SSH on windows 7?

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    SSH on windows 7?

    I'm attempting to setup SSH on my windows 7 x64 box. I download FreeSSH and ran the default setup and when I attempt to connect via Putty I get to the point where it asks me for my username.

    I enter that and it asks for my password. regardless of what I put in there even the RIGHT password it always says Access Denied.

    Im using eset and have created a portal so that should not be the problem and the fact that Im getting a login for the user account should lets me know its somewhat working.

    Anyone have instructions on getting this to work? Even if its not FreeSSH?
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    Ok well since no one helped I didi it myself :) and now I will give to you my lessons learned.

    First off FreeSSH has a problem when installed as a service on Windows 7 (x64 at least) while it runs you will never be able to login. Access Denied will always happen.
    However if you do not install it as a service it will run and you can login fine. I didn't like that option so I moved on..

    What i found and the pickings are pretty slim in the free category especially for Windows 7 was Copssh here is the link for the download site. Download | ITeF!x

    Once you download this run it as administrator and accept the default settings. It will than prompt you to all the settings you would like to use.

    Once done you will need to manual setup users through the Copssh folder in the Start menu. (hint if you want to add an account that is not YOURS) just type in in over the drop down.

    Once done reboot and yours good to go. With this application I can now Tunnel from work securly through my home PC.

    there is a few limitations to this build as it will install a linux style interface for the session so using windows 7 commands like copy etc wount work. Im using this for strickly tunneling and it works perfect on x64 Windows 7.

    So After research other alternatives
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    nice work - did you look into MobaSSH or OpenSSH?
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    johngalt said:
    nice work - did you look into MobaSSH or OpenSSH?
    Yes tried MobaSSH and OpenSSH I coulnt get OpenSSH to work for the life of me. I could get connected but regardless of what I entered It failed Connection.

    MobaSSH I tried as well, but had similar problems.

    This was the only one that JUST worked and it was simple to setup and it worked.

    However I would have liked to had the windows command prompt instead of the Linux interface.

    I might give them another try since I got my machine registered and Ghosted now so I can play a bit more :)
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    I prefer to use PuTTy for the client, especially as there is someone maintaining x64 binaries as well....
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    OpenSSH and Windows 7

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    Just in case anyone is still considering these, I would like to point out an error in the above - I've successfully installed and used CopSSH on both Vista and 7 (both Ultimate, 64-bit) for the past three or four years. The poster above notes that it has a bash (Linuxy) style command prompt; this is true and, while it accepts some Windows commands, you simply have to type "cmd" into it to drop to the windows command line interface. When you've finished using your DOS commands there, type "exit" to return to the bash prompt, and "exit" again will close the connection. Sheesh, read the documentation, people - if this is its only "limitation", then you're scaring people off for no good reason since it's not accurate at all.
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    hi Dorfdad
    Are you still around?
    Im trying to set up copssh on my home win 7 pc and Ill connect from my work win xp using putty. I'm not a network guy and I'm finding it a little overwhelming.
    For instance when you set up a user in copssh, you have to pick if you want linux shell, windows shell, and some other choices. Is windows shell the correct choice for what Im trying to do?

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    There is no right or wrong choice - which one do you want to use? Oh, I know you're looking to be spoonfed an answer, so here we go:

    cmd is the Windows command shell, as you would use when navigating in a command window or in DOS. This is probably what you want.

    bash is the name of the Linux command shell. I tend to leave this as the default for several reasons: first, you can execute Linux scripts (if set up properly) which can be useful; second, if you leave a session open or allow somebody to use your computer and they open one, odds are they won't know what to do with it; and finally, you can always type cmd at the prompt to drop into the Windows cmd shell, and exit to return to the bash prompt. This means you aren't, in fact, forced to choose between them.

    The short answer, for the TL;DR types, is to RTFM.
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    Same thing on windows 7 32 bit

    Same thing happens on windows 7 32 bit, which is a real shame as freessh is a good little package
    I notice the web site hasnt been updated, so I wonder if its still supported
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