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Windows 7: HP color laser jet driver bull

24 Aug 2010   #11

Systems 1 and 2: Windows 7 Enterprise x64, Win 8 Developer

Hey, this appeared in another sevenforums post:

I had trouble installing a Windows 7 64-bit driver for my HP 2605dn printer, and couldn't easily find a solution googling it. Here is what I finally did to get it working.

After selecting add a new printer, then selecting the 2605dn, I didn't see this model in the HP printer list. But if I clicked the Windows update button then it showed up and installed fine.

However, to get duplex printing to work I had to right click the printer and select Printer Properties, then Device settings and installable options, then select duplex unit installed.

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24 Aug 2010   #12

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Com as in stay com, stay cool help is comeing:)
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24 Aug 2010   #13
marathon man

win 7 ultimate

I have tried with no success to install several iterations of drivers with or without compat. mode in play. Thank you for things like the Vista driver site and the steps on how to do compat. mode. I tried those things but the results I seek still allude me. I am COM though. hehehe

For that, I am beginning to believe the following is possible and there's little we can do about it until word gets out that they are screwing a lot of people and things need to change/update:

Hp gives out the driver they have, which, while it is supposed to work for Win 7, actually has 'vista' in its filename: upd-5101-pcl6_winxp-vista. They tell us this is the right driver and we install it. This is all that's available for the 2605 series for windows7--or as far as I could find.

It does not work -- it gives errors.

We contact HP and are told that they and only they can link to our computers and do some extensive online troubleshooting and fixes that will make the computer see the printer... that the computer we own is the problem and only their fix done in their way will solve everything. They offer a service to do this but it lasts for a year. This helps them justify the cost to sign up.

Since every computer probably does have errors here and there in areas many of us never really concern ourselves with, they direct us to see these with them online with us, and that makes us believe the story.

I fear the suckers are the same people who would never even find a forum like this anyway.


My opinion is that they just didn't get their driver set up right and now it needs fixing. The things they will do with you online linked up to them is to add some patch or workaround to make it work right. They don't want to let it out that this is the case and so they came up with this scheme to make money in a down economy where no one is buying their printers. From one standpoint it's rather good business but from every standpoint I can think of it's really bad.

I am at a loss and I think the only thing I can do is just continue to NOT be able to print in color, for my driver--the one that successfully installs itself when I plug in the unit and print--will only print in B/W.

Thank you,

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24 Aug 2010   #14
marathon man

win 7 ultimate

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Lemur View Post
Hey, this appeared in another sevenforums post:

I had trouble installing a Windows 7 64-bit driver for my HP 2605dn printer, and couldn't easily find a solution googling it. Here is what I finally did to get it working.

After selecting add a new printer, then selecting the 2605dn, I didn't see this model in the HP printer list. But if I clicked the Windows update button then it showed up and installed fine.

However, to get duplex printing to work I had to right click the printer and select Printer Properties, then Device settings and installable options, then select duplex unit installed.

Thanks for this but things may have changed since it was written. I may be wrong but I am guessing this was posted before HP released their latest drivers.

Anyway, I had gotten prompted by the HP installer to use disk or call upon Windows Update as well. Since my disk is not working with windows 7, I clicked on the Windows Update button and I did see the printer there. It lists itself as a driver that works for 3 different 2605's with the 2605dn being one of them, and I tried it. That's the one I have been trying the most, and in several different ways.

Thank you,

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25 Aug 2010   #15
marathon man

win 7 ultimate
A new plan

This afternoon, without warning, my black ink was out. While most printers tell you it's nearing time to change, this one does not and boom, there it was.

I did try to switch a color one for a black one but it would not let me so I was unable to use it. Since new ones cost anything from $60-$80+ and I am having this issue with the driver not allowing for color printing anyway, I think it's a sign that I should move on.

I listed it on for a short sale saying it runs great on XP and I have the disk, and I said I have no black ink but that it works fine.

I am going to buy a Canon.

Thanks for reading,

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06 Sep 2010   #16
marathon man

win 7 ultimate
new developments

We were cleaning a storage room in our basement and there was unopened HP ink for this printer. I put it in and it still works, in only black and white, but I didn't have to spend money to get the ink. A cartridge lasts nearly a year for our needs.

