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    Windows 7 (7000) public beta

    Forum promotion

    Maybe there needs to be a small graphic with an html link code that members, or anyone could use to post on their blogs or elsewhere?

    Just a thought..

    Visit Windows 7 beta Forums
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    Windows7/Vista Home Premium

    Find a member with reputation.

    Hello people. Every one out there with a pc needs help with the box now a then. Yes?
    Face it, If ya own a pc, ya gota keep it running good whether ya know how to or not.

    Focusing on the "reputation building" concepts found here at these windows based forums.
    Can I make a suggestion to admin and the knowledgeable Higher-up's and the forum owners?

    Create a special section of the forum for finding "Private help" and offers to help.
    A place for members to build - Secure One-on-One remote Services and relationships.
    Remote services, nice tool from windows & over looked for helping in my opinion.

    Many suggestions for help can be made on these forums yes, and taking matters to a
    PM level in my opinion would be recommended at times, but When it comes to -
    - The machine & I - Some people simply do not have the know how to do some things.

    Find a member with reputation. - Find and rent a "Remote Helper" if I may say.
    Trust worthy. - The "get over here & fix my machine" type of person's.
    Testimonies from such services could be rewarded with "Rep. points".

    I know where there is hundreds and thousands of pc's online much of there lives.
    Many running windows products running into pc troubles daily. Asking for help too.
    There time is consumed with other things in there life's and would gladly pay for,
    some setting up of, and a secure remote special services helper.

    Excuse me for the extra blab'en on hear, but I do believe these forums are worth
    pointing folks to, in there searching for the proper answers to there pc troubles.

    From the number of folks I happen upon at various other forums, requesting help with
    there troublesome pc, I myself wanting to help, do not find the time to get involved.
    As I do find people out there giving good advice, I cant help but think that any
    are as knowledgeable as the members found here at the Vista & Windows7 forums.

    We could all use a Trusted warm blooded virtual technician at times.
    Real people helping real people. Earning reputation and helping others.

    If any one else thinks this is a good idea or could expound on the concept,
    Please add your ideas and suggestion. Or your two cents. lol.

    "The better the plan, the better the program."

    Thank you and it was only a suggestion.

    Note to Admin, if this should be a bad idea/concept, Please delete.
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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    Your input is interesting and has merit, Novice Boy, but is not the whole forum dedicated to such, or do I misunderstand?
    To have requests for help openly on the site, can result in good and, admittedly, bad input, but this could occur in a dedicated forum also.
    Should your suggestions reach fruition, there is a danger for those who achieve the required "reputation" standard, of being overwhelmed. As you yourself have admitted, it needs a great deal of time and dedication.
    Maybe not directly relevant to the discussion, but I had a unique experience, in this context. in the very early days of testing Vista. I was luck enough to be picked out for Beta testing and, in my retirement, I dedicated myself to testing the OS, pretty much as a hobby. As a result, my output to the help forums was enormous. A lot of those offers and hacks are still being passed around to this day.I was using a different pseudonym then, and, by accident or design, my (Hotmail) was revealed. From that moment on, I became increasingly flooded with Email to the point where, eventually, I had to change my pseudnym and abandon my Hotmail address. I also felt, at the time, that anything I had to say on a subject should be there for the world to read, correct, or duff, info.
    Bottom line, to stop my ramblings, I think it would be a retro idea to confine the help requests to one person or section, if that is what you are suggesting.
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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    I have to bore you a little more - sorry.
    In spite of what I have just burbled, there is one thing that could be added to the site. After posting the above, I wanted to add another post in an "advice" or help" category. I found, for the first time, there is no such category.
    Maybe something of the nature Windows 7 Help, or Windows 7 Hints.etc, would be useful?
    Last edited by davehc; 17 Nov 2008 at 12:20.
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    davehc said:
    Your input is interesting and has merit, Novice Boy, but is not the whole forum dedicated to such, or do I misunderstand?
    Forums are designed so an issue affecting a person now, can be found months or years later and then help that someone help themself without having to constantly retype the same procedures and information or waste time solving the same issues over and over again

    300 people needing help with the same issue over and over again can be overwhelming and annoying especially when you want to begin solving a new issue and the one everyone keeps requesting help with has already been solved...

    I do use a Link to my Main messenger account so others can contact and speak with me directly about any issues or problems but I always refer them to the relevant threads so they can post their problem and resolution and in-turn help others months or years later and so others can learn from their experience

    If you want to have a chat just click the little messenger icon below
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    Vista Ult 64 bit Seven Ult RTM x64

    davehc said:
    Maybe something of the nature Windows 7 Help, or Windows 7 Hints.etc, would be useful?
    Aren't the forums the Help and the tutorials the Hints.

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    Windows 11 Workstation x64

    Thats how I see it Gary
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    garysgold said:
    Aren't the forums the Help and the tutorials the Hints.

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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    I see your point. Looking at other sites where I roam, I can see they are all very much the same.
    But, for example, there has been an interesting discussion ongoing, regarding "Hints" or "Help" concerning the tansfer of the sidebar from Vista to 7. I am probably looking at this from the wrong point of view, but, let us say, a newbie enters the site and is wanting to read up on any ideas people have posted. Would he be likely to look under "General Discussion" to find such interesting and useful updated material on 7? Or?
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Vista Ultimate x64

    Well I have to say that is my Fault and it SHOULD be moved to a more appropriate location, Most likely place would be in tutorials, so I might make a tutorial on this tonight.
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