disk and many programs do too. Not to mention that there is no such thing as "XP software".
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    I'm keeping a physical PC on hand solely to run XP. It's already set up, has been used for years. Aside from maybe a better GPU(but I have 2 other PCs so if something needs better hardware I can just run it on those) it's basically as-is to run older games on. Web browsing is iffy as few browsers still support XP and older browsers don't always support newer webpage stuff- got a lot of blank pages on an outdated copy of Firefox. Though online access is no longer essential for that, shy of maybe downloads, as I have separate Win7 and Win10 PCs(I opted to keep this PC going functional on a permanent basis after some hassles with a brief power outage damaging Win10's startup files, which required a fresh install to fix... I am making dedicated SSD clones of all drives from now on).

    Setting up XP in a VM AND reinstalling all those games would be a tremendous chore. Cloning would be easier. I am also aware DOSbox is sometimes an option, but it can be an issue dealing with it for every individual game. Some of the titles I have, excluding things from the 80s/early 90s, tend to run as-is on XP but not a later OS.

    That said, cloning will be time-consuming. From HDD to SSD it took over 2 hours to clone my Win7 setup even at 160GB of data(compared to 18 minutes from SSD to SSD on Win10). I expect for that XP drive it will be 3-4 hours, probably with the DVD drive unplugged to use its SATA port. That's if Macrium is still XP compatible, which I believe it is. But having run 2 clones yesterday and those drives working fine, I expect no real problems there. That HDD is also 7 years old so I wouldn't mind replacing it.
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    Get one of these

    Get one of these. Make sure it's USB 3.0 compatible. The connector will be blue.

    A Crucial SSD is what I'd use. Samsung would also be great. I'd stay away from others. There are only six NAND flash memory manufactures that I know of and Micron (Crucial), and Samsung are two. I've heard Samsung has a better speed. I'd have to look at some charts and/or get one for myself and compare it to my current 1 TB Crucial SSD using the control in this experiment of my computer. I should go m.2, but not in the mood right now.

    As to the browser issue in XP and a VM. You have this in reverse. Use a VM like VMware Workstation (now called VMware Workstation Player) to install Windows 7 or 8 into and run a browser in that. Or I'd just install Linux in the VM which is free. Damn Small Linux (DSL) would work. Raspberry PI OS would suffice as well. Ubuntu has been infected with Windows crap so be aware of that. They sold their soul.

    Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC and Mac – Raspberry Pi

    Add an awesome UI. Twister OS

    See screen shots.

    Twister OS

    The highest version of VMware Workstation that supports XP as the host is version 10.0.7 VMware Workstation 10.0.7 Release Notes

    This link was working for me for the download and now is not. They do this sht to me all the time. Maybe it'll work for you. If not, I'll grab the f$^^ker some other way. Pisses me off they have to F around like that when you just want the damn download. It's like if you refresh the page a number of times they kill your ability for download.

    VMware Maintenance


    While Clonezilla has a bit of a learning curve, it'll would work well and may be faster. It is NOT OS specific that I know of. You boot it and clone. If you need to clone back, you boot Clonezilla, and clone back. Simple as that. Clonezilla - About

    Diosoth said:
    It's a Dell Optiplex 750 or so(I believe made in 2007, has SATA connectors)

    SATA I first came out in 2003. I utilized SATA I in my Dell Dimension 4600. It of course had PATA ports. (IDE is a misnomer. Both SATA and PATA use IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)). Was it any faster than the PATA ports? Not really. Might have had better bandwidth, but I sure didn't notice a difference. That 4600 was a work horse let me tell you. Everything from gaming to running the Folding@Home distributed client. I upgraded EVERYTHING in it except the motherboard.


    I see Dell released a chipset driver update for the 4600 in 2012! That's at least nine years after the 4600 was sold! HAHAHA I didn't think they'd support the thing for that long. Nice they do I guess.
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    It's a Dell Optiplex 750 or so(I believe made in 2007, has SATA connectors)
    What's the exact 7-character "service tag" number on it?
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    Years ago I installed an ide ssd in a toshiba laptop. It worked fine, and fast!

    (edit: XP Home - re-installation)

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    I finally got around to this yesterday. Took 2 hours, 32 minutes to clone the drive thanks to HDD speeds. Unfortunately this PC only has 2 SATA connectors, I had to unplug the DVD drive to make the clone, I can't use a second drive in this PC- not that I need to, total space is only 50% used anyway, it's mainly here to play older games on that don't play nice in anything after XP.

    I used a Mushkin 500GB SSD with new SATA cable.
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