At the same time, me wife was kinda against us going out and spending $300+ on a new printer, so I am still battling with this one.

I appreciate all the ideas posted thus far but nothing has worked. It wont let me do a Vista driver in compatibility mode, it wont let me use the one from the HP site that accesses Windows Update, and I have been unable to find further fixes or tweaks for the computer. I WAS, however, actually able to get my printer to print in color when hooked up to my Asus EeePC 1005HAB model laptop. It had not in two previous attempts. This tells me that (A) the printer does work as I knew it had and (B) the driver works on newer PCs... BUT it is important to note that the driver that worked was the one that was auto-installed by the printer upon plugging it in! It was NOT the one you can download from HP or elsewhere. Those drivers all fail on the new laptop and my older Dell desktop.

With this in mind, unless I tinker with this for many moons, I would like to know if there are any techies out there who can help find the thing in my Dell PC that might conflict with my printer. Something is blocking something and while HP says they could fix it for a pretty penny, I am sure there are other ways. I just don't know them... yet.

Thanks for reading,

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20 Feb 2011   #17

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Hi, I have had the same problem & tried everything including a detailed email from HP, and then I found out about Windows 7 XP Mode, problem solved ! Download Windows XP Mode
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24 Mar 2011   #18

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Similar Problem My Solution Worked For Me

I recently purchased and HP Color Laser Jet CP2025dn printer. I installed this printer on my home network which has a variety of computers that connect to it depending on who is at home (3 sons have left the nest but return occassionally). The printer prints in color and duplexes from a Gateway laptop over 3 years old that is running Windows XP. When trying to print in color and duplex from my recently purchased Toshiba laptop all I got was a black and white print that was duplexed. My google search brought me to this chain of postings. I downloaded a new driver from HP described here:
1 - HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 x64 version 5.2.6 dated 18 Feb 2011
Over an hour for the download to completed on a broadband connnection. I installed the driver and my Toshiba running WIndows 7 Ultimate 64 bit printed in color and duplexed just as it should. Of particuar to interest to me the same laptop still also prints in color and duplexes to another HP color laser jet 2605dn model printer I purchased a few years ago. Hope this helps. The web link for the driver I downloaded above is HP Color LaserJet CP2025 Printer series*-* 1 - HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 x64 - HP Business Support Center
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25 Mar 2011   #19

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Result for HP2600n Printer Driver for Windows 7

Many thanks for your suggestions but even the HP universal driver would not work, after trying different drivers from HP I found that the 2600n driver for Vista worked, the only thing that I could not do was alter the default color settings which is no big deal !
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27 Mar 2011   #20

Windows 7 Pro x64 (1), Win7 Pro X64 (2)

If I understand your problem description, you're getting only black from your color laserjet 2605dn.

I have faced this problem in the past (for my own 2605dn), both on WinXP and also Win7. Mostly, it was only for the PCL6 driver but interestingly I've also seen it on the PS600 driver.

Anyway, the problem is clearly a bug in the HP driver, but it can easily be overcome.

The proper drivers for the 2605dn for ALL environments can be obtained starting from this page.

(1) Win7 64-bit Universal Printer drivers (PCL6, PS600 and PCL5) can be obtained from this page.

(2) Win7 32-bit Universal Printer drivers (PCL6, PS600) can be obtained from this page.

(3) WinXP 32-bit Universal Printer drivers (PCL6, PS600) can be obtained from this page.

To install additional 32-bit support (for 32-bit client machines, like 32-bit WinXP or 32-bit Win7) for a "shared" 2605dn printer locally USB-attached on a 64-bit Win7 system (for which primary local 64-bit 2605dn printer support has already been installed by running the self-expanding 64-bit Win7 Universal Printer driver file from above) download the 32-bit Win7 Universal Printer driver but do not run it. Instead just unpack it (e.g. using WinRAR) into its expanded directory. Then use the "Additional Drivers" dialog for the already-installed 64-bit printer object for the 2605dn (from the Printer Properties dialog, Sharing tab), to navigate to the expanded directory for the Win7 32-bit Universal Printer driver and select the "hpcu112c.inf" driver file there. The rest is automatic.

Have the 2605dn powered on.

