I recently dug out an old SOUNDESIGN 6857 Stereo system. I guess it's from the 70's. I took it apart, checked it out and cleaned it up. About the worst was the equalizer. I just used contact cleaner and delicately worked them till they loosened up and worked. I got the turn table working with a little effort. I have hundreds of old LPs that I wanted to convert to digital files.
My computers are hooked up thru a Realistic SA-10 Amp (with 8 track player) to some fairly good speakers. The stereo sys outputs to my computer. I use a WavePad Sound Editor to record the LPs. I just make a BASE file for each side of the record. After cleaning them up and making a final BASE file; I make the separate files of each track.
I was surprised to find the old XP machine puts out excellent sound. It has a good nVIDIA sound card. I got some updated drivers from nVIDIA; but the best thing was the new version of the NVMixer.
It's amazing what you can do with "obsolete" equipment.

Good Night,