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    Mr GRiM said:
    Well I have to say that is my Fault and it SHOULD be moved to a more appropriate location, Most likely place would be in tutorials, so I might make a tutorial on this tonight.
    Its there
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Vista Ultimate x64

    Thanks Dmex
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    Vista Ult 64 bit Seven Ult RTM x64

    If I'm looking for info on a particular feature or problem and don't know where to find it, I use the search tab at the top of the page. Search is good. Mr GRim's tutorial is at the top of the list and the other threads are also listed. Thanks Mr GRim.

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    Windows7/Vista Home Premium

    Forum promotion

    Yes, These forums are the high light of my year. I am very happy & my pc thanks you.
    Best help I've found to bringing results to a pc that needs a Brick thrown at it. LOL.

    Thank you each and all for your replies. I have the highest respect for others and
    the things they have gone thru to know what they know now. The nightmares of learning.
    When it comes to knowledge and the learning curves, I'll stick to me being known as;
    The NoviceBoy. Yes, I am here to learn and learn from others I will. Thank you.

    In efforts to bring the thread back to it's original topic, "Forum promotion",
    I recommend, build your members profile page and pass it around to peoples you know.
    This is the place each member can tell everyone, who they are and what they do.

    As the forum grows in popularity, using your profile page to refer peoples, I feel,
    it will, help the forum owners maintain there list of where the traffic comes from.
    We are in the world of fighting spam, yes? Help admin by promoting your profile page.

    Note to admin. - In each members profile page, among the available "Tabs" to view,
    add a tab for a members "Blogging". This is only a suggestion as I have seen it work.
    I have seen Google activity "sky-rocket" with this idea and it dose bring the traffic.

    As an example of a forum I am a member of, built much the same as we have here.
    Please, let me introduce you to and share my profile page over there. The forum is
    very active with over 100,000 members and has over 1,000 logged in at any given time.
    Do take notice of the members "Profile Page". One of the available tabs is a blog.

    The forum I refer is called, The "Warrior Forum". My user name over there is, Pho-neme,
    Here is my Warrior Forum profile page - note; i only add this here for an example.
    - link; WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - View Profile: Pho-neme
    I speak the truth, with each member blogging, the search engines will go Crazy.

    Other then that, Content is king. Posting and reply's with good content, - Rules.
    Tis the reason I found this site at first and made it back here "in the time of need."
    On my First page of Google resutls w/search terms - "Vista services settings".

    And with that, I would like to add my extra bla, bla, content. Problems with my pc.
    For a brief past couple weeks of horror with my machine, continue reading if you must.
    A guy sometimes might prefer a quick button, - Click -"Vista, Fix thyself". lol.

    Here's my story and I'm stick'en to it. Stuck with it more like it. lol.

    My most resent two week adventure with my Vista/ie7 seems somewhat of a joke for me.
    clueless to my searching of what could bring any resolve to my current troubles.

    What started out as "ie" unable to respond and closing each and every time I used it,
    very frustrating, As soon as I thought I may have found an answer - ie shuts down again.
    Come to find out, maybe nothing wrong with ie. Something else using up the resources.
    I was also receiving reports from my ATI graphics software that there was conflicts.
    keeping the "Box" online long enough to find out that there was no ATI updates needed.

    The next faze of trouble, came on sudden and very violent, the "Box" simply shut off.
    Worse then the blue "screen of death". I thought the electric bill needed paying.
    As it appeared to be at the time a Windows/ATI/monitor conflict of some kind,
    I tried plugging in a different monitor to rule out a monitor hard ware failure. Not so.

    After a view hours of recovery with boots and restore sessions and safe mode starts,
    making it to the desk top, I immediately change the performance settings under, -
    - Performance Information Tools/Adjust Visual Effects/Performance Options -
    From "Let Windows choose what's best for my computer" To "Adjust for best performance"

    Making it over to the windows "service", I started kick'en a few of them "on".
    Not Knowing for sure what services should or shouldn't be running. (OEM Settings).
    Regaining and finding stability with the "Box", I hit the web in search of help.

    I would like to add that my - Google search results for "Vista services settings"
    and from there first page of results, linked my back to these Windows7/Vista forums.
    Here is the link I landed at and I highly recommend to any, follow the advice given.
    Link; Services - Vista Forums

    Simple and to the point, Go give your Machines a "services tune up'.
    I set the services to the OEM recommended settings and the "Box" runs like new.
    Thank you once again for the "tune-up" guys. Nice work over there.

    Now that things are running sweet again, the next thing on the agenda is, WHY.
    I believe there is a couple things that may have caused my box to go into convolutions.

    First, I had recently changed my isp. Cant say how or why that might make trouble,
    unless for maybe some reason, some "Windows feathers" got ruffled. lol.
    Looking at the stock marking regarding the isp big boys, brings me to wonder.
    Let me avoid and skip this subject for now, reason, I don't have my facts together.

    Along with this, well, you want the short version? some GOOD ADVICE FOR ANY?
    Yes, I was on a mission to burn up the board. lol. Let'em fight it out. lol.

    Here is my example; My "Not up-to-date" Norton (that came free with the box),
    claims they caught a worm or something. After they supposedly isolating the trouble,
    I introduced the Beta Trend-Robot-search-tool(TM) to my system. Braking my own rules,
    I found that the leaders in the anti-virus software, Norton & Trend, accompanied with
    SpyBot-"Search & Destroy" and Windows Defender, did actually do fairly well together.
    Not to add insult to my injury, (Piece of Hafe-Broken pc), I gave the mess, McAfee.

    In my opinion, McAfee's system suite works the best regarding system performance with;
    Microsoft Windows Defender, Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Have working proof).

    I Shredded the complete Norton program, (Infected so they said). Trashed the Trend,
    and stopped the service from SpyBot. - Light-up the Windows Defender and McAfee.
    With the OEM service setting from Services - Vista Forums
    and "Bam", I do have a nice performing box again. Only sharing what worked for me.

    I will remind any, I am the Novice Boy. Here's my extra babl'en on if any interested.

    The real problem here-is, I myself like many out there, think differtly then many of ya'll.
    Most of you think, live and breath in different languages. I'm still stuck in English.
    Many of you folks can do this stuff in your sleep. I loose sleep till I "get it"done.

    I guess mostly where I am coming from stems from the many hours I've spent fix'en my box's.
    Straight up, the wife and kids are mad. Any time there's trouble w/one of the units,
    "There goes daddy again." "Shouldn't see him till he get's it figured out." LOL.
    I personal have a problem over here. I don't stop till I've gotten the problem resolved.

    I cant tell ya how many times I've crashed the xp units to know what I know now day's.
    I've been in there ya'hoo'en with the regedit, not understanding a bit I was doing, lol,
    and now there's vista. The hours spent searching for resolves to things now and then.

    - Well,
    with my post above and this one I say, A guy sometimes might prefer a quick button,
    - Click -"Vista, Fix thyself". LOL.

    Good Day Ya'll. Once again, Thank you for your help guys.


    Note; I wrote this post a week ago but did not post it until now. Testing time.
    Update - The Box is performing very well. Still having some troubles. "I'll be back".
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    W 7 64-bit Ultimate

    Black Viper

    Hello Paul'y.

    Some say this is the best (subjective word I know) guide to figure out services and what to set them to.

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Service Configurations by Black Viper

    Later Ted
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    Vista Ult 64 bit Seven Ult RTM x64

    At this point, Seven is running very well for me. I'm not going to mess with any services unless I start having a problem with something.

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