I am going to assume you have installed the very latest "Universal Printing" drivers from the HP site. These are the version 5.2 (build 9321) driver installation files (for example, upd-PCL6-X64-5_2_6_9321.exe is the self-expanding installer for 64-bit PCL6 driver file). If you don't have these "Universal Printing" drivers installed, then uninstall whatever you do have installed and download/run these. They are what you want, be it for PCL6 or PS600 (or even PCL5 which is available for Win7).

Note that there are 4 different Universal Printer self-installing driver files total for Win7 to download from the Win7 HP page for the 2605dn: 32-bit and 64-bit versions each, for both PCL6 and PS600. And there are similarly multiple versions on the WinXP Universal Printer driver download page for the 2605dn. But it is definitely these self-expanding, self-installing Universal Printer driver files that you want.

The self-expanded directory that results from these has an INSTALL.EXE inside of it, if you ever need to install those drivers again or in another reinstall of Win7. But this INSTALL.EXE will self-run from the self-expanding driver EXE file after doing the un-zip.

Just follow the Wizard that results from the INSTALL.EXE, and your drivers will get installed. Follow the "local printer" dialog path, and select the USB001 port. The rest is automatic and non-eventful. The printer object will then appear in Win7's list of printers.

Ok... as to your color vs. black problem.

Start -> Devices and Printers -> right-click on the newly installed printer object for the 2605dn. Then select the Printer Properties item from the popup menu.

If you have multiple drivers installed (e.g. both PCL6 and PS600) then the Printer Properties and Printer Preferences dialogs will provide a secondary selector, to choose which driver you're wanting to configure.

Note that right after installing these drivers, when you go to Devices and Printers it looks like you have separate printer objects for both PCL6 and PS600 (one of which you've selected as your default). But if you close down Devices and Printers, maybe a little later (or certainly after a re-boot) if you repeat that process Win7 has now consolidated the two different drivers into a single printer object.

That means when you now Start -> Devices and Printers -> right-click, you will now see that secondary sub-selector choice I mentioned above for both Printer Preferences and Printer Properties, where you'll have to select which of the two drivers you want to get into and configure.

Ok... select Printer Properties for the printer driver (you may need to do this for both PCL6 and PS600, separately of course). This will trigger the "HP Universal Printing PS (5.2) Properties" dialog (for example).

Select the Device Settings tab. Scroll down to the very last item in the list of device settings... "Device Type". It will no doubt say "auto detect" which is its default value after a driver install. THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!!

It's an HP driver bug (if you ask me), but the "auto detect" setting actually results in "monochrome" functionality (i.e. black and white only, as if the "MONOCHROME" value had been selected). This is why you're seeing black and white and no color... because the default "auto detect" results in "monochrome" (black and white) functional results.

However you can easily overcome this problem by clicking on the dropdown arrow for "device type" and instead selecting "COLOR". Click on OK, and that's all there is to it.

You now have a color-enabled 2605dn printer.

You should do this for ALL of the drivers you install for the 2605dn. They ALL have "auto detect" as their default "device type" value (in Printer Properties -> Device Settings tab, scrolled down to the very last item). All the drivers should be manually set to "COLOR" for their "device type".

One more issue... in the "Printing Preferences" dialog for these printers, you'll see that ALL of the tabs which present a small image of a printed page show the page either in black-and-white or in color, corresponding to that "device type" setting over in Printer Properties I just discussed. You should now see a color version of that printed page, not black and white. That's proof positive that the printer is now a color printer.

However, you may also see a "water mark" with the word "NONE" diagonally splashed on that little image of the printed page (both color and black-and-white versions, you'll see the water mark of "NONE").

This is yet another defect, in my opinion, in the default settings for these HP drivers as first installed. It's crazy to see that, but that's what is delivered.

The solution here is to select the Effects tab on Printing Preferences dialog (again, after right-clicking on the 2605dn printer object you'll need to sub-select the right driver you want if you have multiple drivers installed for the 2605dn).

The Effects tab includes what gets used as that "water mark", and when you first look at this you'll see that by default it shows "[none]". However if you click on the dropdown arrow, you'll see that this particular "[none]" is actually at the bottom of a list of five built-in choices for a driver-inserted watermark. It actually is TEXT spelled out "none".

But up at the top of the list, in the first position, is ANOTHER item also shown as "[none]". Could this be more confusing to the user?

