Epson Perfection 1640SU - Driver Problem  

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    Win 7 Pro 64 bit

    Interesting thread.

    Any hints on getting an Epson 2450 to work under Win 7 Pro 64 bit?

    I tried installing the 2400 driver, but it stalled each time claiming it couldn't find some files ion the installation disk. I tried again in Vista compatibility mode without success. Logged in as administrator. Scanner (USB) not connected. Any ideas why it won't run the install properly?
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    windows 7 ultimate

    driver hazzle....

    against all roumours Windows 7 64 bit AND Windows 2008 R2 ALLOW to install unsigned drivery. It happened to me on a test system I had to install Citrix 6, and I didn't have a dual layer DVD to burn it. Then I downloaded the MagicDisc image driver, and totally unexpected it installed - after bypassing a big red warning screen.

    The driver signing had some meaning in Windows 32 Bit enterprise and datacenter editions, because lot of legacy drivers from the Windows 98 era and Windows NT 3.51 are not aware of the 40 bit memory modell, most drivers are not aware of AWE and therefore lot of dlls are loaded to a wrong destination. Having AWE enabled or the 40 bit memory mode in enterprise edition a "wrong" driver will load to a wrong destination and you get the BSOD. But this is 10 years ago, and currently the XP era ends. When XP appeared on the market nearly everybody rewrote his drivers and windows 2003 did a great job with the WHQL.

    But by the way, the epson drivers were mostly WHQL certified and every WHQL certified 32 bit driver will work properly in Windows 7 32 and 64 bit, and 64 bit drivers are definitively not the problem becaue they are written in the proper architecture. The 64 bit driver signing for 64 bit OS is just money making, and looking deeply into the past the 1640 and similar models have been supported in XP SP2 natively by the OS and probably because of that Epson discontinued driver development.

    The suggested driver download here has a bug - it doesn't install correctly if you change the target of the auto-extractor. Excactly that happened to me..... so I hacked the es27.inf and got a working Epson 2400 driver with a 1600SU connected.

    The twain setup from the original driver CD of my scanner doesn't install, but the Twain for Vista works.

    I wish I could change the name in one of the ressource files, and this may work because the driver is NOT signed and no hash code will be calculated on inf files or cab files coming with the install.
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    windows 7 ultimate

    some registry work

    David J said:
    Interesting thread.

    Any hints on getting an Epson 2450 to work under Win 7 Pro 64 bit?

    I tried installing the 2400 driver, but it stalled each time claiming it couldn't find some files ion the installation disk. I tried again in Vista compatibility mode without success. Logged in as administrator. Scanner (USB) not connected. Any ideas why it won't run the install properly?
    you need to extract the device descriptor from a working installation.

    In the registry you go to HKLM SYSTEM Controlset001 Control Class

    there you look for the string of your scanner, and mostly you end up in a key having a GUID numbe like {abcdef-1234-11ce-dddd-09003be10318}
    there will be a String value "friendly name" and a string value "DeviceDesc"

    both will contain your scanner's name in human readable form.

    There will be a string value "MatchingDeviceID" which is your string for the Es27.inf hack

    in my case it is usb\vid_04b8&pid_010a

    the vendor ID for Epson is vid_04b8 and the pid_010a is the 1640

    you may find a different pid_xxxx value and that's what you need - then take the entire MachingDeviceID and use it for the es27.inf hack
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    Win 7 Pro 64 bit

    Thanks for that. That worked fine and was rather less hassle than I was expecting.

    I have a basic WIA interface working in PhotoShop CS5 and can scan into Acrobat Pro OK, so that's a good start. Pity the more advanced TWAIN interface seems not to be available in my Adobe CS5 Master Collection applications, only via the Epson Scan utility, but I think that's an Adobe issue rather than Epson's.

    I also tried the Epson 4990 driver by amending Es4f.inf in the same way, but it didn't want to play ball after installing.

    BTW, the model code for a Perfection 2450 is 4112.

    By hand editing the registry after installing the 'wrong' driver, I got rid of the GT-xxx alternative to leave just Epson 2450 as the driver name in Windows, but so far I'm still left with 2400 as the scanner name in the WIA interface.
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    Win 7 Pro 64 bit

    To finish my post above, I now find that there is a download from Adobe of optional plugins which includes TWAIN for the 32-bit version of PhotoShop CS5 which works fine under Win 7 64-bit. This gives access to a decent interface for scanning into PhotoShop. Excellent !

    Thanks again for the pointer. Saves buying a new scanner!
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    Windows-7 Pro 64 Bit

    Another HAPPY Perfection 2450 Owner (now!)

    My thanks to who ever came up with driver fix.

    I can't even begin to tell you how DISSAPPOINTED I was when I found I couldn't use my scanner with a new computer because Epson was too lazy to support it

    This wasn't a matter of tens of thousands of dollars in development costs, it was
    only necessary to change 3 characters in an existing file. Boom ... 10 seconds ...

    Anyway, anyone in this situation can EASILY fix it. No computer genious required, just some average familarity with software installation.

    Based on what I read here and figured out along the way, this is what I did to get it working on a Win-7 64 bit system.

    1. Plug in scanner. Boom system does not recognize USB device, can not find or load a driver (no kidding, there isn't one).

    2. Open the Devices and Printers menu and there I saw an icon at the bottom for an unknown USB device (the unrecognized Perfection 2450 scanner). Right click the icon and poke around in the menus and details and some additional sub menus for driver info and found the device was showing a PID of 1101. (Read some of the previous posts to learn what the manufacturer and PID codes are). The key point is that the device was saying USB\VID_04B8&PID_0112

    The final 4 numbers are the important part, 0112.

