Obsolete Computer Tools

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    Obsolete Computer Tools


    I was just trying to get around my office and I noticed all the obsolete computer (and electronic) stuff everywhere. I just moved an ACECAD DigiMemo pad out of my way. Under it is a Fujitsu external floppy drive attachment. Behind me on another desk there must be 20 or thirty sound, video, network and who knows what other cards. Stacks of hard drives are on the book shelves and hidden away in drawers and cabinets. Memory cards... There are boxes and cartons that I have no idea of the contents.

    A while back we had some severe weather. A couple of big trees fell on my house and ripped through the roof. Heavy rain was flooding in so I just grabbed stuff and piled it up where ever it wasn't flooding. The worst of it was that I had nearly half of my book collection ruined.

    I can't pass up an interesting bit of hardware or electronics at garage sales or rummage sales. I am not allowed to go to auctions (especially federal bankruptcy or school auctions). I have enough drafting film, Mylar, velum, etc. from A size to F size mapping media to last me a lifetime. Off hand I'd say I have around 10 grand worth of media. All of it is the highest quality. I thought I was bidding on a couple of packages of plotter bond. When I won the bid the federal judge managing the auction of a reprographic company said NO - you just bought everything in this big storeroom,

    I was just wondering if anyone else collects this king of stuff. Since I'm an artist, the paper and vellum is great.

    Goodnight, and don't stumble over the wireless speakers,

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    I was just wondering if anyone else collects this king of stuff
    Yeah, I collect the stuff. Have many boxes worth of crap. It's even worse for me because of my interest in radio communications (think police scanners, ham radio, shortwave radio) so I have lots of coaxial cable, Ethernet cable, connectors, lots of electronic parts like capacitors, resistors, transistors, you name it. Heck of it is, I don't need it until it's gone!

    I have an old Zip drive and Macintosh floppy drive that still work today. They're actually both USB. I have several parallel port floppy drives as well.

    If you have more than one of the same thing, eBay could fetch you some money. But it can be a PITA with idiot buyers, the fees, having to ship and what not. All depends on the person.
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    A lot of old stuff can be worth a fortune as a lot of firms run old software and old hardware so lile 5 1/4 drives can go for a lot of money same with mfm drives
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    Hello Fellow older (not necessarily obsolete) computer stuff,

    I ran across an interesting site. It is a collection of info on graphic cards since 1981. It's titled "VGA Legacy MK111". The site is located at: hhtps://www.vgamuseum.info

    I can't remember whether one may post a site address or not. I don't recommend trying to back search from the site to its base or home. The guy who operates this site just supplies info on graphics cards. He doesn't have driver downloads or anything like that. He does ask users to send him info on any card that's missing from the museum. I was able to identify and get info on a some video cards I've been wondering about for years. Once you have good info, you can look for drivers with more success.

    This might be of interest or help to somebody.

    Best Wishes,

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    This is the correct address: VGA Legacy MKIII - Last updates

    You can also vist via port 80, i.e. non TLS encrypted HTTPS.

    He/she is running the CMS Joomla! on a shared hosting account. This hosting account IP which is shared among other users has shenanigans emanating from the IP address. Not necessary from this guy's website, but someone else who also shares the same IP in the CageFS shared hosting space. Which to me indicated the hoster he's using is not on top of the BS. | Wedos Internet A.S. | AbuseIPDB

    I don't know WTF this crap means:

    CageFS is a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, preventing users from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information. CageFS contains a large number of attacks, including most privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks. It is entirely transparent to your customers, without any need for them to change their scripts.
    Security check

    Contains "attacks"?! Really? It contains attacks? They need to elaborate on that statement. I do know that CageFS is just as good as a VPS in terms of virtualization. The older versions of CageFS weren't so secure from what I read. I may chime in at webhosting talk and ask about this blanket statement of "containing attacks." How does something contain an attack? That's not even proper English. It's like saying there are poisonous vermin within the virtualized container actively doing bad businesses. LOL At install!


    Edit- Here's some unbiased forum opinion. Has anyone using CloudLinux ever seen a technical review? | Web Hosting Talk


    And another, "Anyway..."
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