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    Windows 7 64-bit

    I got it working now, I just reinstalled the driver and software.
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    Windows 7 64-bit Build 7100

    Yanzl said:
    I managed it to make it work now, I needed to make the service able to interact with desktop, and then it crashed explorer like you said. My camera now works great, thanks.
    Also, I think you don't need to restart camputer, you can just log off and then back on and it works.

    EDIT: I have one problem now, I tried to run camera preview in another program, and now picture turned gray. I uninstalled the software, and now when I try to install it it stops at starting services and the thing I did before won't work.
    How exactly did you get it to "interact with desktop" ?

    I have tried to run as administrator and it still halts at the Starting Service.
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    Windows 7 SP1 x64 build 7601.21701

    It "halts" (it doesnt halt actualy, just takes ****loads of time), because of antivirus, so disable it before you installing quickcam software :) however i was geting chain explorer error after, couldnt even boot computer until i disabled quickcam service. Atm im runing only drivers from 11.9 quickcam package and everything seems to work (ofc not to full extent but...).

    edit: oh ye im having pro 5000 however, but its same software anyway.
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    Windows 7 64-bit Build 7100

    I do not have any anti-virus software running at all.
    I have a clean install of Windows 7 x64 RC1.

    UAC is completely disabled.
    I have the program itself running as administrator, and it never makes it past the starting of the service.
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    Windows 7 SP1 x64 build 7601.21701

    Halaster said:
    and it never makes it past the starting of the service.
    wierd, i did after about 20-30min, then i find out that my nod32 is what makes it to install so slow maybe you are runing windows defender? but like few people said already, quickcam software is broken for a lot of people (explorer chain errors and things like that). Just install driver only, you will loose some functions but camera it self will work.
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    Win 7

    For all of you who may experiencing installation '' halts at the Starting Service'' or '' multiple windows explorer crashes" follow the instructions.

    This is also recommended installation procedure for all scenarios and first time fresh install of Win7x64 RC, however if you end up with multiple Explore crashes then pls follow my previous instructions.

    Of course as before you will not have special video effects including rubbish so called "Right Light Technology" which is only good if enjoying looking at yourself repeatedly, for everybody else who is communicating with you, low frame rate which that feature inevitably introduce may make you looking like you are using low resolution camera.

    First- Drivers only installation

    1-Again, go andDownload, if you haven’t done it already, driver’s version "quickcam_11.9.0.1263_x64.exe" from link I provided in previous post.

    2- Go and download x64 version off 7-zip from here: Download and install program.

    3-right click on "quickcam_11.9.0.1263_x64.exe” then place cursor on “7-Zip” then left click “Extract to “quickcam_11.9.0.1263_x64.exe”. You have now extracted drivers and software in a separate folder by the same name. We will need that later.

    4- Right click on “quickcam_11.9.0.1263_x64.exe” and press "Run As Administrator" accept license agreement and press "next"

    5-Program will ask u to connect webcam which you do
    6-message appear "Camera Detected" wait
    7-message appear "check for update" click "ask me again later" press "next"

    8-message appear "custom install" click "Logitech Quick Cam Drivers” DRIVERS ONLY NOT A SOFTWARE press "next" it may take a while, eventually you will get message that The installation and setup is complete! Press done.
    Effectively we have installed drivers only. To check go to Device Manager and check following 3 entries as per picture below it should correspond to your Logitech model.

    Second- software installation

    1) Unplug the camera.
    2) Open previously created “quickcam_11.9.0.1263_x64” folder.
    3) Then navigate to the "QuickCam” folder open it,
    4) Click on the "QuickCam64.msi" application.
    5) Installation will start. Keep pressing next until picture below

    Click on “Custom” pres “next”

    6) Click on + next to Logitech WebCam Software
    Click on lower triangle arrow left of “Video Effect”

    Choose Bottom option “This Feature Will Not be Available”
    It should end up looking like below

    Click “next” then “install” then “finish”
    6) Plug in the camera.

    That is all. Camera and basic software should work, until “Logitech so called software engineers create a compatible software for win7 RC”
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    Windows 7 SP1 x64 build 7601.21701

    a ye video effects are causing problems with explorer crashing thanks!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    Success afer following your instructions. Awesome
    Thanks a lot
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    XP Pro & Vista Home Premium (x86); Windows Ultimate 7600 x64 Retail

    I tried and tried, everyway from Sunday (never did understand that phrase).

    Could not get it to work on 7100. I had it working at one point (recorded a video) then it hung again.

    Most of my install attempts would hang at the microphone setup window. If I got past that the it would hang when I clicked on the microphine settings button.

    And I was doing my install attempts from a image restore of my system that had never had ANY cameras installed.

    I gave up. I just let MS install its drivers (Logitech) and I have IM working. Soob to try Skype. That will do until Logitech gets their ducks in a row.

    Update Edit:

    Spoke too soon. I can get it working briefly by any of the methods listed but as soon as ANYTHING attempts to access the Sound/Audio settings everything audio stops working.

    This includes: Control Panel>Sound; Quickcam Menu>Audio; Windows Instant Messenger; Sound Forge; CD Architect; Windows Media Player; Skype

    The video will still work (in QuickCam).

    So it would appear it is the Quickcam Audio/Microphone drivers whether the are the ones from the Logitech install kit or the ones installed by Microsoft.

    I booted into Vista Home Premium (32 bit) and installed Quickcam and Skype. Everything works perfectly so I doubt it is a hardware problem.

    Just one more reason I wake in the night and go "Hmmmmmmmm......"
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    Windows 7 x64 7100

    OK, everything seems to install ok, but I'm stuck on quickcam saying the camera is in use by another application, and no other program can recognize a webcam is present.
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