    2. Install the Perfection 2400 driver (download from EPSON). Note: this did not work at first. I found that it was necessary to empty the c:/users/"insert your user name here"/AppData/Local/Temp folder or the installer did not have enough room to write new temp files. It would just say "can't copy files" "error has occurred" "restart you computer"

    Installed Fine once the temp folder was cleared out.

    3. At this point the scanner still won't work because the driver is looking for USB\VID_04B8&PID_011B

    Now you need to fix the driver to recognize 0112 instead of 011B. YES, thats was the only difference; B needs to be changed to 2

    4. Go into c:/Program Files (x86)/Epson/escndv/es0027 There was a file called es27. This is the file to modify. About 50 lines down there are 3 lines that end with USB\VID_04B8&PID_011B Change the B at the end to 2. the line then ends
    USB\VID_04B8&PID_0112 Save the new file.

    note: I had to drag the file to the desktop, modify it, save it, and drag it back to the original location. My computer would not allow me save it directly.

    5. Unplug the usb cable and plug it back in. Boom still not recognized. Go back into the devices and printers menu, right click the unknown USB device again, drill down in the menus and look for the UPDATE DRIVER button. Use the c:/Program Files (x86)/Epson/escndv/es0027/es27 file you just modified.

    Computer recognizes the new driver and installs. The generic unknown USB icon moves to the top with a scanner icon and ID of Epson 2400.

    6. The end. The EPSON scan software works, the import in Photoshop works, the Windows Fax and Scan utility works, all the features of the scanner work both the flatbed and transparency features.


    This may sound hard and time consuming. Its not. If you are a computer wiz and understand what I just said, this process will take you a minute or less. If you are an average tinkerer, about 5-10 minutes before it all sinks in.

    Note: the prior poster indicated the PID was 4112 for the Epson 2450. For me it was 0112. I don't think this number is fixed. It must be determined for the unit sitting on your desk by looking at the info in the "unrecognized USB device" when it shows up in your Devices and Printers list.

    Didn't want to repeat what has already been said but I think I added some missing details. Hope this info helps some one else :)

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    Windows 7 Home Edition 64 Bit


    I'm also trying to install an Epson Perfection 1640SU on a Windows 7 (Home Edition) 64 bit system. I tried the supplied hack in this thread and got the scanner to recognize (as the 2400 model mentioned). I can now use the Epson Scan software for the 2400 by itself or via the "Import" option in Photoshop. However - I can't get the Epson Scan software to recognize the negative scanner hardware on the scanner.

    "Film" is a scan option in the Professional scan tab in the software but it is grayed out (unable to select). Is that because the 2400 scanner doesn't have a negative scanner attachment?

    This is the negative scanner hardware (lid?) that I'm referring to.

    It's properly plugged in and switched on but the scanner software doesn't seem to recognize it (or at least that's what I assume since I can't click on the "Film" option.) Will this piece need a separate hack?
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    Windows 7 x64


    I'm not even sure where my transparency adapter is (have the same one you do) but I do recall using it with the hacked driver under Windows 7 x64.
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    win7 64bit

    Epson Perfection 3200 driver hack for Win7 64bit

    Following the lead of pcspecialist...I found that EP 3200 and EP 4870 both output via USB and Firewire. To make the 3200 function in Win7 64bit, you hack the driver package for the the OS thinks you have a EP 4870 connected to it....since the 4870 has both 32 and 64bit drivers for Vista which function in Win7 64bit.

    Download the Epson driver pkg 18120 for EP 4870. Do not run it. Unzip the driver pkg to see individual contents (I used 7-Zip, a free download). Open file Es34.inf and search for each of the line entries ending in: PID_0128 (should be three)

    These three entries need to be changed to PID_011C...which is the PID of the EP3200 (can be verified if you want by downloading and unziping Epson driver pkg 12204...then looking in Es29.inf)

    Once you've changed the entries.... with your EP3200 connected to your machine and turned on....go to the device manager, find the unrecognized EP3200 device and install the drivers by pointing the search window to the folder containing the file you just finished making the change in. It's now recognized as an EP4870 Photo

    Once recognized and installed....go back and choose setup.exe from the unzipped file list containing the sub-file you modified. That should install the rest of the managing software you need for your machine.

    I do not use a firewire I am not sure if similar hacks need to be done for those codes, but suspect they wouldn't need doing since the entries in the 1394 (firewire) driver packages for both the EP3200 and EP4870 terminate with the same CmdSetID.

    Thanks to pcspecialist for providing both method and insight. I was able to follow those instructions and resurrect my EP1640SU, and then devise a way to do the same for my son's EP3200 Photo.

    Grateful for the help,

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    Windows 7 Enterprise x64

    1640SU with Automatic Document Feeder

    Thank a lot for the great hack with the 2400 driver! It works almost perfectly for me!:)

    The only problem I have is with the automatic document feeder (adf). The problem is not the adf itself, it is the scan results. When I scan several pages (e.g. A4) the first page has the right format but the second page not. The borders are cut to almost half of the size of the document. I tried different applications with the adf, but always the same result. I checked all settings and tried to set the paper size bofore the scanning process. But I had no luck.

    I tried VueScan too. With VueScan I can scan several pages with the adf without this size problem. But before I pruchase VueScan. Does anybod know this problem and have a solution? Is there another setting I have to change in the drivers .inf before installing the driver?
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