Anyway, the first item in the watermark list actually means "NONE... I don't want any watermark". So select that first item (which of course, will still appear as "[none]" when you OK, so you really can't tell the difference).

Now, notice that the "NONE" watermark has indeed instantly disappeared from the small page image. And now you will no longer get the big word "NONE" printed diagonally on all of your printed output.

Again, repeat this "[none]" correction on the Effects tab of the other printer driver you've installed for the 2605dn, if you've installed both PCL6 and PS600.

Hope this solves your problem.

Incidentally, I have also successfully installed the 32-bit versions of each of the PCL6 and PS600 drivers on my Win7 system (i.e. both 32-bit and 64-bit drivers are installed in the two printer driver groups, for PCL6 and PS600).

This is done using the "Additional Drivers" dialog on the "Sharing" tab of "Printer Properties"... when you have both 32-bit (e.g. WinXP) and 64-bit (e.g. Win7) systems on your home network and want to "share" the printer hosted by the Win7 machine with other machines on the network. They will print to the 2605dn through the Win7 host for the 2605dn, to which it is locally USB-connected, by virtue of selecting "share this printer" in the Win7 setup for the printer.

Then, on the network client machines (e.g. my WinXP machines) you use Network to view the shareable devices on the other network machines, and because "share" was specified for the 2605dn on the local host Win7 system it shows up as a network object to the WinXP machine (just like hard drives that you can share and provide access to other systems on the network).

On the WinXP machine you right-click on that shared 2605dn printer object in the Network view, and then select "connect" from the popup menu. WinXP will communicate with Win7, to set up this printing connection. Win7 will ship down the 32-bit driver (which I'd previously installed on Win7 as the second driver, using "Additional Drivers") to WinXP, and WinXP will now complete the creation of the printer object.

So you have a printer object on WinXP that represents the "shared" 2605dn on the Win7 machine. Win7 has its own 64-bit version of the printer driver for its own local 64-bit use, and WinXP has been shipped a copy of the previously installed [second] 32-bit version of the driver... for 32-bit client use.

Magic. Works perfectly! You have to do essentially nothing on the WinXP client machine to make this work, other than to "connect".

But you do need to install the 32-bit driver for the 2605dn using the "Additional Drivers" dialog on the Win7 system. And this is the 32-bit version of the Win7 Universal Printer driver package that you downloaded, but did not actually INSTALL... meaning you didn't actually run it. Instead, you simply use WINZIP or WINRAR or whatever, to expand that self-extracting EXE for the driver file from HP... into the a folder of the same directory name that it would have self-expanded into if you'd RUN it.

The reason for this is that the "Additional Drivers" dialog of Win7 requires that the additional driver (e.g. x86 in this case) to be installed be provided in INF form, not some self-installing INSTALL.EXE form. This is fine, however, as the expanded directory just produced by using WINRAR on the self-extracting EXE driver file from the HP Win7 site for the 2605dn actually DOES also store the needed INF file where "Additional Drivers" can use it from.

This INF file for the 2605dn is named hpcu112c.inf (located in the same directory in which the INSTALL.EXE is also found, if you really wanted to install that driver as a PRIMARY driver for Win7) and is what you point to in the "Additional Drivers" dialog as the secondary driver to be installed.

In other words, hpcu112c.inf in the expanded directory resulting from the 32-bit version of the Universal Printer driver, is the very "additional driver" you want to point to using the "Additional Drivers" dialog specified to add "x86" support to the printer for which you already have RUN the 64-bit version of the same HP-provided driver to get your first primary 64-bit (x64) driver installed.

If you do this correctly you will now see both x64 and x86 shown as "yes" for that printer, on the Printer Properties dialog for the printer, after pushing the "Additional Drivers" dialog. Originally x64 was shown as "yes" and x86" was shown as "no", after running the 64-bit version of the driver installer file. And then after expanding the 32-bit driver file, and using "Additional Drivers" to check the x86 item and then navigate to the expanded directory for the 32-bit driver and selecting hpcu112c.inf as the driver in that directory, you will then be installing the 32-bit driver as a second driver for that printer. You now have both 64-bit and 32-bit drivers available for client machines to be shipped, when they "connect" to make use of the "shared" 2605dn on the host Win7 machine.

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 HP color laser jet driver bull

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